INSPIRING DAILY MESSAGES from CREATOR through JENNIFER FARLEY (The same message was sent 4 times) The emphasis is on Love)(3 MORE MESSAGES ADDED)Posted by amparo alvarez on March 1, 2019

INSPIRING DAILY MESSAGES from CREATOR through JENNIFER FARLEY (The same message was sent 4 times) The emphasis is on Love)(3 MORE MESSAGES ADDED)

February 28, 2019

Your Earth is being immersed in the next wave of energy. This means the release of any faking or hiding of emotions. You will no longer have to ‘fake it until you make it’ because it is already there. It is also a very important shift in your growth and learning; stepping further into your truth and learning to let go of the negative things you have been saying to yourself on a regular basis. If your needs are not being met, find out why you have chosen not to meet your own needs. If you are bemoaning the lack of something in your life, look at why you may feel unworthy/undeserving of receiving. If you feel you are being ‘put upon’, ask yourself why you are allowing yourself to carry all the weight. These may seem like complicated questions; however, the answers are often very simple. Take your time, darling child, there is always plenty of time…the beauty and peace from these self-inquiries will always be worth the effort. ~ Creator

Today, you are being asked to look back and remember yourself ten years ago. Where were you, what were you doing, who were your friends, how were you feeling? This exercise is not to make you doubt yourself or feel uncomfortable, instead it is to show you exactly how far you have come. (Smiling) It gives you a chance to see the amazing gifts The Universe has bestowed upon you, highlight the challenging work and uncertain moments you moved through and give you a sense of who you really are. Honoring who you were gives you the strength and fortitude to keep moving forward now! ~ Creator

Some of you have felt the huge changes going on, others…not so much. You each decide exactly how this energy will come to you. The one thing noticed by almost everyone; the dissonance keeps getting louder. You need to keep in mind that whatever ‘darkness’ left realizes it’s hold is slipping and is desperately attempting to keep you moving toward fear. This is a perfect opportunity for you to choose to shine your light, embrace Unconditional Love, compassion, empathy and peace. Release the fleeting thoughts of fear and know you are protected and supported by The Universe. ~ Creator

Jennifer Farley

February 24, 2019

The next time you feel a little low…think of this;

The Universe is an amazing place and you are an amazing part of it! The emotions you feel and the existence you create is definitively unique. With pure thought, intention and forward action from you, anything you dream or wish for can be yours. The beauty of your soul is infinite. The complexities of who you are and the fact that you chose to be here, helping your Earth plane grow is a credit to your strength! Please remember, my dearest child; without you, your world would not be as bright as it is now. You are loved beyond measure! ~ Creator

Jennifer Farley

February 23, 2019

The peace for which you have been so desperately longing is just a breath away. The Universe has always been ready to supply, now it is just a matter of accepting it. It may not arrive in a way you expect…no big booms of insight or a firework display that spells it out in the sky. Most of the time it comes quietly and gently into your soul like a soft sigh of contentment. This is when everything around you becomes beautiful and full of light. Give yourself this gift, darling one, you are so worthy and deserving of it. ~ Creator

February 22, 2019

It is time to fully understand that you get to choose! You oversee how you feel, what you do, where you go and how you get there. The physical, mental, emotional and spiritual have always been dictated by you. The current wave of energy being delivered to your Earth plane signals changes as well as an acceptance of responsibility for your very existence. In the bustle of the everyday, this fact may slip from the forefront of your mind. You are being invited to bring it back to your conscious awareness, using it to make much needed shifts within. The Universe is always beside you, guiding and supporting every step! ~ Creator

Jennifer Farley

February 21, 2019 @ 12:12 PM

My dearest child, it may seem as if your world is becoming a horrible place to live. Wherever you turn, there is a negative story…death, violence, hate, disease…all around you. You must keep in mind that this is not what is truly happening. The communications on your Earth plane have brought more of those negative things to the forefront; stories you may never have heard otherwise are moving at an alarming speed, gathering more fear with each person they touch. Your ‘assignment’ today is to look around you and see what is really going on. For every negative you see/hear, there are a multitude of beautiful things happening every day. This is not a call to ignore the negative, instead, it is a call to balance! It may take some practice but, The Universe has infinite faith in you! ~ Creator

February 20, 2019 

It is time to release more, my child. More pain, grief, shame and guilt. There will always be some who feel these things are a badge of honor, something to be proud of, to revel in. They will look at you and say, “See how much I suffer for _____? It is all for _____.”

The space these things take up can be readily filled with Unconditional Love in a moment’s notice, if you allow it. You were created to, chose to experience and are worthy and deserving of a joyful life! All you have to do is let go! (Smiling) ~ Creator

February 19, 2019

Today, you are being invited to think back on all the people that changed your life for the better. The ones that supported you when you were too weak to stand, who gave a part of themselves even though they did not have much to give, those that loved you when you thought you were unlovable. The members of your soul family may have been with you the whole time, some were only in your life for a short while and some were complete strangers. They showed up at the precise moment you needed them most and loved you even though you felt you did not deserve it. You may not have known how to thank them while they were present and may not know where they are now but, remember, it is never too late to say thank you! (Smiling) Express your gratitude in a way that feels right to you and know The Universe will ‘deliver the message’. ~ Creator

February 18, 2019

The surge has begun, and great many changes are starting to arrive! Depending on where you are on your journey, you may feel a vague sense of overwhelm or enjoying a boost of physical energy. Both are perfectly acceptable. Regardless of how it arrives for you, take note of what you are feeling in your body and your heart. There is a great deal of information coming in now and it is important to integrate as much as possible. This is preparation for what will be arriving in the next few months. Use this opportunity to add a sense of play into your learning. Not all of what you receive from The Universe is ‘work’. Have a little fun along the way! ~ Creator

February 17, 2019 at 2:36PM

It is time again to stop, quiet yourself and listen! The Universe is beginning to relay many things about the incoming changes to your world and how you will be effectively able to move through them with minimal fuss. (Smiling) If you set aside and allow yourself the time to hear what is being relayed to you, thing will become clear and concise. Your Earth plane is heading into some very interesting times…take a moment and prepare. Every single gift you have will be needed. ~ Creator

February 8, 2019

During this shift, it will be very important to ‘keep your own cup full’. With a multitude finally waking, those that have established gifts may feel as if they are constantly being called upon to assist others. Some of those coming to you will be serious and inquisitive, others (stuck in their victim-hood) will demand help and advice but, never use it. Your heart will say, “Help them”, your mind will say, “Enough!” and striking a balance may become a challenging experience.

During this time, self-care is imperative! Saying no is a perfectly acceptable response! Making sure your body and soul are comfortable is not selfishness! There is much work to be done and it is impossible to pour from an empty cup. You are worthy and deserving of taking time for yourself! The world will still be there when you get back. (Smiling) ~ Creator

February 6, 2019

Those that awakened early felt the very beginning of the incoming shift. This is one of the joys of a higher vibrational energy! (Smiling) As you move through the next few days, take care and treat yourself lovingly, much information will be needing integration. If you feel as if you do not have a definitive understanding of it, relax…you will always be given the ‘full story’ as it progresses. The Universe is always available to help you move through this next phase will safety and comfort. All you need to do is ask! ~ Creator

February 5, 2019

Your Earth is standing on the starting line of yet another huge energy shift. There have been so many recently that it may feel as if nothing big is about to begin but, oh, there is! (Smiling) In preparation for the next upgrade, it is important that you create a quiet space in which to retreat when you feel things are becoming ‘too much’. Whether is be in your home or among friends, the solace it will offer will be of great assistance.

It will also be essential to be consciously and keenly aware of where you are focusing your personal energy; are you using it as a form of distraction or as a means of growth and learning? You are in charge of exactly how you receive this latest influx, you are responsible for how quickly it comes to you. Let your intentions and intuition be your guide. ~ Creator

February 4, 2019 

Today may feel a little lighter and brighter than it normally does. You may wonder if something is wrong or that it is not right to feel this way. On the contrary, it is perfectly OK to feel the way you do now. You have been doing your work, releasing old emotions, belief systems, changing the way you look at the world and embracing the ‘new you’…of course things will feel different! It is time to let go of ‘waiting for the other shoe to drop’. It is gone! Move peacefully into your future knowing your planning and manifesting is just a moment away. ~ Creator

Jennifer Farley

February 3, 2019

As the changes The Universe has given you begin to integrate, you may be feeling and/or expressing the loss of ‘what you were’. Moving from the old you into the ‘what you are now’ may be challenging. When you get caught up in the anticipation and excitement of what is coming, you will often forget to allow a grieving time for what has passed. It may feel odd to mourn the loss of drama or chaos but, remember darling, it served you well…it kept you protected…you felt safe. As you release it, express gratitude and love. Without them, you would not be where you are now; living a beautiful life, embracing each new experience in a knowing way and loving yourself the way The Universe loves you! ~ Creator

February 2, 2019

As you are immersed in this new wave of energy, please take time to be consciously aware of your thoughts. As your manifesting abilities become stronger and move more quickly, cognizance will be of the utmost importance because your life moves where you mind flows. There may be times when those surrounding you will do their best to sway you from your truth and path…it is up to you to maintain your balance. There is no shame in asking The Universe for assistance. It has and always will be there when you need it most. ~ Creator

Jennifer Farley

February 1, 2019 at 11:02 AM

Leave yourself open to the experience of falling in love with something, someone or some idea every day. One of your greatest joys on your Earth-plane is your infinite ability to enjoy and embrace the feeling of love. ~ Creator

Jennifer Farley

Leave yourself open to the experience of falling in love with something, someone or some idea every day. One of your greatest joys on your Earth-plane is your infinite ability to enjoy and embrace the feeling of love. ~ Creator

Jennifer Farley

January 30, 2019 at 9:30 AM

Leave yourself open to the experience of falling in love with something, someone or some idea every day. One of your greatest joys on your Earth-plane is your infinite ability to enjoy and embrace the feeling of love. ~ Creator

Jennifer Farley

Leave yourself open to the experience of falling in love with something, someone or some idea every day. One of your greatest joys on your Earth-plane is your infinite ability to enjoy and embrace the feeling of love. ~ Creator

Jennifer Farley

You have changed. The work has been done, the changes made yet, some things persist! It can be frustrating, disappointing, infuriating even. (Smiling) You ask The Universe, “Why does this keep happening?! I’ve cleared it, I’ve worked this into the ground!” Well, dearest one, take a moment and think about it. Is it really cleared? Perhaps that one thing has kept you safe or from being bored for a very long time. What would you do without it?! It drives, it motivates, it makes you feel useful. Why would you choose to release something that does so much for you? Here is a little hint; the very moment you choose to let go of it, the moment you refuse to let it take up any more of your ‘brain space’ is the moment it is gone for good. The Universe has already done its job of transforming it to love and light for you, now it is your turn to do the rest. ~ Creator

Jennifer Farley

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