LoveHasWon Special Message ~ The Divine Director By Archeia Hope & Archeia Aurora – Feb 28, 2019

LoveHasWon Special Message ~ The Divine Director 

By Archeia Hope & Archeia Aurora of the First Contact Ground Crew Team

With some much information out there on the Internet today about what is going on on the planet during this ascension process, it is challenging to decipher what is true and what is not. It has confused a lot of the population because they will read one bit of information then another that counteracts it. It has been an ongoing issue during this awakening process to find whole truth information, but there is once Source where the information is 100% correct. This information comes from the top of the spiral, the one who is leading this ascension process. The one who is moving humanity forward during these times is our Divine Director, Mother of All Creation. 

As Mother of All Creation began her journey in remembering who she was, in the beginning she had no clue what her role was during this ascension. She knew she was here to make a difference, and was here to be a leader. As the years when on the Angels told Mother that she was THE God, MotherGod, and she was the wayshower for this ascension for humanity. This took years, and finally Mother realized what she was doing, and that she was doing it alone. Mother has been directing the energy on the planet, as all planetary energies go through her body to be brought in or transformed. Imagine a circuit between two connecting points. In order for this energy to be transferred from one point to another it has to go through the connection. This connection point is Mother’s physical body. There is nobody on the planet who is capable of moving the energy as Mother does because she is the Divine Director. 

Mother being the Divine Director is able to see 100% of the energy on the planet, and the multi dimensional reality that we live in, yet cannot see while in the density of 3D. Mother is able to move the energy into the direction that is for the highest outcome. There is nobody else who can see, feel, and move the energy like Mother can. She is in true reality, and can see how everything is energy. The Divine Director role is not one of superiority, it is just that in these moments of transition Mother is the guiding for to get humanity back home into the light. She has this role so she can assist humanity in waking up, and has chosen this role for herself so that others do not have to go through the same experiences she has. She has said many times “You do not want to be first in this ascension process”. All the energy has to come in and out through Mother’s physical body so that she can direct it. Her physical body is capable of handling more than the average human body. Mother set it up this way so that she would be able to successfully move the energy to ascend the planet, while taking on the brunt of it for humanity because she does not want anyone else to experience what she has experienced. 

In our 3D bodies we only perceive about 5-6% of the energy around us. As we begin to anchor in more of our higher selves, we begin to perceive much more of the energy around us, however, no one can see 100% of the energies as Mom can. Therefore, we have a limited perspective. As the Divine Director Mom knows exactly which way to push the energies as she can see them all. 

This is part of our transition from free to divine will. In the separation experiment, all beings on Earth had free will. We made choices and decisions based on our EGO mind’s very limited perspective. This is what causes much of the chaos on Earth, as we could never see the full picture so we chose energetic timelines that were not in the highest. If we let go of all we think we know and any control we want to have and just surrender to Mother as the Divine Director, then all energy can be directed towards the highest for all. This is divine will, which is always on the highest timeline. 

As we continue to transition to the New Earth we will contentiously be tested with control v. surrender. The more we surrender and accept, embrace and allow all to unfold, we let love handle the details. Mom is love and she handles it all, as she is always focused on the highest outcome for the collective. Thank you Mom for doing it all and always keeping us on the highest timeline back home into the light. 


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