Dauntless Dialogue — Declassifying the Secret Space Program – 10/15/2018

Dauntless Dialogue — Declassifying the Secret Space Program

Declassifying the Secret Space Program

October 15, 2018

Source: Dauntless Dialogue | By Adam Riva

Classified projects are a dime a dozen, from Operation Paperclip which brought the world the nuclear bomb, to the lesser known Operation Northwoods which outlined proposed false flag attacks by the American government on Cuba to justify a declaration of war. Special access programs can be massive in scope and can remain hidden behind a veil of secrecy for decades, even from potentates in government.

Perhaps the largest, most expensive, and least understood collection of classified projects is loosely colloquially referred to as the Secret Space Program, or the SSP. In recent years, several credible whistleblowers have stepped forward to disclose the highly advanced technologies and the highly compartmentalized systems used by the SSP.


Much of the leaked information on this matter comes to us from testimonies of various whistleblowers who claimed to have personally worked in these military black projects or for private contractors. This group of whistleblowers includes individuals like Corey Goode, Sergeant Robert Dean, Sergeant Clifford Stone, Robert Wood, Tony Rodrigues, Randy Cramer, and the late William Tompkins. Others like Bob Lazar, Andew Basiago, Emery Smith, Michael Gerloff, and Kevin Trimmel also provide corroborating accounts.

On May 9, 2001, Dr. Steven Greer organized the Disclosure Project which met before the National Press Club. The Disclosure Project was comprised of hundreds of government insiders and special access whistleblowers sharing their knowledge of and involvement in the cover-up of extraterrestrial technologies, extraterrestrial presence, secret space programs, and other unclassified projects. Unfortunately it seems, the momentum of the Disclosure Project was lost in the aftermath of the attacks of September 11th.

Branches of the SSP

The Secret Space Program actually refers to a collection of up to ten disparate off-world programs operating with unique objectives and financed by various groups, including taxpayer and corporate funding.

According to whistleblowers, there is a faction, referred to as the Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate (ICC), which is a shadowy association of private interests developing advanced technologies for galactic trade with extraterrestrials.

There are two international NATO-like organizations that boast representatives from virtually every country on Earth. Lastly, there are five to seven factions of Ancient Earth breakaway civilizations, such as the Mayans, who purportedly attained the ability to travel off planet.

Ostensibly, there are bases on virtually every planet and moon in our solar system. Some serve private industry, others have exopolitical functions, and the rest exist either as military outposts or research facilities. The primary base on the moon is named Lunar Operations Command.

Historical Overview

The following is a broad historical overview of the inception of the Secret Space Programs stitched together from various whistleblower accounts.

In the preceding decades to WWII, Germany’s military hegemony oriented itself around the acquisition of occulted science and the study of phenomenology. The Nazis recruited famous Croatian medium Maria Orsitsch to channel humans not of Earth origin in their efforts to engineer advanced war crafts.

Ostensibly, Orsitsch was successful in establishing contact with off-world entities and conveyed this information to the Vril Society. This channeled material, along with analysis of ancient Vedic texts depicting flying machines called Vimanas, and the reverse engineering of crashed ET crafts enabled Germany to create anti-gravity vehicles of massive scale.

Later, it is rumored that the Third Reich exchanged advanced technology with reptilian ET races to further advance development of their war crafts and eventually travel off planet under a program known as Dark Fleet.

When the Allied Powers defeated the Axis Powers, the Third Reich relocated their operations to Antarctica.

Solar Warden

Between the years 2001 and 2002, Scottish hacker Gary McKinnon famously breached nineteen Air Force Space Command, military, and NASA computers. McKinnon faced up to 70 years in prison and $2 million in fines for his actions, although his extradition and legal proceedings have completely stalled.

McKinnon reported that he found evidence of an unacknowledged space program called Solar Warden. He claimed to have found Excel spreadsheets with a list of names and the heading “non-terrestrial officers,” manifests of space “fleet-to-fleet” cargo transfers, and images of many advanced space crafts.

It is said that there are four fleets of ships, nine Earth-orbiting space stations that are cloaked and over 600 feet in length, sixty-three space-based research stations, and forty-seven planetary research stations on six different planets. Solar Warden reportedly receives contributions from Canada, United Kingdom, Italy, Austria, Russia, and Australia. Freedom of Information Act requests have confirmed that NASA also began a program in 1980 called Solar Warden.

The testimony of William Tompkins added significant detail to the Solar Warden mystery when he stepped forward a few years before he passed away at age 94. Tompkins belonged to a think tank for Douglas Aircraft Company 1950s designing space craft for the Naval Space Command.

According to Tompkins, Germany had at least a ten year head start on the United States in studying the UFO phenomenon and because the Germans had been receiving assistance from off-world Reptilian groups, a race of Nordic-looking extraterrestrials intervened to provide help to the United States.

Tompkins claimed that James Forrestal was appointed Secretary of the Navy by President Roosevelt and was directed to assemble an espionage mission whereby approximately thirty Naval Intelligence spies embedded themselves in the Nazi regime. This group of spies was led by Commander Rico Botta and was based in Naval Air Station San Diego from 1942-1946. During this time, Commander Botta was debriefing these thirty spies and compiling reports on the nature of Germany’s advanced space crafts and their technological partnership with the Reptilian extraterrestrial race.

Admiral Leslie Stevens III, who was Deputy Director of Engineering for Experiment and Development of Aircraft from June 1937 to April 1944, was also privy to the briefings that Commander Botta was compiling.

His son, Leslie Stevens IV, was tasked with slowly disseminating much of the discoveries and technologies of Solar Warden to the public through television and film. Stevens created the television show Outer Limits as well as debriefing Gene Roddenberry, creator of Star Trek. Together, these shows and others began a decades long legacy of “soft disclosure.”

Final Thoughts

This timeline represents an introduction the Secret Space Program subject. However, this overview barely scratches the surface of the vast and dynamic cover-up.

For more information on this subject check out the Breakaway series on this channel where I interview self-professed whistleblowers of the SSP. Additionally, check out the upcoming film Above Majestic which debuts on October 31, 2018.

Throughout the history of human civilization, it is the rule, not the exception, that secrets are kept by the few in powerfromthe many.It is a strange propensity for man to attack whistleblowers the way white blood cells attack a pathogen, when it is the whistleblowers who present the collective with an opportunity for cultural healing. They draw our attention to the problems, but they are usually harangued as the bearers of bad news. It is paramount that we listen and assess the veracity of whistleblower claims before outright dismissing them as nonsense, for if we shoot to many messengers, then we establish a dangerous precedent that acts as a warning for others who wish to step forward.

From the ostensible Big Bang to the present, human civilization occupies but an infinitesimally small fraction of time, and yet we fancy ourselves at the cutting edge of evolution in the universe. Despite mountains of evidence pointing to a greater reality beyond the limits of current understanding, our imaginations simply fail us in conceiving the vast and the grandiose. Ultimately, we are investigating a question that lies at the crossroads of spirituality, culture, science, philosophy, and politics. As man stares into the void contemplating his place in creation, the answers are sometimes elusive, but often are obvious and stare right back at him, waiting to be acknowledged.


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