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Published on Feb 5, 2019

It was in 2014 that someone tried to intimidate me with directed energy weapons that moved my arms even though I tried with all my strength to fight being moved around. These weapons are used silently to influence you. In 2014, one of the viewers on the Wake up America show tweeted, “Karen is live right now! She is perhaps the most important whistleblower humanity has ever known. Pls listen in!” Scalar weapons used to punish the lawyer for the world’s gold when she got the Superior General of the Society of Jesus angry at her. Let’s talk about the 2 quadrillion in treaty of Versailles bonds that were issued by the Federal Reserve in the 1930’s in exchange for gold. The interest on the bonds, compounding exponentially, is sufficient to offset the country debt. It is interest on the debt which goes to the Banking Cartel that keeps humanity enslaved. Teleprompter:…

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Published on Jan 29, 2019

The CIA was supposed to keep the wealth of the world safe for the Banking Cartel. Instead, the CIA failed. In the teleprompter I show you how the CIA tried to invalidate the Global Debt Facility. That didn’t work. The wealth of the world is still in the Global Debt Facility. How do you know this? Because the Bank for International Settlements and the Knights of Malta just tried again, and failed, to steal the wealth in the Global Debt Facility. Why did the CIA make Google? To try to dominate the world through control of information. Enough of us see through the lies, and we are busy showing the rest of the people who have been fooled what is real and what is fake. All of the intelligence agencies are really working for the Network of Global Corporate Control out of Switzerland Two years ago I tweeted about the fact that Vladimir Putin had worked for the KGB. The CIA tried to bribe me with 1 million shares in CMKX, thinking that I would fund CMKX. From that point on, we have harpooned the CIA. Do we stand a chance when we are up against these heavy hitters? You bet. That is because we are part of a coalition that is backed by the military powers of the world and the wealth of the world. We have reality on our side. There is no rush. We can take as much time as it takes to clean up the corruption from the grassroots up Teleprompter:…







Published on Feb 6, 2019

German factory orders plunge the most since 2012. The European economy is hitting the wall, the CB are stuck an they don’t have a way out of this. Trump nominates David Malpass as the next President of the World Bank. First Trump went after the Fed, it is not controlled, then went after the globalist trade deals, he ripped them apart, then went after the trade deals with other nations, now the World Bank, the economic swamp is being drained.


I WATCHED NANCY’S FACE through the whole thing, INTERESTING. YOU can clearly SEE that SHE was NOT very HAPPY when MR. TRUMP covers certain topics. MR. TRUMP was exposing some of HIS GREAT THINGS that he has STOPPED them from doing, look on her face at times, was priceless.

Published on Feb 6, 2019

The MSM polls show that 72% like what Trump had to say. During the SOTU messages were being sent to anons and the [DS]. The clock is ticking down for the [DS]. The house postpones Michael Cohen’s testimony behind close doors. Judicial Watch discovers that classified Russia docs were distributed to Senators. Trump will meet with Kim Jong Un in Vietnam. Peace talks are proceeding well in Afghanistan. Troops are being pulled out of Syria and certain neocons in the Senate created a bill to stop him. The movement cannot be stopped, lets make American great again.



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