Restored Republic via a GCR as of Oct. 4, 2018 10/04/2018

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Oct. 4, 2018

Compiled 4 Oct. 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret. CEO, Child Abuse Recovery, Author, “Twenty Two Faces,” Byington’s Before It’s News articles on a Satanic Cabal CIA & Vatican-sponsored international Pedophile Child Trafficking Ring:

Source: Dinar Chronicles

The below is a summary of information from the Internet. It would be up to the individual reader to do their own research and decide whether or not it is valid. Patience is a Virtue. Having Virtue is a sign of a good moral being. Good moral beings have the power to overcome evil and change the world.

Judy Note: Justice Kavanaugh’s confirmation as a Supreme Court Justice tomorrow Oct. 4 would complete the US requirements for GESARA implementation, 800#s release and the unsealing of over 55,000 indictments filed in federal courts across the country this year. The transition from Cabal rule back to The People could go smoothly, though was unlikely and the resultant arrests could lead to violence in the streets and Martial Law to secure borders, ports and airports. If so, it has been recommended that you have the food you need for a few days, stay close to home and don’t go out after a curfew without a military escort (which could be provided for currency exchange/redeem appointments).

Summary as of Early Morning Oct. 4 2018:

President Trump declared (via a Q+ post) that this month would be “Red October.” Chinese Elder/BRICS forces were said to be in full command of the RV as of midnight Sunday Sept. 30. The Cabal financial system went defunct an hour later at 12:01 am EDT Mon. morning Oct. 1, 2018.The new gold/asset-backed US Treasury Notes were said to be trading internationally as of Tues. Oct. 2.

Intel Report: It was believed by sources that the RV might begin any time.

Philip Tilton: “They tried to take Trump out with a missile and that’s why Blackhawks were in Chicago Sat. Sept. 29. That has activated everything. We heard from a military person to be prepared that there was going to be a Martial Law decree declared very shortly. It will not last long, but it may be very violent as the Army and Marines round up the deep state Satanists. It’s set for this week. Pay attention when the Emergency Broadcast System goes off. Follow the directions, and stay indoors for 36 to 48 hours – three to four days – whatever it takes. Have what you need and stay close to home and never go out after a curfew without a military escort. The revaluation of currencies would follow.

Dan: China was ready to push for all things to be done for an RV this week. The new USN has been in trade in Singapore, but was expected to be generally announced and released shortly following the release of the RV funds. US funds would be released in USN, probably later this week. The Presidential alert message Wed. Oct. 3 could be a signal to the UST and Pentagon to proceed with the RV.

TNT Tony Oct. 3 2018 TNT Call Ray, Tony: The Iraqi Parliament voted in their President and now qualified for the RV. Our window for the RV was this week. Banks were gearing up and expect something between now and next week, or in the next 10 days. There were 300 legitimate groups. I know a paymaster who said he didn’t care how much currency he was given. They had signed it over and he would give them $4 or 5 million regardless of what they gave him. Some people were going to be mad. There would be lawsuits. A lot of people were going after the Cheats.

Bruce: There has been serious cleanup (of the Cabal) over the last 48 hours – really very gooda lot of pickups and deliveries that have occurred. The new gold/asset-backed US Treasury notes have been live for the last few days. Everything has pointed toward a 800#s release this week. The public, Tier 5, could start next week. As of 4:30 pm EST Oct. 2 the Iraqi CBI had the new Dinar rate. You could negotiate interest you would make off your Zim long term payout. It would be in the 2% to as high as 3.5% to 4% range. You could take any amount of cash (in the new gold/asset-backed US Treasury notes) you wanted up to $15,000 from your exchange/redemption.

A. Oct. 3 2018 12:43 am EST GCR/RV Highlights, Dan: Dan’s GCR/RV Highlights for October 2, 2018

1. This week is a holiday in China, but Oct. 1 was the main holiday in China, while Oct. 10 was the national day in Taiwan. Sources say that now that we are past the main holiday, China was ready to push for all things to be done for an RV this week, probably starting on Wed. Oct. 3. Release will depend on the readiness of USA, China, Iraq and Zimbabwe to proceed.

2. Blaseygate has been a useful distraction from the economic issues, and was expected to be a useful cover for the RV unfolding this week.

3. The Presidential message tomorrow Wed. Oct. 3 was expected to be a signal to UST and Pentagon to proceed with the RV, and may include information about the restoration of the Republic, and specific security issues.

4. US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin had been delaying the release of the funding. He has been removed from release authority and from some other aspects of the RV.

5. Tier 5 would NOT be redeeming Zim, or if they did, it would not be at the market rate, but at a much lower rate. (I would suggest that this may be the reason for certain parties referring to a “lop” of 6 zeros from the denominations, so that trillions become millions.)

6. USN has been in trade in Singapore, but was expected to be generally announced and released shortly following the release of the RV funds, as the funds in the USA would be released in USN, probably later this week.

7. Helicopter raids were happening in Miami as well (as Chicago), and a lot of planes were flying down to Guantanamo. Those arrested were the lower level criminals, not those at the top.

8. People who told me that there was no way that the funds would be released this week have called me up to change their story – still looking good for an RV to be released this week.

9. Continue Reading:
Tuesday Morning 2 October 2018.pdf

It makes sense that Australia and other countries would have a toll free number to call for your exchange appointment. You would have a month to exchange/redeem, but need to get your appointment made in the first week after 800#s release. New Internet to launch:

Tuesday Evening 2 October 2018.pdf

B. Oct. 3 2018 11:01 pm EST Q Sign from Trump, Sierra: “Q Sign from President Trump” by Sierra (NZ) – 10.3.18

President Trump makes a definite Q sign in the air with his finger at a recent rally.

C. Oct. 3 2018 10:56 pm EST Q+ Called You, Sierra: “President Trump/Q+ Called you!” by Sierra (NZ) – 10.3.18

D. Oct. 3 2018 11:07 pm EST Q Posts Painful for Cabal, Sierra: “Cabal Pain on 4th October?” by Sierra (NZ) – 10.3.18 New Q posts indicate that Oct. 4 could be a VERY painful day for the Cabal.

1. Q post # 2323: (Lisa Mei Crowley Tweet)

‘Baker testified re: Comey and Rod Rosenstein coordinated to appoint Mueller. di Genova said (in link in Q post) Baker co-operating with Inspector General and Grand Jury. Sessions recused from Russia investigation but subpoena Schedule 1 required McCabe’s memos (source documents for New York Times piece re Rod Rosenstein wearing wire/25th Amendment.’ (Lisa Mei Crowley tweet).

2. Q post #2324 is a repeat of Q post number 2070:

‘What is the common theme when bad news is
about to break (against them)?
Stay vigilant.’

‘When Deep State knows bad news is about to drop, False Flag attack of some sort is imminent to distract. They know Judge Kavanaugh FBI investigation reveals criminal activity. DECLAS FISA documents ends Russia SC (Supreme Court), Rod Rosenstein resigns. Sessions subpoena deadline 4th October. Judge Kavanaugh to be confirmed.’

3. Q post #2321:

Refers to Mad Hatter Day which is on 6th Oct. It was created by a group of computer technicians in 1986. There is the Q ‘Alice & Wonderland’ connection again. Coincidentally I founded a Toastmasters club in 2002 that is still going strong today. The name? ‘Mad Hatters Club’.

4. Finally, don’t forget the 11’s in the latter part of 2018: 11th September (17th anniversary of 9/11), 11th November (Victory Parade in Paris). Maybe 11th October is significant too??

5. Three dates to keep an eye on: 4th, 6th and 11th October. It is always fun to speculate, as long as you don’t take it seriously.

6. Remember to TRUST THE PLAN. President Trump and the Alliance team have EVERYTHING under control. Where We Go One We Go All. Sierra (NZ)

E. Oct. 3 2018 3:30 am EST QAnon Red October (video): (Video) PrayingMedic — QAnon October 2: Red October QAnon made a prediction about Judge Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation vote and suggested that a Red Wave would sweep Trump supporters into Congress in November.

F. Oct. 3 2018 Kavanaugh Accuser Blasey-Ford Exposed as FBI Operative Working for Former FBI Deputy Director McCabe, Sorcha Faal:

1. A new Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) report circulating in the Kremlin today stated that US Federal Judge Brett Kavanaugh accuser Stanford University Psychiatry Professor Dr. Christine Blasey-Ford, aside from her being an instructor at Stanford’s CIA Undergraduate Internship Program, was an operative working for fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.

2. Blasey-Ford was tasked by McCabe to “coach/instruct” various FBI and US Department of Justice officials on how to subvert results on polygraph exams through the use of hypnosis to create “artificial memories”

3. One of whose subjects was Blasey-Ford’s high school friend Monica McLean, who served for 24 years in the US Department of Justice, but who has now been exposed to the US Senate committee overseeing Kavanaugh’s nomination to the US Supreme Court.

4. Committee chairman US Senator Chuck Grassley is now demanding answers for a letter sent to US Senate on 2 October 2018 exposing Christine Blasey-Ford hypnotic training of US Department of Justice operative Monica McLean

5.One of the greatest in history SVR intelligence operation failures occurred in 2010 when FBI officials arrested 10 Russian deep-cover operatives performing covert surveillance activities in the United States. The most famous of them being Anna Vasil’yevna Kushchyenko, otherwise known as Anna Chapman—but all of whom were safely returned to the Motherland a month after their arrest in a spy-swap arranged between Russia, the United States and Britain.

6. SVR analysts began an intensive investigation to discover the causes of this calamity—with their first being able to ascertain that the American operation to take down these Russian deep-cover operatives was led by FBI Counterintelligence officials Andrew McCabe and Peter Strzok, and who worked on their operation with US Department of Justiceofficials Bruce Ohr and Monica McLean.

7. SVR Colonel Alexander Poteyev was responsible for this deep cover operation and betrayed the Federation by his becoming a double-agent by the FBI and US Department of Justice, for which he was sentenced in absentia to 25 years in prison for treason, and was reported dead in the US in 2016.

8. He was able to continue passing his mandated polygraph exams while being a double-agent for the FBI. Russian counterintelligence experts examined United States National Institute of Health (NIH) scientific documents—the two most important of which are the 2004 Stanford Universityresearch study titled “Centring In Regression Analyses: A Strategy To Prevent Errors In Statistical Inference”, and the 2008 Stanford University research study titled “Meditation With Yoga, Group Therapy With Hypnosis, and Psychoeducation for Long-Term Repressed Mood: A Randomized Pilot Trial.”

9. These two studies provided a psychological roadmap on how hypnosis-regression can be used to “create artificial memories.” The main author of each was Stanford University Psychiatric Professor Dr. Christine Blasey-Ford, whose scientific articles in the NIH database are noted by her author name Blasey-CM.

10. Russian intelligence analysts were quickly able to determine her ties to the CIA, most particularly through her father who is a long known CIA black operations paymaster.

11. They discovered that Colonel Poteyev had maintained regular contact with a California marriage counselor named Dr. Sylvia Adkins Randall. Randall’s her office was in the home of Dr. Blasey-Ford.

12. Randall had sold the office to the Ford’s in 2007, and was the reason this home had two front doorsDr. Blasey-Ford’s lying under oath to the US Senate comically claiming two front doors were needed because of her continued fears of her Kavanaugh repressed memories.

G. Oct. 3 2018 12:09 am EST Presidential Emergency Alert on Cell Phones (video), Starship Earth: Presidential Emergency Alert on American Cellular Phones Starship Earth Captain’s Blog

1. On Oct. 3 2:18 EST for 30 min. there would be a wireless emergency alert with a Presidential message going out to all cellular networks from the FEMA emergency network.

2. President Trump proclaimed that September was National Preparedness Month. Due to the unstable nature of the weather, as well as earthquakes and natural disasters, the President urged everyone to have an emergency plan to deal with unexpected events. Read the announcement at

3. Whether folks were required to evacuate due to fires or floods, we were all expected to prepare in advance so we knew what we would do and could react quickly to ensure our safety and that of our families and pets.

4. We might be forced to shelter in place at times, such as during a power outage. This might involve stocking up on storable foods, water, fuel, medications, pet supplies and cash. If the electricity was off, banks would be closed, ATMs wouldn’t work and gas pumps and stores would be closed as well. If you had camp stoves or grills that ran on propane you might wish to use them, so stock up on fuel. Generators could come in handy, as well as batteries, candles and emergency radios.

5. Plan for the worst, expect the best and look after each other. Be neighborly and remain calm. Everything would be alright. ~ CB

H. Oct. 2 2018 12:12 am EST X22 Report Like Clockwork, People Will Be Shocked (video): (Video) X22 Report — Episode 1679: Like Clockwork | People will be ‘Shocked’

September auto sales plunge, many of the automakers dropped below their pessimistic estimates. We are now at the point where the stock market makes no sense whatsoever, the companies that are losing money or making no money are going up in value and beating the companies that are turning a profit. Putin backs the plan to continue to de-dollarize. The MSM are starting their campaign of calling people conspiracy theorist if they believe is up to no good.

FBI finishes interviewing 3 Kavanaugh witnesses and none of them can recall the incident. Swetnick backtracks on her story. The deep state is now changing tactics because they know the investigation will come back and it will not remove Kavanaugh so now they are pushing drunk, temper and he lied under oath. Ford published a paper a while back explaining how to hypnotize yourself to allow your subconscious to accept new facts. GoFundMe could be the new money laundering site for the deep state. FBI refuses to release the Uranium one docs. Q drops more bread, the FBI investigation is not what everyone thinks. People are going to be shocked when they find out the truth and realize what really happened.

I. Oct. 3 2018 12:05 am EST Trump Boot on Deep State’s Throat (video), Janda: (Video) Dave Janda — Trump’s Boot is on the Deep State’s Throat Discussed the Declassification Trigger which Trump was using to expose and take down the Deep State:

J. Oct. 3 2018 12:04 am EST BATR US, Mexico, Canada Trade Agreement: BATR: U.S.-Mexico-Canada Trade Agreement

K. Oct. 3 2018 9am EST Huge Crypto Bank Fails, Weir: Bix Weir: Huge Crypto Bank Fails!

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