Trudeau is NOT UNTOUCHABLE, he thinks that NO ONE can knock him off his self-made pedestal – LOOKS like that could change REAL SOON ! – FEB 27 2019 – #JWR #JodyWilsonRaybould #SNCLavalin LIVE: Former AG to reveal Trudeau’s involvement in SNC-Lavalin affair

#JWR #JodyWilsonRaybould #SNCLavalin

LIVE: Former AG to reveal Trudeau’s involvement in SNC-Lavalin affair

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Trudeau is NOT UNTOUCHABLE, he just thinks he is and that NO ONE can knock him off his self-made pedestal

NO ? BUT you DON’T own HEAVEN’S JUSTICE SYSTEM now then do you  ?

Bill C75 – Part 1 – Enabling Terrorism through the Canadian Justice System


Published on Nov 29, 2018

Bill C75 is a dangerous bill drafted by the Liberals where Indictable Offenses will be punished with the substantially lighter Summary Conviction. Bill C75… Criminal Code of Canada… Bill C75 Vote Details… Echo Fox Soundcloud page





. opens testimony by saying: “I experienced a consistent and sustained effort by many people within the gov’t to seek to politically interfere in the exercise of prosecutorial discretion in my role as the attorney general of Canada in an inappropriate effort...”





Described as an unwavering patriot. Truth sounds like hate to those who hate the Truth. Retired Lawyer

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It’s over. has been proven. The Attorney General in her first 30 seconds met the test of It’s over. The must investigate



Added names.

Ben ChinFinance

Bill MorneauFinance

Matthieu BouchardPMO

Amy ArcherPMO

Michael Wernick

Justin Towes Finance

Justin Trudeau PM


K. Telford PMO

My advice.

Get a good criminal lawyer. You are in deep trouble.



There is no option but for must resign immediately. Canada’s rule of law at stake. This is a constitutional crises. made a very clear case of



Boom 💥 Clear and unequivocal. The then Attorney General a Lawyer concludes that s139(1) crime occurred. lay the charges.


21 minutes ago


Here’s the law. Butts, Telford and Trudeau clearly broke it. Go. To. Jail.



Advice to get a good lawyer. Telling Attorney General that to ignore a law passed by Stephen Harper is insane. answered properly Butts your hate of is a hate of Canadian law thus a hate for Canada. You will be charged for this.



Boom! named names. Ben Chin – Finance Bill Morneau – Finance Matthieu Bouchard- PMO Amy Archer -PMO Michael Wernick- Justin Towes – Finance Justin Trudeau- PM My advice. Get a good criminal lawyer. You are in deep trouble.



Sitting alone no one by side. This projects strength and power.



DON’T MISS THIS massive credibility bombshell. Cohen ADMITS to preparing & coordinating his congressional testimony with: – The DNC – Democratic Party leadership – Chairman Cummings – Chairman Adam Schiff – “Various individuals” in the Democratic party This is a DNC hit job



Mountain of jurisprudence cases where Bill of Rights used to prevent taking one’s fingerprints – today its offered voluntarily to Mountain of jurisprudence cases where Bill of Rights used to prevent taking blood samples- today its offered voluntarily to



Trudeau has 100s of his top people at PMO and PCO guiding him in is alone and she is leading and winning. Now apply this to other files and it all makes sense 1. 2. Pipelines 4. China Everything they touch made worse



This tweet is for the liberal do-gooders how pass judgement on weight and meal choice. never smoked or drank alcohol. Does this trigger your ?



Not watching because it’s a stooge show. But if anyone is – has corroborated everything that said about and ? That’s only hope to have Americans side with him.


Canada’s PM (Pimp Master) has a girl for every occasion. The modern face of feminism.


Every Canadian should be watching this. Corruption at the highest levels.

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Isn’t it awesome!!?!?

Trudeau just said “All Quebecer’s and Canadians” in just now. Apparently we are not ALL Canadians in Trudeau’s view and “Quebecers” are mentioned first. Canadians second. This is why he supports SNC Lavalin corruption. Trudeau must go and stop dividing Canadians.

8 hours ago

Here is the letter from to Justice Committee Chair saying the government’s order in council still does not allow her to speak about why she resigned, or what she said to cabinet


6 hours ago

20 Dumb Quotes From Trudeau. I would like to move Mr Speaker, while Mr Trudeau waits upon possible criminal charges, that he be held in a secure forensic psychiatric facility as he is clearly a danger to the Canadian public.


Feb 26

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Trudeau is dealing with 2 major crimminal scandals how the hell can he effectively run this country he needs to #Resign

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