“To CR Re: ZIM and Ron Giles” by Kat – 10.29.18

“To CR Re: ZIM and Ron Giles” by Kat – 10.29.18

Entry Submitted by Kat at 1:22 PM EDT on October 29, 2018

“Clarity on the Zim” by CR – 10.29.18


I agree with your post re reading Judy Byington’s Restored Republic via a GCR update in the early morning hours and then Patrick’s INTEL Alert in the afternoon. Those are two never-miss posts for me. 

It cannot be posted enough: Thanks unceasing to Judy and Patrick for your tireless work for all of us ALL THESE YEARS!!! You are beyond angels. You are Archangels, at least!!!

Re the ZIM: I’m posting some of what Ron Giles has written about it below, FYI. 

BTW, my ZIM looks exactly like this image that I snagged off the internet:

Here is what Ron Giles has to say about ZIM:
The Zim is explained as a Bond, 
a contractual obligation to Redeem at the face value 
with the redemption Rate 
being negotiated during your appointment…
“The Zim is like comparing a Boeing 747 to a speck of dust on your furniture, when comparing a Zim to any revalued currency. They are completely different animals and are meant for different things. 
“The value of the Zim, in conjunction with the Chinese accumulated Gold, was always designed to be used at this time to flood the earth with money. 
“DO NOT worry about the world economy, it will take care of itself. It’s all part of the plan. The Zim has been in hiding and tucked very inconspicuously into the Revaluation game with its many gurus and conference calls and was designed this way for a purpose, on purpose…

“The Zim has an historic design behind it and is a manifestation of the original plan for mankind at this time. We, as Light-workers, needed this tool to accomplish our purpose for being here at this time and in this incarnation…
Hope this helps, CR. Suggest you Google Ron Giles’ articles because he’s written many explanations about the RV/GCR and ZIM.
Whatever rate our ZIM is exchanged for is going to be so super-fantastic-Divine-miraculous I hope you’re ready.
At your exchange:
1. Have several pieces of ID, including photo ID and a Utility bill with your street address
2. Have your Currency (and receipts) sorted and your list of Currency written down in 2 copies; one for you and one for your exchanger
3. Have 2 copies of your Humanitarian/Business plans written out
4. Ask for the Highest Sovereign Rate you are comfortable asking for
5. Ask for a COPY of everything you sign, every receipt—EVERYTHING. 
6. After your exchange—BREATHE! BREATHE DEEPLY. You did it! Hooray!
With blessings unceasing for tsunamis of abundance in EVERYONE’S bank account, and the manifestation of a Pristine Divinely Restored Gaia, her Pristine Divinely Restored Kingdoms, and a Pristine Divinely Restored Humanity: Peace, Health, Happiness, Beauty, Truth, Wisdom, Intelligence, Creativity, Innovation, Joy, Celebration and Miracles for all, in all Timelines, Dimensions and Multiverses now and forever * And so it is *
“It is vital that we see this immense wealth as a way to ensure
that our dreams come true.” ~ Sheldan Nidle
xo, Kat


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