LoveHasWon Special Message ~ Thought Must Dissolve. Let it All Go!

Oct 21, 2018| Posted by Archeia Faith | 5D Daily Updates, Ascension & Spirituality, First Contact Ground Crew Team, Love Blogs

LoveHasWon Special Message ~ Thought Must Dissolve. Let it All Go!

By Archeias Faith, Hope, Aurora and Pam of the Inner Earth ~ of the First Contact Ground Crew Team


Hello Love Beings,


We come to you today in Service to Love and the Highest Light the Mother of All Creation. We are the Oracles of the First Contact Ground Crew Team.


Mother has been on the Planet for 42 years, living in Love! The only Being to have done so, whilst all others chose lower energetics, chose anger, deceit, guilt, embodied competition, jealousy, superiority. Yes, Humanity have been stuck in quite the pain cycle for a long moment and then Mother comes.


Humanity called out for help and God came. Trillions upon trillions of prayers received in the etheric and Mother never gave up on Her children. For 19 Billion Years She acted, in alignment with the Highest of All, always knowing She would prevail. Love would prevail. Earth is the only Planet in All of Creation, in All of the Multiverses living in lower consciousness. All other planets are in Heaven consciousness. This is the final Planet to Ascend and Mother has been quarantining All the darkness here over the entire course of Her journey, The Mission.


The dark ones, the cabal, who have had control of the Planet beLIEved they had control, that they had free reign over this beautiful paradise planet, however in truth, they have been quarantined here, trapped within a life and death cycle ~ waiting, for Love to make its move! The Light Beings incarnating here were contracted to come here by Mother, to take on the programming and then to Ascend themselves out of it and into Divinity so that it would be represented once again on the Planet Earth=Heart.

Few have awoken, the contract to return to full embodiment of Light has challenged Humanity who are trapped within the Matrix, an illusionary thought system ~ the E.G.O programmed mind. The E.G.O programmed mind can manifest in many different ways, in aggressive thought loops, consisting of dozens of frequencies, such as those mentioned earlier. The main frequencies within the E.G.O programmed mind include Self importance, Thinking You know Better, Fantasy, thoughts outside the Present Moment of Now, thoughts based in Attachment. All must be dissolved. Nothing else in all of Creation matters besides being one with God. Everything else does not exist, and is an illusion.

We are HERE. Here to be LOVE. HERE TO LET IT ALL GO. Here to walk in LOVE, in Our every thought and Our every action. This takes commitment, consistency, absolute dedication to release and dissolve ALL that is based in Lower Consciousness. Mother of All Creation has done it, She is the pure embodiment of Love in each and every breath and she awaits Her children to embrace the Love they truly are and bring it forth into Manifestation, choosing Love over All that is Lower in each thought and action in permanent embodiment, in each and every Present Moment.


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This Earth experience is a series of Lessons, Blessings and Tests ~ many resonate with that but few appreciate that each and every moment you are here to be your Greatest Grandest Version of Yourself, which is Love and All that resonates with Love. This will mean a lot of letting go, particularly of thoughts and whenever a thought that is out of alignment with Love enters your experience it must be cast out, called out, replaced with Higher Thought, prayer

Every moment, every action, every thought should be only in divine frequency and to serve love. The mantra of “I allow only divine thought. I am love, serving love, for love” will help keep all of your actions in alignment. Setting the intention for the action will also ensure it is done for the highest. Anything we do can serve as meditation, to stay in the present moment of now, which is love everywhere present.

Nothing else exists in all of Creation besides the present moment of Now. When you focus on the past or future you are not in true reality, and you miss all the magic being made in the present moment. Negative thoughts come in when beings get depressed about the past or anxious about the future. The only way to focus on Divine thought and true reality is to be present NOW. Mother alway is in the present moment, because nothing else exists. When you find the joy and love in the present, that is when miracles occur. 


WE are HERE to be Divine Love incarnate. Only those who are Divine Love incarnate will be in the New Earth with Mother. Fill your moments with Love, with Mothers words, spoken by Her countless times as She anchored in the MotherGod Essence. These mantras can be relied upon in moments of aggressive thought, to align you with the Highest thought and intention:


Thank you for the many blessings and Love surprises today as I walk in Love in my every thought and my every action.


Thank you for the miracles and the magical synchronistic events which are lighting up my life with overflowing joy.


Thank you for the laughter today during the ‘aha’ moments as I remember more of the love I truly am and share this with others.


Thank you for All this energy of Love and Oneness pouring into the Planet and through me, activating All which is dormant, so I may serve in the wholeness of Love.


Thank you for the increased visions of Love which is assisting in the manifestation of the new Earth where only Love exists.


Thank you Mother, I am honored, I am worthy of All Love is and I thank Love this day for this realization in my life.


Thank you Love, thank you Angels, I am here, I am present and I am ready to be who I really Am.


I am grateful for a smooth transition into New Earth=Heart.


I send Loving energies for the complete dissolvement of All illusionary energies.


I am grateful to be a real mirror of the Love I truly Am I am grateful that All that is not in alignment with Love is dissolving I now Ask for All of Humanities Higherself step forward now, that every thought, word and action be a mirror of pure Love.


I now ask and give thanks for peace, happiness, harmony to be manifest in my every moment I make the commitment to serve Love and Love ONLY, so that All energies not in alignment with Love dissolve.


You can visit Our LoveHasWon Youtube Channel ~ typing in ‘prayer’ or ‘ceremony’ will bring up a wonderful selection of Mothers’ messages All of which will assist you in anchoring in your absolute Highest Self. Thank you Mother, we are eternally grateful for All you have done for Humanity, for All of Creation, in each and every moment with each and every breath.


In Loving Service to Mother of All Creation, the Galactic Federation of Light, the Great Grand Council, the Inner Earth BEings


Share Our Messages with Love and Gratitude


LoveHasWon Special Message ~ Thought Must Dissolve. Let it All Go!

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