Galactics update with Kent Dunn October 25, 2018

I HATE WARS, I used to say – I never hated anything as hate is such a STRONG word, but I hate WARS because it disrupts the PEACE of all souls that are INVOLVED. It DESTROYS LIFE and ANIMALS and LANDS etc. It upsets the NATURAL balance, FREQUENCIES and ENERGIES of SOULS and PLANETS etc. Which is WHY we have these Galactic Councils etc. WHO do their best to NEGOTIATE PEACE. But what is left for Humanity/others when certain races want WAR because that is ALL they KNOW and that is ALL they WANT. That isn’t Healthy at all. I find ALL BEINGS – FASCINATING and so AWESOME. 

ARE we to BE beat into submission by the DARK FORCES or FIGHT back? I don’t have all the answers, and we have MILITARY that is going to DO what they THINK is best for ALL involved. WE obviously TRUST the BENEVOLENT MILITARIES as they have NO DESIRE for WARS as WARS are a LAST RESORT to ALL SITUATIONS and we KNOW the evil CABAL wants WWIII and they are pushing it like crazy. Yet that is a REFLECTION of what goes on in SOULS that do NOT LOVE themselves or OTHERS being expressed-out to the REST of us. And WE SEE that.

One can SEE the REASONS behind these HIGHER GALACTIC Councils. And how much better it is to TRY to WORK things out. It’s NOT OUR fault that some SOULS do NOT VALUE HUMAN LIFE. The dark energy REPTILIANS think WE humans – are SPINLESS USELESS EATERS and the GREY’S think we are FAT and LAZY from what I have read. It’s just name-calling etc. Trying to PROVOKE US into responding. But at LEAST most humans are NOT that – UGLY Inside. UGLY inside – If that insults – the proof is in your BEHAVIOUR, and that is WISDOM, so is NOT wanting WAR. If one is pushed into WAR they are either TRYING to FIGHT BACK, and/or TRY to STOP those who are WARRING.

It is COMMON SENSE, however we have the CO-OPERATION options which it seems like those breaking GALACTIC PEACE LAWS don’t care about. That is UGLY behaviour to me in MY opinion. Yet, I am NOT offended what any BEINGS thinks of me/or humans as I know what they SAY is NOT True so it doesn’t bother me. Insulting someone is NEVER a reason to WAR but threatening to KILL all the LOVE BEINGS and planting bombs around the planet to ME is ugly, and nasty behaviour reflecting out to others of what they themselves FEEL inside. And they should work on those issues of TRUST themselves. IF you want someone to TRUST YOU, then – YOU – PROVE YOU are TRUSTWORTHY. GROW-UP and REALIZE everything does NOT have to be perfect nor CONTROLLED nor CATERGORIZED nor stamped with approval by the dark forces.

ONE should NEVER use name-calling as any reason to WAR. I have TRUST ISSUES with the BAD guys from their OWN track records and that has nothing to do with ME. That is their bridges that they KEEP burning and maybe someone should open the BAD GUYS EYES here, it’s hurts to TAKE a planet hostage, it hurts that they have a DESIRE to eat GOD’S LOVE RACE. It is INSULTING to the LOVE RACE, but my FEELINGS can handle it. I am NOT a WIMP about it. YOU INSULTED HUMANITY which proved your own UGLINESS and hate inside. These are things that are NOT healthy for anyone even those near you or around you. Humanity is built from LOVE at the core inside. What have YOU done DARK FORCES to enjoy that LOVE ? Other than KILL it and KNOCK it down EVERY chance you get? HOW do you BENEFIT our HUMAN race ? DO you even have any SELF-CONTROL. DO you want me to be BRUTALLY honest here ? 3D LESSONS are over are they NOT ? Why are YOU Still having the DESIRE to hurt KILL and DESTROY others ? Betrayal is NOT love. Humans aren’t IDIOTS they understand the WORTH and VALUE of SPIRITUAL LESSONS, yet you show-us – zero worth and value how YOU TREAT US, on our own planet and that is HURTFUL. But I am NOT standing here like a baby CRYING about it. The HUMAN RACE is too TRUSTING for their own good and gets sucked into nasty situations by NASTY beings. YOU are NASTY so DEAL with it and STOP reflecting YOUR own EVIL wants and NEEDS towards us, it is NOT healthy for any involved. I SEND out LOVE to EVERYONE with NO STRINGS attached and your purpose is… is WHAT EXACTLY? WHY are you here battling the LIGHT FORCES. IS is JEALOUSY perhaps, or PURE HATRED of US being the children of the CREATOR races ? Maybe a bit of both. WHAT are your MOTIVES dark FORCES other than creating WARS and CHAOS for ultimate POWER? Any GOALS of SPIRITUAL GROWTH and/or becoming a BETTER person ? ANY GOALS on JOINING US without ALL that hate?

Our GENIUS MINDS could work together and CO-OPERATE in HARMONY can BLESS all BEINGS making them all FREE. It can also FREE your ENDLESS cycles of DARKNESS and FEAR by asking MOTHER for FORGIVENESS and letting yourselves FEEL LOVE again and experience the REAL LOVE inside – it ALL STARTS with you. It’s NEVER too late to JOIN the LIGHT FORCES the ultimate challenge.

Wouldn’t you like to wake-up every morning with real JOY? Instead of spending your endless days wondering WHO wants to WAR with you and when. When is the last time you felt REAL JOY or LOVE ? Or do you block that out as it hurts too much. Even a beast has a heart. What is in YOURS? A desire TO KILL and DOMINATE ? Or the JOY of life ?

LORD let me be an INSTRUMENT of thy PEACE. And LET ME OPEN the EYES of the DARK FORCES with the FACT that they can HAVE LOVE too and Powers of the GODS, but they have to EARN it by BEING LOVE. FORGIVING and ASKING for FORGIVENESS to YOU GOD. You want to be worshipped and PRAISED? [Dark Forces] First one has to do something that is “SERVICE to OTHERS” in order to deserve it.

The ULTIMATE challenge is for ALL dark energy beings is to RECOGNIZE their own true WORTH as TEACHERS of “WHAT  – NOT to DO” and boy do you ALL have the experiences for that ! Ultimate appraisal [worship] as you call it comes from doing something – that is PHENOMENAL to benefit others. Why do you think SOULS praise GOD Because GOD LOVES and CREATED ALL BEINGS and GOD – HAS the DESIRE to LOVE – EVERY BEING at every MOMENT and that is what is known as PHENOMENAL .  NO human in the right mind would want to bow down and worship EVIL. EVIL actions is not worth worshipping as it is fleeting, [temporary] FULL of – hate, untrust, anger etc. WE are EVOLVING and these DARK FORCES have an OPPORTUNITY to evolve themselves, once and for all. And come back to the love/light. And they also have the opportunity to DEVOLVE if that is their wish. FREE WILL

GOD put FREE WILL on this planet and you have abused the FREE WILL of others. FREE WILL does NOT mean that you encroach on other’s FREE WILL by shoving them around and telling them what to do. Bullying and attacking is NOT the answer. Nor is SHOVING evil laws down people’s throats. NOT even HUMAN laws = I might add.

Ask yourselves – What “GOD” in the right mind worships evil ? EVIL is fleeting, like LUST  – it does NOT last. EVIL is NOTHING to be PROUD of and is the lowest spiritual attainment ONE could want. YOU dark forces have a chance to be absolutely PHENOMENAL [all TIMELESS LEGENDS] by going from being a dark being of hate to a LIGHT being of LOVE – ONCE AGAIN.  The OPPORTUNITY of living in PEACE and that is the most PHENOMENAL spiritual thing that ONE can do. ONLY YOU have that opportunity. Think about it, you will be worshipped which is – praised for ALL the right reasons. BECAUSE you did something absolutely amazing and special PHENOMENAL without evil intentions. You have a niche’ [special] opportunity that – none of us have. To go completly to the DARK and come back over to the LIGHT is – worship worthy. NOT KILLING everything that MOVES and CONTROLLING IT. Human LOVE is so wonderful and amazing and absolutely BEAUTIFUL. But GODLY LOVE inside YOU is the MOST divine and LASTING most POWERFUL FORCE in the UNIVERSE and worth fighting for. YOU are intelligent DARK FORCES and you have a chance to be your best, instead of worst. This is your own opportunity to be – PHENOMENAL ! You know by NOW that you can’t beat us, so why NOT join the LIGHT forces and maybe get back into the good graces of GOD your creator again? Are your going to burn your bridges or use your intelligence wisely and JOIN with those that YOU cannot beat ?

God always wins as you know. WHY NOT APOLOGIZE and JOIN GOD and the COMPANY of HEAVEN where things are SHARED and PEOPLE are LOVED and taken care of – NO LACK and NO FEAR. 

WE gave you many YEARS to surrender because WE SEE your own worth and potential. WE told you to SURRENDER or DIE as these ENERGIES will take you out as they get more intense. It’s too bad that you do NOT even see the potential in it – in yourselves – as it is there. WILL you take this divine opportunity – CHANCE – DARK FORCES and comeback to your senses? Or will you try ONE last time or so TO FIGHT the inevitable. GOD ALWAYS WINS = this is your chance to join the WINNING SIDE. ARE you ready to end this extremely LONG WAR. Are you DONE playing with the dark  ENERGIES yet ? It would NOT bother me IF my neighbor is a REPTILIAN as LONG as they are a KIND like a BENEVOLENT kind of one, that wants NO harm. LIGHT BEINGS are NOT a threat. IT is the DARK FORCES that wants to WAR with GOD.

You have the CHANCE to become PHENOMENAL and LIVE and continue on SOUL GROWTH to benefit yourselves and others.

DARK FORCES this is your chance to CHANGE and go back to the light. GOD hopes you will DO the right thing and so do we, Evolve or devolve?

The choice is YOURS. ALL beings are capable of great good or great evil. It all depends on your personal choices. What will you choose today? WILL YOU CHOOSE LOVE or will you choose to fight LOVE?

Note: This is MY OPINION since the DARK FORCES are so hell bent on insulting us, I wanted to speak-up about it. ALL BEINGS have a RIGHT to FOOD, CLEAN WATER and HOUSING, CLOTHING – ALL the basic necessities of LIFE on EACH PLANET. The RIGHT to FEEL safe on their own planets and other planets when they are visiting them.

Sorry Kent and Pari, this has nothing do with you. The DARK FORCES have to realize that there are cycles and it’s time for them to change.

The GALACTIC BENEVOLENT BEINGS are HERE working with HUmanity and they have millions/billions of years of experience [many of them] They can help Humanity and GUIDE US and HUMANITY back to RIGHT ACTION and show the ABUSE 3D learning cycle – the door. [unless your a newer soul and you need more 3D learning experiences]

I would LOVE to see ALL souls CO-OPERATE to improve their lives. I had said my 2 cents worth and I have said enough. ENOUGH said.


KENTS notes

The real situation [caravan of people] is this is set-up by George Soros.


WE want UNITY NOT division and the democrats are dividing people.

The GANG MEMBERS & DRUG CARTELS are sending people to join in.

The QFS [Quantum Financial System] was attacked so they took it off.

WORDS can hurt many people where a sword can hurt one at a time. [I guess we really have to watch what we say – myself included.]


This WAR is a SPIRITUAL WAR, this is of GOG verses MAGOG as prophesized.  You’ve got to collaspe the 3D to bring in the 4D



Galactics update with Kent Dunn October 25, 2018


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Published on Oct 25, 2018

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