SOME UPDATES FROM – X22 REPORTS – Steve Pieczenik & Robert D Steele – FEB 22 2019


OPUS 124 In the Closet!


Published on Feb 17, 2019

This vid should ‘go over’ as well as the last one. Vatican just as bad as AIPAC yet in a more primitive, sinister way. Exposure of predatory behavior of priests has been in the media for years….here’s my take RAW!

OPUS 123 False History RAW!

Steve Pieczenik

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Robert David Steele WARNING- The Entire System To Go Dark For Mar 2019! COLLAPSE CONFIRMED


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Published on Feb 20, 2019

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Fake Investigations Will Cease, Patriots Have The Logs, No Escape – Episode 1797b

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Published on Feb 21, 2019

Report date: 02.21.2019

Jussie Smollette was arrested for staging the attack. Celebrities and politicians are deleting their tweets. Mueller investigation is wrapping up, and the MSM and politicians are projecting that the report will be a nothing burger. The [DS] are now changing the meaning of some words so they are not caught in spying and leaking. IRS analyst illegally leaked Cohen tax records. Q drops more bread, the patriots have the logs of the SCIFS, there is no escape.

Report date: 02.21.2019

May and Juncker meet for talks, the talks go no where, no progress was made, the EU will not move on their demands. Durable goods decline, the housing market is becoming to expensive for the everyday person, the [CB] has created a housing bubble in many cities that’s much bigger than the 2008 housing bubble. China is going to buy more agricultural products from the US. The US and China are very close to make a deal. China says they will not manipulate their currency. The [DS] begin their attack the economy, they are trying to show the economy is not doing well, who has the magic wand?


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