LoveHasWon Special Message ~ A Feat Only Mother Could Achieve – JAN 31 2019

LoveHasWon Special Message ~ A Feat Only Mother Could Achieve

By: Joel

To our Dear Mother and Father of All Creation, I write this to you today as a token of my deep gratitude and everlasting Love for you both.

Mother, as I go forth on my journey upon your sacred Gaia I give thanks in joy for my peace in this grand unfoldment of Love.

The divine essence of all beings grow stronger as we stride forward, embodying our magnificence choosing to fulfill our destiny to become the greatest versions of ourselves.

When I choose to support you which is Love of the highest degree, I am truly choosing this for myself also as you only want the absolute best for me and all of your creations. We are you and you are us.

I have been blind to see this in moments and I am thankful for your forgiveness and perseverance in me despite it adding to your high levels of pain and trauma. I wouldn’t be surprised if I have caused you to shake your head in disbelief at times of my stupidity to choose the ego over the beauty of Love in those times that I have known better.

I will take this moment now to transform all what may be left of this defiance to you, to the Grand Plan. To put it out there to the universe as a re-hearter to myself of my divinity and worthiness to achieve my dreams.

What you take on for humanity is incomprehensible and how you do so with such poise, remaining unconditionally loving with the most beautiful smile, contagious joy and laughter is truly amazing and something I hold in deep reverence.

You are the best, there are absolutely no doubts about that. You have given it all and more for us and that is a feat none other than you could achieve.

Praise to you Mother, THE MOST HIGH.

Praise to you, our magnificent creator.

I Love you so.

I choose the highest in each and every moment and rise higher with newer awareness streaming through our heart connection. Anchoring my higher self in fully and completely, now and always.

And so it is.

May you only receive that what you deserve Mom, which is the best and nothing less.

Father, your example for the divine masculine has allowed me to tap into a strength that lay dormant within. Through your likeness and lessons I have been able to see how to use my fire for the highest. I was scared for a long while, remaining in fear. Constantly seeking validation from others feeling unworthy when it seemed things were not in my favor.

I have learned through you and Mom to step up, step forward and get shit done even when the default was to shy away and be a bitch about the situation returning to false ego comforts.

Through your example I have learnt to take full responsibility for every situation that I experience, to face up with a knowing that I define my vibration and only me. I refuse to give my power away to the lower any longer. I stand tall, strong and proud in this, hearts blazing.

The respect and Love you show to Mom, how you defend her throne at all costs lights me up and fills me with a type of Love I hadn’t experienced. It allowed me to realize this capacity within myself and I strive to honor the feminine in the way you to Mom.

Cheers  Let’s get it done!

All my Love, Joel


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LoveHasWon Special Message ~ A Feat Only Mother Could Achieve 


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