Rinus Verhagen — New World Order: G-20 Exposed 12/02/2018

Rinus Verhagen — New World Order: G-20 Exposed

Submitted to Operation Disclosure | By Rinus Verhagen

The Netherlands does not belong to the G20, at most if Willy Escobar’s drug trade counts, yet Rutte and Maxima are present as NWO delegates.


The no longer do it sneakily, but rather figure out that they are printing the UN Globalists Agenda 21 by order of Bernhard Lippe nominated in Rio 1992 to commit mass genocide against their own and world population.

The Marrakech pact comes from their own boat together with Merkel, they deserve a holiday GITMO for their crimes.

Let’s hope that the crime MH17 / 370 will cost them their head.

The invalid passports must have been delivered by the Netherlands, on the flight that was fired in Ukraine.

People who go on summer holidays have no winter clothes with them, nor an Asian appearance, are not within 20 minutes in a state of dissolution, and would bleed if they were really freshly crashed.


Kind Regards

Rinus Verhagen.


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