8chan anon “in the heart of Hollywood” shares some alleged intel about Hollywood and the Cabal – 25-Feb-2019

8chan anon “in the heart of Hollywood” shares some alleged intel about Hollywood and the Cabal

Posted By: MrFusion [Send E-Mail]
Date: Monday, 25-Feb-2019 19:21:58

I really do miss the Craig Ferguson show.

Copied from these two posts:



Here’s some intel without name/fame fagging or coy build up. I’m in the heart of Hollywood and have traveled in those circles, but 99% of you wouldn’t know me. Dig into what you feel like, most of this is what I’ve been told from more connected friends.

Many A-listers are sex trafficked and the brands/designs of clothes they wear signal who is available and what they’ll do. I have a friend who swears he was a party where you could pay to fuck and humiliate Charlize Theron.

• There are prominent “useful idiots” who are almost always given cabal members as spouses as handlers (often not to the knowledge of the naive). They are dressed in ways that signal their ignorance to the rest of the community (horizontal stripes is a big one).

The control grip has tightened over the last decade. Craig Ferguson was forced out for refusing to play ball. Conan and Jay Leno were also wishy-washy and their situations was a result of their reluctance to turn a blind eye. Suspicions about Conan since have been raised.

Chris Pratt is somewhat purposefully naive, but not cabal. Anna Faris was assigned as his handler and their divorce was a result of Pratt’s continued refusals. He is on a tight leash and was “called out” for homophobia due to stepping on a toe. Somewhat of an enabler, and will follow certain instructions, but is not a participant.

M. Night’s reputation was tanked with Last Airbender because of his refusal to join, which prompted him to write “Devil.” After Earth was an attempt to “get him” through an alternative route (scientology) but he refused again. His comeback “Split” was self-financed and mistaken by (((them))) as an apology/signal he would join (due to themes of child molestation, multiple personalities a la MKUltra, and cannibalism). This may have been done on purpose. Glass was critically panned as a response to M. Night’s repeated refusal.

Jason Blum is not cabal, but (((they))) are happy to profit off of him and he is happy not to make waves.

Ryan Coogler (Black Panther, Creed, Fruitvale Station) was being USED (at least when I heard this) to stir racial tensions, but not a cabal member. At the time I was told this, he was LIVID that Hollywood exclusively wanted him to make movies about race and biopics of black figures. Seems to be getting to the point that they’ll have to let him in or part ways, so expect him to become the next Spike Lee or to “departfrom Marvel. FWIW, Blade is a passion project of his, so he may do that for Marvel without joining.

Kaballah is a form of Judaism that believes God is the devil and the serpent is God. They are satanists but won’t identify that way and many practice occult rituals, some of them are guilty of the worst.

• Christian free-masons may identify as Christian but many hold the belief that Christ was Lucifer incarnate and God was the real devil. They also engage in the occult. Those who use symbols BELIEVE LITERALLY in all things occult.

• The Trump administration has begun white hat infiltration in Hollywood. There is “positivepredictive programming, narrative framing, symbolic messaging to THEM, and disclosure from the “good guys” and much more will come.

• Hollywood is much less controlled than the music industry. Not only does HW have more useful idiots, purposefully ignorant, and willingly passive but not involved, but because of the nature of the business, it’s easy for total outsiders to bypass THEM. They will settle for skimming off the top of outsiders who make money, allow those who refuse to join to keep working (with smaller budgets or indie circles) as long as they’re making money or high profile, and even ignore popular but harmless independent people who make movies/tv/webseries outside of the industry. IT IS NOT THIS WAY WITH RECORD DEALS AND RADIO PLAY.

• Scientologists (at the top) are nearly identical to occultists. They are part of (((them))) and lawsuits are often just ways to transfer money between cultists of supposedlydifferent” groups. The Church of satan suing Netflix was exactly this, BTW. Tom Cruise is not simply benefitting from Scientology. He is almost in complete control.

• The casting couch is for men, too, of course. But SO MANY male A-listers are gay, even completely openly in non-public circles.

Some actors are given roles simply so cult insiders can have public fame and come to cabal HW events and/or so they can earn millions “legally” without arousing suspicion.

Roles involving cross-dressing/gender bending and/or costume prosthetics that are very painful to wear are often punishments. Terrible movies/roles and/or roles with humiliating moments are often done for the same reason.

• Only very good cult members have no bad press. Constant bad press is often not only completely fabricated, but either punishment or meant to end careers of those who don’t play ball.

• There are allegedly actual murders, rapes, torture, sex, even full occult rituals in movies and TV (obviously presented as fiction).

Spielberg is allegedly a monster who allegedly raped child actress Heather O’Rourke TO DEATH on set. His offices on the Universal backlot are secluded and protected by armed guards.

• Some A-Listers are virtually slaves. There are genuine victims in this. They are not all abusers. Many are simply abused.

Reality talent shows often feature “winners” and “finalists” who (((they))) planted from the beginning.


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