11/11 Mass Meditation reminder (+ links): Time to call the shots

11/11 Mass Meditation reminder (+ links): Time to call the shots

Posted By: Lymerick
Date: Saturday, 10-Nov-2018 21:12:02


It’s time …

For We-The-People to step up, and take charge.

No more negative energies running things.

No more infighting.

No more ‘Mr Cabal man’ telling us how to live & think.

No more separation from our Galactic Family.

It’s time to reach in, and express your deepest desires & your souls’ purpose … for this world & your loved ones … and Goddess Gaia.

Our power is yet to be realized!

It’s time to really start using it, with the special, advanced, no-holds-barred 144k Mass Meditation.

The big day is upon us!

… where WE get to chose which timeline the planet goes onto, after this momentous occasion.

Get the rest you need, to be up for this most honorable & finest hour. It’s time for discipline. Every good army [of light] needs discipline.

And I’ll see you at our ‘rallying point’ on the non-physical!

All the details are below.

Yours In Service

The Unknown Lightwarrior


144k Mass Meditation Live Broadcast 11:11 CST

The Details

Date: 11th of Nov (US).

Time: Join at 10:45am CST, Start at 11:11am CST

For your timezone:


Live Global Broadcast link of the guided 144k Mass Meditation [for you to click on & join, at the time above]:


Back-up Ph#: 310-807-5232

This is crucial, so make sure you spread this far & wide.

See you on the non-physical planes!

The Unknown Lightwarrior



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