Mother Earth via Zane Morgan, November 8th, 2018

Mother Earth via Zane Morgan, November 8th, 2018

Greetings dear one, I Am Mother Earth or Gaia as I Am known by my soul name, as yes I Am a concious Being just as you are children and I Am aware of all the happenings upon and inside of my Earth.

I Am coming forth with a series of small meditations that are easy to do and that have a very powerful effect. I will call this meditation series “4 Elements of The Mother” as I will bring forth these in a collective to help you work with my 4 main elements, Earth, Air, Water and Fire. I have brought to you Earth and Water already and today will be about Air. So take a seat if you can, if not it is best to return to this when you are able to be seated and relax. Although, once you raise your vibration to a certain extent you should be able to relax anywhere providing you are not in the middle of one of your physical tasks.

As you sit, take a deep breath… connect with the breath as it moves though you and into your lungs, then exhale… feeling the release it provides.

Build up a steady rhythm as you breathe in deep and exhale slowly.

Continue this until you are relaxed…

I now want you to visualize a pink light that flows in and out with your breath…

See this as a beautiful bright pink light that shines as it fills your lungs and as it flows out surrounding you…

As you breathe in see this light filling your body and then filling your aura as you breathe out… Continue this until your body and aura are filled with a beautiful pink light that shimmers and shines…

Now continue this as your aura expands to connect with my glowing pink Heart Centre at the core of my Being, the core of the Earth. Once you feel connected to my core just sit and breathe for a moment…

Now as you feel connected with my core see this connection expanding, growing as a beautiful pink light is now encompassing you and my body.. The Earth below you is now fully immersed in this beautiful pink light, sit with this.. feel this.. how do you feel? Notice and acknowledge the feelings that arise.

Now you are fully connected with my body, see this beautiful pink light expand out into my atmosphere, see it move up above your head until it reaches  up above my clouds, see the clouds and the atmosphere bathed in this pink light, breathe…

Now that my body and sky are bathed in this beautiful, bright pink light, see my body, the Earth below you, act as a giant lung as it breathes in this pink light from the atmosphere into my core, see yourself as my core while you inhale this pink light, then as you exhale, this light shoots up through my Earth and out into the atmosphere.. Sit and breathe with this children.. breathe the pink light into my core and then exhale it out into the atmosphere.. See this pink light burning away all pollution and toxins in my air and any sense energy that is blocking the Mothers Tsunami from entering… Continue this until you feel comfortable and have a steady rhythm going, until you feel my air is clean and pure, just as it should be…

See the Air Sylphs and Dragons flying and playing in this pure clean air, they may even have a message for you if you listen, take note to what you may see or hear.

Once you feel you have done this enough and my air is pure and clean, see yourself drifting back into your body, bringing with you this beautiful pink light… Stretch your roots out of your feet and into my core, fully grounding yourself back into this reality.

Thank you children, you are doing a great job at turning the Earth back into the paradise it once was and will be again. I Am Mother Earth and I love you all from the core of my Being to the Heavens and back.


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