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Bruce: Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight. Let’s talk a little bit about where we are and what is going on. We usually start with China or with Iraq. Let’s start with Iraq tonight. Just when you think it is safe to just forget about what is going over there in Iraq, we find out tomorrow afternoon Iraq time which there is an 8 hour time difference between Baghdad and the East Coast. They are 8 hours ahead. Tomorrow at 4:30pm to 4:45pm Baghdad time that is 8:30 am to 8:45am Eastern Time things are supposed to be released as far as Iraq is concerned. They may put it out in the Gazette. They may do the Gazette thing which is great, but we are looking for them to release the ATMS with the lower Denoms and also put out a rate on the CBI. There are things that they have held back until we are ready to go. That is pretty much what the time has always been. Just when you think they are going to put something out, they don’t do it because we are not quite ready to go here. That is something that is supposed to happen tomorrow.

Bruce: Speaking of China, yesterday at 3:21am EST the Chinese Yuan or Renminbi was officially gold back or asset back. It came into that fullness and we heard this from a major bank yes it is asset back as of 3:21am yesterday morning which would have been Monday morning. I know the banks were not opened yesterday, but certain bankers still are able to see it and certain screens so on. I say this much, what is interesting about that is that our USTN is in the process now of being asset back. We are saying asset back because our currency and even like China and Russia and others are partially backed by gold but they are also backed by other assets like precious metals like silver and others and oil and other things that give it value. We are using the term asset back as oppose to gold back. That is even the case for China even though there is plenty of gold in the world. There is plenty more underground in Zimbabwe for example, hugs caches of gold underground. I don’t mean in tunnels, but need to be mined. 

Bruce: What is happening is tomorrow around noon EST we expect a total of 17 countries to be asset back by about noon tomorrow, a little before then. That is interesting. Including our own USTN, our own dollar. Will that be made public? Will that be announced? What I am told is it may show up on sort of a secondary media of some kind. For example, it could show up on Qanon. It could show up on maybe some other almost underground type media. It probably will not make main stream news channels or financial networks tomorrow. It could happen later obviously. It has got make to it to main stream at some point. It could make it on It could be there. I do not know that it is. It could be. You could look for it a few places, but it probably in those areas as opposed to the main networks. That is a major move to get 17 currencies asset back at approximately the same time tomorrow. That is pretty big.

Bruce: When we think in terms of rates we think what is on the screens. For the last 4 to 5 days the bank screens have shown rates that have not been on hold and they are just there but they are obscured. It is like where the rate would be there is a black something over it, obscuring from you seeing the rate. That has been occurring the last 4 to 4.5 days. They are not pending. They are not on hold. They are just not visible. I believe that came off overnight last night. Sometime by this morning the rates became visible again. That is a very positive thing for us moving forward because we need live rates before we begin our exchanges and our Zim redemptions. I do know in about 5 different states today there were isolated exchanges going on. I couldn’t tell you who they were or what banks. I do not know, but I heard that from some of our sources. I also know that there were numerous exchanges going on globally outside the United States today. So things are moving. Things are moving this way.

Bruce: Finally things are moving out west. The people we thought have been paid apparently are about to be paid tonight or overnight tonight. That portends well for the rest of us in Tier 4 Group B. Also I have heard the so call public whom we called Uninformed Tier 5, they may start about the same time that those of us in Tier 4 Group B, the Internet Group, get started. There may not be this lag time from the time we get started and the so called Public start. Be prepared for that possibility. I am excited because I think finally we are at the point where it is just about our turn. We have had some false starts even the last few days. I know that the word we have had from several banks or different sources that we have, are pointing this to coming here very shortly.

Bruce: The other thing is there was a call tonight at 7pm. It was designed for just special people that needed to be in the know. It was not for everybody, but it was primarily some of the major Tier 1 banks and different places around the country including the Treasury, the Texas Bullion Depository, that type of thing. I am sure they are going over last minute things that need to be discussed. I have no idea how long was the call or even if it is over yet, but I think it portends well for us to have this thing started shortly. Like I said very shortly. I am going to encourage everybody to stay very focused and try to be as prepared as you can to get started because I have been told tonight I will get a two hour heads up notice when the toll free number comes out to me. Hopefully I will get that and not let everyone know until I am allowed to, of course. It just lets you know I am on the alert to receive all what we have been waiting for.

Bruce: Now let’s take a quick turn and see what happens after the blessing. You guys know that we have major projects scheduled and planned. We have been in preparation mode for years especially on the Veterans Retreat Network and most recently on Rebuild America. What I plan to do is let you know by email what our plans are as far as how you might be able to participate. In fact in the very near future we will have some initial get-togethers to discuss how we are going to proceed with those projects, and we will let you know probably by a pod cast link by email how you can see who we are doing. All the technical stuff with that is not finalized, but I know we will get that information out to you so if you are interested in being part of that you can enjoy listening and finding out how you will be able to participate down the road.

Bruce: Now realize we are in the design phase of this and will be probably 60 to 90 days if not longer, but at least to the point you can be caught up with what it is we will be doing and how we are going to do it. There is nothing to do right now until you receive information about that. I would say get your finances all in order. Pay off all your debt. Pay off your home if you have one or if you want to get a new one. Whatever you want to do enjoy life and be looking around like for Rebuild America look around in the cities or towns or communities that where you want to do some work in or where you want to have some work done in. Just look around and see what their needs are. Most of them are universal, but there will be some that will be specific. We will be helping inner city situations, rural communities we will be helping a little differently. If you are in small town, they may need some things done completely different. We will have sort of a template out so you can follow the template and say oh I see Step 1 this, Step two, Step three, and see where you want to participate in the city, town, community that you want to in Rebuild America. I am excited about it.

Bruce: As far as the Veterans it is a little bit of different animal, but we will have some cross over between the Rebuild and the VRN. There will be crossover between those two programs. A lot of the Vets that we will help we will hire or me may hire them to help rebuild certain things on our VRN sites. That also include the town or community that they are near to the actual Veteran land site that we pick up. Just to give you an idea. I am not going to go into any more detail about it now. That is just to give you a slight idea to look forward to if you are interested in participating. I hope thousands of you want to do something. I asked originally for 5,000 people so we could make a difference in 100 cities, towns, or communities in all 50 states. That is an average, not an exact number that we are trying to hit, but that is just an average of what we like to do. I feel if we are able to do that in every state making a difference in 100 locations that would make a difference. That would be huge to be part of the rebuild. I asked for 5,000 people to be part of that effort, and we will let you know how you can be part of that, how you can fit into that. 

Bruce: I think we are at the precipice of this. Like I said we had couple of false starts the last few days. I believe we are ready now to move forward. I am excited about that. Bit we believe we are ready now to move forward. I am excited about that.

Bruce: Thank you very much Pastor Steven. Thank you Big Call community all over the globe because we know you are out there everywhere as in New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Argentina, Brazil, Europe , Ukraine, the Middle East, everything. We are in really good shape and I am excited for all of us. Everyone have a beautiful night, and be prepared in your mind for new beginnings. Everything is going to become new. Everything is going to be past, and all things will become new. Let’s go with that until the next time if there is a next time, God Bless you and have a great night. Good Night Everybody. God Bless you all.

THANK YOU BIG CALL AND BRUCE, HUGSSS…” height=”1″ width=”1″ alt=”” class=”CToWUd” />

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