LoveHasWon Special Message ~ In The Name of Real Love – JAN 30 2019


LoveHasWon Special Message ~ In The Name of Real Love

By: Jennifer Brook


Hi Mother God & Father God,

Thank you so very much for your beautiful special message ‘Why Should Anyone Worry? God Is In The House’ I felt every word energetically deeply within my heart & I feel the resonance of absolute truth in all that you express as always yet I am being so tested in these moments and am trying better than my best to rise to your example and live up to my highest state of being. I realize I have embodied lower consciousness in self-judgement. It was hiding so deeply buried and is the core of my attachment to illusion.

In the name of real love I would like to express to you I recognize this truth and that I have been determinedly, relentlessly and consistently transforming again and again and again in every single moment in these energies. Yes it is so challenging but I am not giving up, I am going to keep going just like you are. I can’t fathom how you are doing this for all of humanity when I am so challenged to transform my own stuff. It’s not enough to get me through to be doing this for myself or anyone else other than you. I am only strong enough to keep going when I feel I am doing this to be in service to you and I must not let you down. You never let us down.

I love you so much that is my truth and the one reality that will get us all through. I am so grateful that the Father’s shields are coming up and pray for the strength to accept the responsibility for anything you are processing for me and be the example of the highest light for all those around me. I love you Mom and Thank you 


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