Doctors and Cops Among 277 Arrested in Human Trafficking, Online Prostitution Sting in Florida 10/19/2018 By Stillness in the Storm

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Doctors and Cops Among 277 Arrested in Human Trafficking, Online Prostitution Sting in Florida

(Michael King) A week-long undercover sting targeting human trafficking and online prostitution in Polk County ended with 277 arrests that included doctors, pharmacists and law enforcement officers.

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SourceNBC 4i

by Michael King, October 17th, 2018

That’s the most we have ever arrested in the history of the sheriff’s office,” Sheriff Grady Judd said.

Operation No Tricks, No Treatsstarted last Tuesday, October 10 and ran through Monday, October 16. During that time, undercover detectives posted fake ads or profiles online posing as prostitutes or someone who solicits prostitutes. Other detectives responded to profiles and ads posted by prostitutes.

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According to the sheriff’s office, 51 of the arrests were related to those who advertise as prostitutes online and 209 of the arrests were those who solicited undercover detectives posing as prostitutes. Seventeen arrests were made for other offenses.

Sheriff Judd identified some of the suspects arrested in the undercover operation as doctors and pharmacists, former and current law enforcement officers, a lawyer, two men who traveled to have sex with minors and two sex offenders.

These are some of the men arrested that the sheriff identified:

  • Cancer surgeon at Tampa General Hospital
  • Pediatrician at Health Care Alliance in Wesley Chapel
  • Teacher from Lake Academy
  • Active Colonel in the US Marine Corps
  • Air Force veteran
  • Retired Broward County deputy sheriff
  • Retired police officer from Birmingham, Alabama

The sheriff’s office even caught one of their own. Former Sergeant Luis Diaz resigned from the force after 17 years.

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“We are absolutely embarrassed,” Sheriff Judd said. “We hold our own accountable. He messed up and no longer works for the Sherriff’s Office.”

Investigators say 215 suspects drove to Polk County from locations throughout Florida. Some were in the state visiting from Alabama, California, Delaware, Georgia, Louisiana, Michigan, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia.

“Welcome to Polk County,” Judd said to them during his news conference.

Polk County detectives worked with detectives and investigators from Haines City police, Lakeland police, Lakes Wales police and Winter Haven police.

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We are committed to fighting human trafficking by arresting those who engage in prostitution and trying to identify human trafficking victims,” Sheriff Judd said in an earlier news release. “It’s no secret…you need to stay out of Polk County if you’re going to commit crime.”

Those arrested for soliciting a prostitute were:

1 Adams Mark 2/11/66 WM Ruskin, FL
2 Aderhold Jr John 7/30/83 WM Statesboro, GA
3 Albert John 8/12/86 BM Winter Haven, FL
4 Alcantar Cesar 10/2/79 HM Lakeland, FL
5 Aldana Nelson 5/3/77 HM Tampa, FL
6 Alejandro Samuel 11/5/94 HM Kissimmee, FL
7 Andrews Dexter 4/11/91 BM Kissimmee, FL
8 Antoine Eddy 3/28/53 BM Riverview, FL
9 Auguste Steve 5/14/86 BM Orlando, FL
10 Barbosa Joel 9/12/81 BM Kissimmee, FL
11 Beltran-Aponte Pedro 11/22/98 HM Kissimmee, FL
12 Benjamin Shuai 2/17/96 BM Kissimmee, FL
13 Bennett Justin 5/12/89 WM Mulberry, FL
14 Berti Deigo 1/14/76 HM Kissimmee, FL
15 Blas-Aviles Aldo 3/25/97 HM Mulberry, FL
16 Bowman Ryan 3/17/79 WM Tampa, FL
17 Branch Lashown 10/24/88 BM Lakeland, FL
18 Brito Jonathan 5/26/81 HM Tampa, FL
19 Brown William 4/6/81 BM Davenport, FL
20 Brown Jr Guy 2/27/86 BM Clermont, FL
21 Burgess Stephen 2/24/69 WM Tampa, FL
22 Burke Marvin 5/1/90 BM Apopka, FL
23 Caballero Jorge 8/27/66 HM Auburnale, FL
24 Carias Juan 6/24/79 HM Tampa, FL
25 Castro Harry 12/8/75 WM Oviedo, FL
26 Cebero Carlos 8/22/74 HM Mulberry, FL
27 Chaemchoey Navapat 3/19/84 OM Lakeland, FL
28 Chan Robert 10/22/71 AM Lakeland, FL
29 Chapelle Spencer 10/7/87 WM Key Largo, FL
30 Chen Peter 1/21/67 AM Plant City, FL
31 Conte Richard 2/3/75 WM Clermont, FL
32 Courtney Arthur 3/6/88 WM Kissimmee, FL
33 Cruz Richard 8/6/94 HM Kissimmee, FL
34 Cunha Eduardo 4/2/68 HM Apopka, FL
35 Daulta Hemant 2/6/93 IM Tampa, FL
36 Davis Eric 10/26/69 BM Land O’ Lakes, FL
37 Davis Larry 2/25/43 WM Lakeland, FL
38 Debesa Serafin 6/22/81 WM Winter Haven, FL
39 Diaz Luis 11/22/73 HM Polk County,FL
40 Dos-Santos William 4/27/83 OM Kissimmee, FL
41 Dowdy Donald 8/2/63 WM Plant City, FL
42 Dugue Diego 11/22/78 HM Kissimmee, FL
43 Duran Christian 7/23/91 HM Ruskin, FL
44 Dustal Kevin 3/12/66 WM Lakeland, FL
45 Ellison Eric 6/14/71 BM Tampa, FL
46 Escobar Alec 8/9/97 HM Lakeland, FL
47 Escobar Julio 10/26/88 HM Winter Garden, FL
48 Espina-Palma Owen 3/28/78 HM Plant City, FL
49 Etheridge, Jr. Percy 3/14/70 BM Winter Haven, FL
50 Felton Dennis 12/29/92 WM Tampa, FL
51 Feregrino Alegandro 11/14/95 HM Davenport, FL
52 Fernandez Jeran 5/28/95 HM Dundee, FL
53 Fernandez Edgar 11/26/97 HM Davenport, FL
54 Ferrer Daniel 5/3/91 WM Davenport, FL
55 Figueroa Francisco 6/2/92 HM Orlando, FL
56 Fisher Jason 4/19/85 WM Brandon, FL
57 Floresca Virgil 9/1/77 AM St. Pete, FL
58 Flores-Solorzano Frederik 2/16/91 HM Lake Worth, FL
59 Forero Harold 1/31/71 HM Tampa, FL
60 Forest Jonathan 3/28/88 WM Polk City, FL
61 Foster Chandler 5/1/92 WM Keizer, OR
62 Franquiz Jesus 3/31/72 HM Davenport, FL
63 Freeman Frank 5/28/65 WM Magnolia, DE
64 Galindo Druso 2/22/68 HM Odessa, TX
65 Garcia Renado 1/29/88 AM Lakeland, FL
66 Geddada Suresh 5/10/84 AM Tampa, FL
67 Gibril Amro 6/21/89 IM Orlando, FL
68 Gilbert Jonathan 2/22/87 BM Tampa, FL
69 Gonzalez Carlos 10/30/92 HM Winter Haven, FL
70 Gonzalez Alexis 6/15/79 HM Davenport, FL
71 Gonzalez-Quintana Yandy 6/1/84 HM Tampa, FL
72 Govey John 6/22/62 WM Winter Haven, FL
73 Gregg Ron 3/22/95 BM Brandon, FL
74 Gupta Shobhit 11/15/89 WM Clermont, FL
75 Ha Chau 9/7/79 WM Lakeland, FL
76 Hall Thomas 10/8/63 BM Tampa, FL
77 Harris William 6/10/77 WM Pinellas Park, FL
78 Harrison Carlon 3/4/80 BM Kissimmee, FL
79 Hawkins Marcus 11/30/98 OM Riverview, FL
80 Hernandez Jr Miguel 6/4/97 HM
81 Hernandez Jr Alberto 12/31/81 HM Plant City, FL
82 Hill Creston 6/7/88 BM Tampa, FL
83 Hong Alfredo 12/15/89 OM Kissimmee, FL
84 Houston James 5/16/80 BM Delmar, DE
85 Howell Emery 3/24/62 WM Highland City, FL
86 Hoyos Ulises 9/7/87 HM Dover, FL
87 Huggins Braxton 4/27/94 BM Lakeland, FL
88 Hulbert Justin 7/25/93 WM Orlando, FL
89 Hull David 5/10/58 WM Land O’ Lakes, FL
90 Hundley Jordan 2/28/99 BM Lakeland, FL
91 Huntsinger Chris 5/14/73 WM Gastonia, NC
92 Jacob Salil 11/23/66 WM Valrico, FL
93 Johnson Demetres 8/21/70 BM Kissimmee, FL
94 Johnson Daniel 7/18/89 WM Winter Garden, FL
95 Jones Darius 4/20/89 BM Lakeland, FL
96 Jones Dortrie 6/11/83 BM Orlando, FL
97 Juan-Martinez Jose 3/3/95 HM Tampa, FL
98 JUVENILE 17 yrs old HM Orlando, FL
99 JUVENILE 16 yrs old HM Clermont, FL
100 JUVENILE 17 yrs old HM Orlando, FL
101 JUVENILE 17 years IM Lakeland, FL
102 Kamble Shashikant 3/10/87 IM Temple Terrace, FL
103 Kawasmeh Saad 10/4/74 OM Orlando, FL
104 Khadse Akshay 7/15/92 OM Orlando, FL
105 Khaled Gebarin 1/19/51 OM Tampa, FL
106 Kimmell Samuel 8/10/92 WM Nevada, MO
107 King Tony 5/13/80 WM Tarrytown, GA
108 Klotch Douglas 4/24/46 WM Palmetto, FL
109 Lagoan Aben 6/3/85 BM Lakeland, FL
110 Lanier Raymond 3/22/84 WM Plant City, FL
111 Lee Elliott 2/25/85 BM Dunwoody, GA
112 Letchworth Samson 9/11/80 WM Lakeland, FL
113 Lopez Angel 9/14/89 HM Lakeland, FL
114 Lopez-Borrego Jose 8/23/74 HM Tampa, FL
115 Lopshire Jordan 8/5/87 WM Matthews, NC
116 Lowes Adrian 12/8/73 WM Winter Springs, FL
117 Lucas Marco 2/21/93 HM Lakeland, FL
118 Lyken Lawrence 4/22/93 BM Dublin, GA
119 Lynn Robert 10/31/83 WM Cleveland,TN
120 Maclin Justin 7/17/97 BM Riverview, FL
121 Maldonado Yonatan 3/6/98 HM Orlando, FL
122 Marin-Sosa Migdonio 4/19/63 HM Orlando, FL
123 Martinez Alejandro 12/5/84 HM Longwood, FL
124 Martinez-Maldonado Carlos 4/24/81 HM Riverview, FL
125 Mathes Kevin 7/26/67 WM Mulberry, FL
126 McGowan John 3/29/96 WM Avon Park, FL
127 McSwain Nicholas 4/5/82 BM Lakeland, FL
128 Mejias Omar 10/22/91 HM Cape Coral, FL
129 Melendez Alfredo 11/23/91 HM Tampa, FL
130 Melia Anthony 7/22/64 HM Dickenson, TX
131 Merkiel Michael 3/25/87 WM Plant City, FL
132 Merrill Willie 3/14/78 BM Lakeland, FL
133 Miller Michael 5/19/73 WM Melbourne, FL
134 Miller David 3/4/59 WM Ocala, FL
135 Miranda Luis 10/16/95 BM Lakeland, FL
136 Mitchell Foley 12/7/82 BM Detroit, MI
137 Montanez Francisco 8/24/54 HM Lakeland, FL
138 Montesano Anthony 6/2/73 WM Lakeland, FL
139 Morales Richard 12/3/78 HM Brandon, FL
140 Muscato David 11/4/56 WM Lithia, FL
141 Neto Mario 6/25/97 HM Lakeland, FL
142 Paschall Deatrick 4/5/76 BM Lakeland, FL
143 Patel Bhavikkumar 8/5/75 IM Lakeland, FL
144 Patterson Mark 7/21/59 WM Plant City, FL
145 Pena Jose 8/11/77 HM Clermont, FL
146 Perez Juan 8/7/84 HM Kissimmee, FL
147 Perez Gonzalo 4/15/96 HM Plant City, FL
148 Perez Christian 3/5/82 HM Sefner,FL
149 Perez Jose 11/23/87 HM St Petersburg,FL
150 Persaud Shawn 4/6/95 IM Orlando, FL
151 Peti Richard 9/29/65 WM Elizabeth, NJ
152 Pilato Chase 10/2/96 WM Orlando, FL
153 Ponce Carlos 10/1/76 HM Lakeland, FL
154 Potnuru Samrat 3/16/91 IM Lake Mary, FL
155 Proctor Patrick 3/17/56 WM Toronto, CA
156 Quintero Enrique 2/1/90 HM Frostproof, FL
157 Rachko Jared 3/8/99 WM Winter Park, FL
158 Ramirez Hector 1/16/92 HM Norman Park, GA
159 Ramirez Raul 10/11/90 HM San Jose, CA
160 Ramirez Matthew 6/21/96 HM Wimauma, FL
161 Ramirez Antonio 5/14/96 HM Norman Park, GA
162 Ramjit Ryan 4/12/84 IM Orlando, FL
163 Ramos Eduardo 8/6/83 HM Orlando, FL
164 Rector James 10/7/58 WM Clermont, FL
165 Reddick Shaquon 2/27/97 BM Eustis, FL
166 Rey Christopher 11/25/86 WM Clearwater, FL
167 Reynolds Donald 10/2/54 WM Hoover, AL
168 Richman Brian 6/6/79 WM Winter Springs, FL
169 Rivera Jessie 6/5/93 HM Plant City, FL
170 Rivera Hector 2/15/86 HM Tampa, FL
171 Rivera Christopher 1/4/72 WM Davenport, FL
172 Rodriguez David 10/21/90 HM Baton Rouge, LA
173 Rodriguez Juan Luis 11/2/78 HM Orlando, FL
174 Saikho Sengdao 3/23/71 AM Lakeland, FL
175 Salgaldo Luis 3/18/90 HM Orlando, FL
176 Sanchez Dalbim 12/25/89 HM Brandon, FL
177 Scott Kevin 10/29/65 BM Norfolk, VA
178 Serebrowski Yisroel 8/12/77 WM Orlando, FL
179 Serrano Merlin 9/17/76 HM Miami, FL
180 Silva Da Rosa Allessandro 2/21/78 HM Orlando, FL
181 Singh Vijay 8/1/70 OM Tampa, FL
182 Smith Joshua 1/29/75 WM Belleview,FL
183 Smith,Jr. Charles 2/18/69 WM Plant City, FL
184 Steinhauer Joshua 4/4/78 WM Brandon, FL
185 Stokes Christopher 8/19/84 WM Mulberry, FL
186 Suarez Omar 2/28/83 HM Brooksville, FL
187 Summers Robert 5/17/74 WM Tampa, FL
188 Swain Malcolm 11/22/59 WM Longwood, FL
189 Tadlock Rex 7/9/53 WM Plant City, FL
190 Taipale Christopher 2/26/79 WM Sumpter, MI
191 Tanner Charles 8/21/78 BM Plant City, FL
192 Tazi Hicham 7/11/83 OM Orlando, FL
193 Tercero Santiago 2/25/85 HM Tampa, FL
194 Tomaino Steven 9/21/66 WM Austin, TX
195 Torres Joseph 4/14/94 HM Orlando, FL
196 Torres Aramis 3/18/72 HM Davenport, FL
197 Trejo-Martinez Joakin 5/4/94 HM Mulberry, FL
198 Vasquez Juan 3/13/75 HM Winter Haven, FL
199 Vega Santo 1/23/77 HM Kissimmee, FL
200 Walsh Michael 10/13/87 WM Clermont, FL
201 Ward Christopher 12/27/74 WM Bartow, FL
202 Waters Raymond 6/24/68 BM Palmetto, FL
203 Wilkerson Leon 11/14/77 BM Riverview, FL
204 Willett Tyler 8/22/85 WM Ocoee, FL
205 Williams Kenneth 9/26/81 BM Lakeland, FL
206 Wood Travis 2/3/91 WM Mulberry, FL
207 Yagual Jose 9/25/73 HM Groveland, FL
208 Zhu Ye 12/5/82 AM Cape Coral, FL
209 Zoll Justin 12/14/78 WM Riverview, FL

Those arrested for offering to commit prostitution were:

1 Abraham Elly 11/24/95 HF Kissimmee, FL
2 Allen Priscilla 10/5/90 BF Tampa, FL
3 Baihat Tabatha 2/2/85 WF Orlando, FL
4 Buckley Shannon 6/18/94 WF Kissimmee, FL
5 Castendyk Paul 9/11/97 WM Mulberry, FL
6 Collins Latoya 8/25/81 BF Orlando, FL
7 Cortes Eduardo 1/22/71 BM Tampa, FL
8 Cradrado Giselle 11/7/91 HF Orlando, FL
9 Davila-Rodriguez Yesenia 12/27/89 HF Clearwater, FL
10 Dobbs Amber 4/18/96 WF Orlando, FL
11 Doby-Morris Antoine 2/16/88 BM Hollywood, FL
12 Eaves Kokiela 10/20/89 BF Tampa, FL
13 Figueroa Amanda 3/13/95 HF Kissimmee, FL
14 Finn Steven 4/28/80 WM Coral Gables, FL
15 Glenn Catiesha 11/28/85 BF Tampa, FL
16 Gonzalez Victoria 3/29/90 HM Tampa, FL
17 Gonzalez-Perez Yoel 8/8/84 HM Tampa, FL
18 Harris Regina 10/18/88 BF Atlanta, GA
19 Heiser Heather 6/21/80 WF Tampa, FL
20 Herron Kiana 10/19/95 BF Orlando, FL
21 Isaula Junior 6/1/97 HM Miami, FL
22 Jeune Yasmick 4/5/88 BM Pompano Beach,FL
23 Johnson Leah 8/4/78 WF Lakeland, FL
24 Knockenus Rhonda 9/18/84 WF Bartow, FL
25 Martinez Victoria 9/28/89 HF Tampa, FL
26 Miranda Yessenia 1/20/86 HF Davenport, FL
27 Morejon Eduardo 7/13/90 HM Tampa, FL
28 Mukesh Arlene 6/23/97 IF Winter Garden, FL
29 Nazario Nicole 9/27/96 HF Orlando, FL
30 Newton Shornlin 7/5/84 BF Orlando, FL
36 Powers Josefina 8/29/60 WF Port Orange, FL
37 Ribelin Brittani 12/30/91 WF Riverview, FL
38 Rivers Robert 10/25/89 BM Tampa, FL
39 Robinson China 12/13/97 WF Ft L Lauderdale,FL
40 Scott Marcel 1/16/95 HM St. Pete, FL
41 Shavers Chevy 9/10/90 BF Tampa, FL
42 Simmons Megan 10/26/90 BF Winter Haven, FL
43 Smith Sarah 2/27/86 WF Winter Park, FL
44 Stanley Tiffany 4/18/78 WF Tampa, FL
45 Sulavka Alex 1/8/99 WM Pinellas Park, FL
46 Talavera-Ramos Fabiola 7/29/93 HF Kissimmee, FL
47 Vickers Kelsey 4/4/94 WF New Bern, NC
48 Villavicencio Jennifer 11/13/86 WF Tampa, FL
49 Whitfill Jessica 4/15/92 WF Orlando, FL
50 Wood Kayla 9/30/92 WF Debarry, FL
51 Worley Kambriel 1/29/83 BF Orlando, FL

Others arrested were:

1 Aria Brianna 3/2/96 HF Orlando, FL Transporting for Prostitution
2 Brinkley Keivon 4/5/94 BF Orlando, FL Deriving proceeds from Prostitution proceeds from Prostitution
3 Carbonell George 5/28/75 WM Homeless Poss of Meth, Heroin, & paraphernalia
4 Chavez III Alejandro 9/28/85 HM Plant City, FL Deriving proceeds from Prostitution proceeds from Prostitution
5 Cruz Gladibel 8/19/76 HF Orlando, FL DWLSR Knowingly
6 Fay Megan 7/17/87 WF Thonotosassa, FL Aiding & Abetting Prostitution, Transporting Offer to commit Prostitution
7 Hamilton Drumond 1/14/80 BM Deland, FL Possession of Marijuana
8 Hawkins Bentley 4/20/64 WM Davenport, FL Lewd Battery, Use 2-Way Communication Device, Travel to Meet a child
9 Hernandez Abdiel 3/17/76 HF Tampa, FL Battery
10 McSweeney Sean 8/18/88 BM Orlando, FL Deriving proceeds,Ecstasy,Paraphernalia
11 Patterson Larry 12/14/88 BM Orlando, FL Poss cocaine WITS, Poss vehicle to sell drugs, Resisting arrest, Loitering, Poss paraphernalia
12 Pernaherrera Alvaro 7/10/94 HM Orlando, FL Traveling to meet minor, Use of computer to seduce child, Transmisstion of material harmful, Lewd Battery
13 Plastini Louis 4/4/48 WM Orlando, FL Deriving proceeds from Prostitution proceeds from Prostitution
14 Vasquez Armando 10/27/57 HM Spring Hill, FL Human Trafficking
15 Vaughn William 8/9/79 WM Tampa, FL Poss firearm by convicted felon, Poss controlled substance, Poss Cocaine, Poss Meth, Poss Marijuana
16 Viera Angela 5/5/86 WF St. Cloud, FL Trafficking Cocaine, Resisting arrest, Loitering, Poss Marijuana & Paraphernalia
17 Walker Amy 5/6/86 WF Valrico, FL Transporting for Prostitution

found on Humans Are Free

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