Restored Republic via a GCR as of Nov. 9, 2018

Restored Republic via a GCR as of Nov. 9, 2018

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Nov. 9, 2018

Compiled 9 Nov. 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret. CEO, Child Abuse Recovery, Author, “Twenty Two Faces,” Byington’s Before It’s News articles on a Satanic Cabal CIA & Vatican-sponsored international Pedophile Child Trafficking Ring:

Source: Dinar Chronicles

The below was a summary of information from the Internet. It would be up to the individual reader to do their own research and decide whether or not it was valid. Patience was a Virtue. Having Virtue was a sign of a good moral being. Good moral beings had the power to overcome evil and change the world.

Judy Note – The Bottom Line: (Rumors, please do your own research).

Several sources said the 800#s release would be this week of Nov. 5. Bruce felt the RV was delayed by midterm elections so there wouldn’t be any undue influence and expected the RV to be in full force by Fri. Nov. 9. Tony claimed that because of the Iraqi Parliament swearing in on Sun. Nov. 11, the RV would happen between now and then. The Nov. 6 Intel Report (see below) pointed to several reasons why Nov. 11 would be the RV start date. Several Intel people reported that Nov. 11 was the set date, with a back wall of Nov. 14. Nov. 11 was also the day set for starting to purge the Cabal (mass arrests) according to Pentagon sources. Fulford claimed the Cabal takedown would intensify after U.S. President Donald Trump met Russian President Vladimir Putin in Paris on Nov. 11. (This meeting has been reset for later in Nov.) If chaos broke out due to civil unrest, paid protestors and/or a Stock Market Crash in Nov, the National Broadcast System Alert would be activated this month, which could lead to Martial Law – needed for the Cabal mass arrests, incarcerations at GITMO and Military Tribunals. This year there were over 61,000 indictments filed in federal courts against banker, Hollywood and political elites (a large share was said to contain charges of pedophilia).

A. What we think we know (which changed on a daily and even hourly basis):

1. Hong Kong released GCR funds on Oct. 31.

2. Some claimed to have already exchanged, with limited funds liquid.

3. Banks had release codes and firm currency rates on bank screens – though on hold.

4. Q said Jeff Sessions’ nickname was ‘Stealth Bomber’ and he has been working with Huber behind the scenes to prepare for the mass arrests and military tribunals. Session’s firing appeared to be a step towards making that happen. Huber was an Attorney General in Utah (wherein resided the Homeland Security Super Computer), who last year, along with 56 investigators, had been tasked by Trump to investigate the Cabal.

5. Cabal arrests on over 61,000 federal indictments and suspected criminals’ transportation to GITMO has already begun. Military Tribunals set for Jan-Feb 2019.

6. A slow-motion Stock Market collapse that began in Oct. would continue to claim corporate victims as the new Quantum Financial System went online. Although the market revived after midterm elections on Nov. 6, it was back in the red Nov. 8. The latest: Wynn Resorts plunged 14% on Nov. 7. Owner Steve Wynn had resigned after pedophilia charges were brought:

7. Rumor was that long ago the US Elections had been rigged by Soros and company in cooperation with the Obama/Clinton Administration. The release of such information would likely lead to a court ruling that the recent Nov. 6 Midterm Election results were illegal, which was bound to cause public anger and disruption.

8. If chaos broke out due to civil unrest, paid protestors and/or a Stock Market Crash, the National Broadcast System Alert would be activated, which could lead to short-term Martial Law – something that was needed for the mass arrests, incarcerations at GITMO and upcoming Military Tribunals in Jan-Feb.

9. Announcement of the NESARA/GESARA Law (freedom from debt law that ruled the IRS and Federal Reserve were illegal entities) was expected at any time. NESARA/ GESARA would restore Constitutional Law and bypass chaos and legal jargon while calling for new national elections within 120 days. Years ago NESARA/GESARA had been approved by the Supreme Court and signed into law (under duress) by Bill Clinton. Both he, the Bushes and Obama had kept the ruling from being enforced.

10. The 1999 NESARA/GESARA Act – the National Economic Stabilization and Recovery Act, or National Economic Security and Reformation Act – came about from a 1993 ruling of the US Supreme Court after 30 years of lawsuits by the Farmers Union. In that successful suit the US government and banking system were found to be in collusion to defraud US citizens. Since then and until now NESARA/GESARA has lay hidden in Congressional archives collecting dust. See the history of our financial system in this linkNew Republic via GCR — 235 Points of Fact as of June 3, 2016

11. Release of the 800#s would be through text, email, or posted on:

DC: intel
The Big Call, Bruce:

B. Predictions (which changes on a daily basis):

Week of Nov. 4-11 was the expected RV release date.

Nov. 11: Expected announcements of NESARA/GESARA, Global Currency Reset and the new Quantum Financial System, plus the beginning of a purge of the Cabal by unsealing of the over 61,000 indictments, arrests of suspected criminals and their transportation to GITMO. “The Cabal takedown will intensify after U.S. President Donald Trump meets Russian President Vladimir Putin.” Even though the Trump-Putin meeting scheduled for Nov. 11 has been re-set, the Transition Event was expected shortly after Nov. 11. Announcement of NESARA/GESARA and bringing in the QFS could cause Stock Market collapse.

Nov. 12: Tier 5 (general public) would begin exchanges, though rumor was that all Tiers would go at same time.

Nov. 14: Back wall for GCR, QFS and NESARA/GESARA announcements, plus beginning for the purge of the Cabal.

Nov. 26: Private transactions to be liquidated.

End of Nov: It was expected that after the RV around Nov. 11 it would take a couple of weeks for the global monetary system to adjust to the QFS (or expect financial chaos from Nov. 11 until the end of Nov.).

Jan-Feb. 2019: Military Tribunals.

C. Nov. 8 2018 The Big Call, Bruce: 712-770-4016 pin123456#

1. The new US Treasury note has been traded internationally for the last couple of weeks. On Sun. Nov.11 we should see China’s gold backed Yuan come out and it’s rate should be close to the new US note.

2. On Tues. Nov. 6 we had rates flashing on the bank screens. On Wed. Nov. 7 we had solid rates on the screens, but were on hold. As of Thurs. evening Nov. 8 we had rates on the bank screens with no hold. Today the Iraq Dinar rate was solid on the screen.

3. It appeared we were in a window which should take us into completion by sometime this weekend. Be prepared to have the RV by, or over the weekend.

D. Nov. 8 2018 3:53 pm EST Intel Alert: Operation Disclosure: GCR/RV Intel Alert for November 8, 2018 Operation Disclosure (Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on intelligence leaks received from several sources which may or may not accurate. Other confirmed sources may also be included in this overview.)

1. The US midterm elections were a significant geopolitical event to predetermine which approach to take to initiate the transition. According to sources, the midterm elections were a public cover for an on-going US military operation behind the scenes to restore the Republic.

2. The results of the midterm elections were also being used to expose the fraudulent and corrupted rigged voting system to the sleeping public.

3. This will eventually lead to the fiat financial system being exposed as a “rigged” system to keep the world population in debt and poverty.

4. Once the fiat financial system was exposed, the Stock Market would collapse and the new Quantum Financial System (QFS) would replace the fiat financial system.

5. Activation of the QFS would reset all currencies (GCR) to create a “level-playing field” and provide a fair system for the people.

6. The transition to the QFS may take 1-2 weeks for the world to adjust.

7. The private currency redemption event (RV) was set to begin during this time – turning a massive amount of currency holders into humanitarians.

8. NESARA/GESARA would also be announced at the start of this 1-2 week-long adjustment phase.

9. Citizens worldwide would be provided with income via prosperity funds to prevent worldwide public chaos and panic, therefore minimizing possible collateral damage.

10. The Trump-Putin meeting scheduled for Nov. 11 (now changed to late Nov.) was another significant geopolitical event where a decision would be made to initiate the final take-down of the Cabal.

11. Sources expect the transition to begin shortly after Nov. 11.

E. Nov. 7 2018 10:43 pm EST Payouts in US have Begun, Anonymous: “Payouts for the US has Begun” by (Anonymous) – 11.7.18

Just received an email from someone who was involved in the now I presume defunct DOSM. He is now in contact with one of the trustees and waiting for a Prosperity Package payout. I sent him a humanitarian project proposal so that is why I am on his mailing list. Bruce figures the 800 numbers will be released before these payouts and we will all go together. He says that God Himself is in control of this RV through the QFS and nothing will stop it now. It was delayed a bit in the US by the midterms so that there wouldn’t be any undue influence. He expects this to be in full force by Friday. Keep your expectations, intentions high and pure everyone. This is looking very good for us.

F. Nov. 6 2018 3:03 pm EST Intel Alert: Operation Disclosure: GCR/RV Intel Alert for November 6, 2018 Operation Disclosure

1. There is a significant meaning behind the numbers 11/11 in numerology. Trump is scheduled to meet with Putin on 11/11/18 (however, this meeting has been delayed). War World I ended on Nov. 11, 1918 (11/11/18).

2. Sources are claiming that War World III which began on Sept. 11, 2001 (9/11/01) will be ending on Nov. 11, 2018 (11/11/18). What better day to end the war against the Cabal 100 years after War World I?

3. The current fiat financial system was proving to be defunct and obsolete more and more each day. Nov. 11 would be the start date of the transition (if sources were correct). The announcement of a new Quantum Financial System (QFS) may be given on 11/11/18. This would cause the stock market to collapse, which would then trigger the complete changeover to the QFS.

4. The private currency redemption event (RV) would then begin at this time.

G. Nov. 7 2018 10:41 pm EST Q+, Sessions, Sierra: “Q+: Thank you, Mr Jeff Sessions!” by Sierra (NZ) – 11.7.18

1. Q post #2459:
‘Imagine if the new acting Attorney General now releases all previously
‘blocked’ doc. requests by the House (including [Rod Rosenstein]
secondary CLAS scope doc).
Stealth Bombers fly undetected.
The ‘Red Line’ months old 4am narrative should be updated.
Pain coming!’

Jeff Sessions’ nickname is ‘Stealth Bomber‘. He has been working with Huber behind the scenes to prepare for the mass arrests and military tribunals.

2. Q post #2457:
‘Fun Fact…today is the Anniversary of Red October 1917!!’ This date relates to the Russian Revolution. Q has said all along that ‘Red October’ has multiple meanings. We are seeing this unfold now before our eyes.

3. Lisa Mei Crowley Tweet:
‘BOOM: Session resigns
BOOM: Whitaker sworn in as AAG
BOOM: Whitaker to oversee Mueller Supreme Court.
Nothing will stop what is coming.

4. Jordan Sather has tweeted a re-post of Q post #538:
‘TRUST SESSIONS. What ROLE might T.G. be walking into? (Trey Gowdy)’

H. Nov. 7 2018 10:10 pm EST Q, Sierra: “Q: Brave New World” by Sierra (NZ) – 11.7.18

1.Q post #2450:
‘We are going to show you a new world.
Those who are blind will soon see the light.
A beautiful brave new world lies ahead.
We take this journey together.
One step at a time.

Light is information – the mass arrests will show the world the truth about the Cabal’s heinous actions against humanity.

2. Q post #2451 is a message from President Trump/Q+ – a re-post of post #2442:
History is being made.
You are the saviors of mankind.
Nothing will stop what is coming.

That is followed by this message from President Trump/Q+:
‘Thank you for your service to our Country, Mr Trey Gowdy!
Thank you for your service to our Country, Mr Bob Goodlatte!
Your sacrifices will never be forgotten.’

There is a Q proof in this post – President Trump often writes Country with a capital C in his tweets. Q has always said to TRUST GOWDY. It seems that Trey Gowdy and Bob Goodlatte sacrificed their political careers to bring down the Cabal. These are two fine World Patriots.

3. If you want the TRUTH about the election aftermath, check out Lisa Mei Crowley’s Twitter. She has a string of great tweets and re-tweets that tell the full story.

I. Nov. 7 2018 11:57 pm EST Federal Fiat USD vs. New Treasury USD: The Federal Fiat USD vs the New Treasury USD

J. Nov. 7 2018 9:54 pm EST Phase II Has Begun, X22 Report (video): (Video) X22 Report — Episode 1710: Phase II has Begun | Elections Went as Planned

Theresa May is trying to sell the plan to the people and they will do everything and anything to make the people back her for the unfinished plan. Mortgage application plummet, interest rates are rising and people are being bumped out of the market, this will not end well. The MSM is pushing back at Trump, and trying to project why the Fed needs to be around and why the Fed should be independent. SWIFT caves and shuts-down payment to Iran.

The elections went as planned, it was not about getting the house and senate it was about getting the senate, the investigations are complete, they are now in the hands of the senate, the FISA declas will bring down the house. The deep state is in a panic, this is not what they thought was going to happen, they believe they have the control in the house but this will be short lived. Stay strong, fight, fight, fight.

K. Nov. 8 2018 12:00 am EST Saudi Arabia to be Broken Up, Fulford: “Saudi Arabia to be Broken up” – Fulford Report – 11.5.18 Benjamin FulfordWhite Dragon Society

1. The dismantling of the Khazarian mafia control grid continues with ongoing takedown of the leadership of Saudi Israelia, say Pentagon, CIA, and other sources. In particular, negotiations are now taking place between Russia and the U.S. to divide Saudi Arabia into a Sunni zone controlled by Iran and a Shia zone controlled by Turkey, according to CIA and FSB sources.

2. The long-awaited arrests of Cabalists in the U.S. have already begun, the sources say. The highest-profile of these are senior Goldman Sachs bankers arrested along with former Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak for looting money from that country. One of the uses for the stolen money was to finance the Rothschild-glorifying film “The Wolf of Wall Street.”

3. More of the over 61,000 sealed indictments will be unsealed after the U.S. midterm elections, but already, “Gitmo Air is wheels up,” the Pentagon sources say.

4. The migrant caravan [in Mexico] may have been neutralized with 15,000 U.S. troops to the border, as ISIS [Daesh], MS13, and other criminal elements were arrested by Special Forces, while Mexico has induced many to seek asylum.” In other words, attempts to use this caravan to disrupt the U.S. midterm elections have been neutralized.

5. “Yesterday I was told that the 28 government employees in their various capacities were part of a White Hat team who were negotiating a deal with the representatives of the Zionist Cabal for the release of one of the bunkers of gold that is on Bangka Island. This was to be used for humanitarian purposes, starting with the people of Indonesia. (This was told to me by a person whom I trust and is in the know on these matters). It seems that the Zionist Cabal gave their answer to the negotiations by taking out the plane.”

6. Moreover, other CIA sources say the gold concerned has long been controlled by the family of long-term Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew (LKY). LKY was one of the few people allowed to cash the bonds issued by the banking cabal that were backed with gold stolen from Asia, the sources say. The money was laundered into the global financial system via the tin mining industry, they say. This is one of the secrets of that Island state’s prosperity, they say.

7. The bond has been determined to be genuine and the cabal is now under pressure to make good on their promises and monetize it. The Gnostic Illuminati have told the WDS they put have four nuclear weapons at their disposal. The WDS has informed the Zionist Cabal they will destroy Tel Aviv and Basle, Switzerland if the bonds of not monetized. Following that, either New York and London, or Washington DC and Rome will be destroyed.

8. The funds are to be used to finance a massive campaign to stop environmental destruction, end poverty, and allow for human expansion into the universe. Attempts to prevent this campaign from starting will be dealt with using necessary force, including the extreme measures mentioned above, WDS sources say. Also bear in mind that we are asking high-level criminals to return gold they stole and these criminals have already been asked politely to return the stolen goods.

9. It is unlikely these weapons will ever have to be used, because U.S. military and agency White Hats are already on the case. Pentagon sources say, “The Cabal takedown will intensify after U.S. President Donald Trump meets Russian President Vladimir Putin in Paris on 11/11, which also happens to be Veterans Day.”

10. A lot has been happening to this writer ever since one of the bonds was handed over to the WDS. The technician responsible for a popular Japanese Internet-based TV show on which I appear (with over 600,000 weekly views, I am told) was hit by a car on Halloween night, causing the show to be cancelled for 5 months while he recovers. Japanese gangsters subsequently called this writer to take claim for the hit. However, they explained the hit was related to gang rivalry and had nothing to do with my appearance on the TV show. We do not know who they are because their phone call had no caller ID.

11. A female MKUltra victim who is being targeted by microwave weapons flew over from Spain to ask for WDS protection. She appears to be working for the Jesuits, who are not necessarily enemies of the WDS.

12. What we mean by this is that while Peter Hans Kolvenbach, the former head of the Jesuits, was recorded by the NSA as bragging on the phone that he was Satan and was responsible for the 3/11 Fukushima attack, the new Jesuit and Catholic leader are preparing for their own massive campaign to help save the planet, P2 Freemason sources say. As long as we agree on the need to save the planet, and that many parallel efforts towards this goal can coexist, then past rivalries should be forgotten.

13. We are also being told by Japanese gangsters that the Jesuits are ordering Barbara Bush’s cousin Richard L. Armitage and Japan handler Joseph Nye to pressure Japanese slave Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to follow their orders. Both of these men are being followed 24/7, and for earth’s sake, we strongly recommend they coordinate their activities with the WDS.

L. Nov. 8 2018 6:57 pm EST Entering Finale, X22 Report: X22 Report: Conspiracy No More, We are About to Enter the Finale

The debt level for American’s is completely unsustainable. Most of the people need to use credit or they wouldn’t be able to survive. The amount of personal debt has increased dramatically. American’s have been resorting to payday loans to make ends meet. Housing sales are declining because of the rising rates and skyrocketing housing prices. This economy has never recovered. Jobs numbers have been inflated by using debt. When everything falls apart it will be a disaster. The Fed is continuing it’s course and would continue to raise rates. We were getting closer to the finale.

The White House suspended CNN reporter Jim Acosta’s Press Credentials. Trump might change the asylum rules with an EO. Facebook ignored a call to appear in front of Canadian and UK lawmakers. UAE would reopen it’s Embassy in Damascus. Other Middle Eastern countries would follow. Q droped more bread: Sessions was activated. It was not what we thought. Red October was on Nov 7. Q explained that the President was getting ready to declassify certain information and we might see protests, riots and much more. Remember Q said people would reject, fight against it etc. Be prepared. Conspiracy no more. It’s time.

M. Nov. 8 2018 Destroying the Illusion (video): (Video) Destroying the Illusion — [11.8] QAnon | Sessions | Whitaker | Rod Rosenstein | FISA DECLAS | Planned Protests | Thousand Oaks

Former U.S. Attorney Matthew Whitaker: Enough Evidence to Have a Special Prosecutor Investigate Clinton Foundation:

Trump “Seriously” Considering Declassifying Key Russia Investigation Documents:

FBI Raids Home, Office Of LA City Councilman Jose Huizar:

N. Nov. 8 2018 7:02 am EST One World of Nations: One World of Nations Report #19 — Turning the Tide: A New America One World of Nations

Updates for the week prior:

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(Video) JFK Jr Grave Mistake

Published on Oct 29, 2018

My theory on JFK JR and family this video includes words to my original song which will be added next few days!! Please note in my haste to finish my video I believe the reveal is going to be at the Military Parade on November 22nd. Next video I will make sure I have looked over it twice!! Thank You all!!


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