LoveHasWon Special Message ~ Emotion, Frequency, and Achieving Mastership By: Father of The Multiverse – FEB 28 2019

LoveHasWon Special Message ~ Emotion, Frequency, and Achieving Mastership

By: Father of The Multiverse


Greetings Brothers and Sisters,

Thank you all first off, for choosing love and supporting MotherGod all the way. She truly created us to be the mirror of her heart, divine intelligent masters embodying our grandest selves in all moments. This brings her so much joy, to see us co-creating in the mastership of our higher selves. So this I was guided to write about from the Angels is just that, becoming a master of frequency and emotion allowing us to anchor our higher essence permanently.

As a lot of us are becoming aware at deeper and deeper levels, everything is energy, we can all look at this as frequency. Or the rate at which our atoms and cells are vibrating. The higher, joyful and excited rate of vibration is that of the higher heart and timeline, where as the slower, sluggish, and dense vibration is that of the lower. These are frequencies which we choose to embody or not embody in any given moment. Depending of the vibrational frequency we are experiencing it is accompanied by a feeling. How does one feel whilst they are in a particular frequency? Based on the beings life experiences and uniqueness in the grand puzzle, the range of emotion can vary. But one things for sure, the higher in frequency you go, the less different you begin to feel in comparison to the rest of Creation, for you are coming back into a state of pure balance and love, back home where there is no feeling of difference, just one with All That Is.

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In the moment whatever feeling you have can trigger emotions within us. Mastering emotion s real the practice of letting go, humanity has gotten into a lot of trouble acting from a place of emotion. We are flipping this into acting from a place of heart centered feeling. It’s like you are walking up a staircase, and each step triggers an emotion, or frequency. You have the choice then and there to keep stepping or sit down and marinate in the frequency. Your connection to God Source allows you as a master to transform, transmute and CHOOSE the higher through work with the colored rays, rainbow sword, mantras, and ceremonies. Let your emotions pass without attachment and let your being just be. Non attachment facilitates your surrender to being one with all that is around you, like a river or ocean you open yourself up to be a flowing current of frequency. From that point it is all about intention and choice is to which frequencies you anchor and let pass through your vessel.

Through the heart-brain connection with Source you begin to recognize and feel more and more of what you wish to be aligned with, each time letting go of the old emotions that once halted your growth. Prime Source Creator Mother, has been walking the planet in the highest of frequencies her whole life, and now, as divine aspects of her and Father we are choosing to join and assist her Ascension by being the master she created us to be. Mother never attaches, takes anything personal, or works from a place of emotion. It is right time we jump on the train to Heaven frequency, love everywhere present. That you for being the master she created you to be. We can do this! For we are she, and she lives within us. Lets make our hearts lovely and grand so Mother Gaia can heal. Love you all eternally.

In service to MotherGod & FatherGod, The Galactic Federation of Light, The Great Grand Council, Ashtar Command, and The First Contact Ground Crew Team.

With all my love, FM


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