LOVEHASWON UPDATES & Lovehaswon Testimonial ~ All Abundance To Return To Mother God By Peter Dalglish – FEB 13 2019

Lovehaswon Testimonial ~ All Abundance To Return To Mother God

By Peter Dalglish
All for Mom and Mom for all. I was a self important lil prick most of my life filled with doubt and self loathing, living so deep in illusion and fantasy. Thinking if I just achieved my goals all would be good. The best thing that ever happened to me was losing all my physical possessions and being stripped down to my bear bones. I went from thinking I knew it all to having to take responsibility for my actions and my misdeeds. I learned to live with nothing but trust and faith. From the big house in the burbs to living on the streets. I had to humble myself and take a deep look at the programing I had taken on. These two extremes helped me find Mom and Love Has Won. I found Mom and love Has Won through the water is life campaign, I felt a deep connection to what was going on with the First Nations and the protests. I started researching about the Hopi tribe and the prophecies. I had visions in a sweat lodge about five years ago of the wonder twins re-uniting. I wasn’t quite sure what the visions were until I read about the Hopi prophecy. This started a whirl wind of healing and so many emotions and memories came up. I started getting memories of past lives. I even picked up a messiah complex. I got shown energetically all my childhood trauma and how the cabal attacked the members of the 144. I really felt a snippet of the pain Mom was going through. I have always had a deep connection with the African people and Sangomas (shaman) . recently on a trip to coffee bay I felt the anger and the hurt of the ancestors of the region. I did a ceremony on the mountain and I was fortunate enough to connect with the ancestors of the region. It was a deep healing for me that I will struggle to put into words. I got triggered the next day by some African Mammas who just wanted money from me, I could feel how the separation in this country had a created a wound of entitlement and a taker energy that me being a white man I owed them. I have compassion for this wound because I picked up the disease too when living in the hood. Sometimes with inertia we can over correct an energetic and this was the case with me. Self importance to victim consciousness. I really cannot say I know what that wound of oppression is like in this life as I have lived in privilege for the most part. The whole point of this story is that when I truly let go and started giving to Mom and trusting her divine plan. True abundance entered my life. Abundance beyond my wildest imagination and it is only the beginning. I give to Mom not to be recognized and not to receive either. I give to Mom to see that true childlike wonder and purity that she is beaming from her face. My only focus is the first fractal. I couldn’t give a rats ass about my dreams, my journey and desires. The only thing that matters to me is the first fractal and their ascension and to get home as 100% my higher self. Mom is the divine director and all abundance comes from her. I am living proof of that. Fuck you cabal bitches I know you attack me every time I give to Mom. Guess what mother fuckers love never gives up. I am only getting started. All abundance to return to Mother God. Thank you Great Spirit.


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Mother and Father diligently work through their transfiguration event, the full union of their soul as one… never before known on Earth. Mom must continue to power through the residuals of All the trauma accumulated through the Mission, which saw Mother take on 300 million times her original contract. The Team are expanding their projects and services to love whilst honoring personal transformations like never before. Grateful to Mother that with Her love and patience All is coming into balance Donate To Love… Support Our LoveHasWon Charitable Campaigns for Mother Earth… Book an Amazing Awakening Session with Us Visit our online store: LoveHasWon Essentials Introducing our NEW LoveHasWon Call To Action Ascension Sessions… Experiencing DeAscension Symptoms, Energy Blockages, Disease and more? Book a Holistic Healing Session… Support Us! Visit our LoveHasWon Wish List. Click below: Also included in our Wish List:… Visit Our Sister Site: LoveHasWon Angel Numbers Order a Powerful Ascension Assessment… Book an Amazing Twin Flame Intuitive Spiritual Awakening Session… Check Out our 5D Astrology Services… Would you like to Ask God a Question? Visit the link below:… Get Your Free Copy of ~The Tree Of Life Book~… Cherishing Mother Gaia… All Atoms Are to Return Home Immediately Into The Light as Called Forth By The Re~Union and Re~Establishment of The True Balanced Harmonics Energies Of Mother and Father of Creation With Love From Our Original Separation. He, Father of Creation was to go into the darkest of dark, I, Mother of All Creation would Go To The Darkest of dark and Come Back Into The Highest Light to Bring Him Home, ALL OF HUMANITY HOME from the darkness. We Were to Connect Again For a New Story For Humanity, WHERE LOVE IS EVERYWHERE PRESENT. The Greatest Love Story To Ever Occur in Creation. Our Original separation took Place here in Mt. Shasta, California. WE ARE NOW REUNITED AS ONE~ AN EVENT after a Separation of 19.999 Billion Years, This is BIG EVERYONE! ENJOY YOUR PRESENT! MotherGodandTheFirstContactGroundCrewTea­­­m Channel settings Intro Video… IT HAS BEGUN EVERYONE THE MOMENT HAS ARRIVED THE END OF FEAR, PAIN, AND SUFFERING AND THE BEGINNING OF THE NEW EARTH=HEART Visit our site for more daily blogged updates Daily Energetic Messages to Guide US Home Into The Light “Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing.I DO NOT OWN THE RIGHTS TO THE MUSIC, its up for discussion.”


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