the Mandela Effect! & Jesus: The Afterlife Interview by Medium: Jesus’s Voice Caught on Tape – March 05 2019



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Published on Mar 4, 2019

Today i talk about the Mandela effect and how symbols and logos have changed followed by a slideshow of some of the major changes we see caused by the Mandela effect! THIS IS A MUST WATCH ! JOIN ME ON PATREON FOR EXCLSUIVE VIDEOS YOU DONT SEE ANYWHERE ELSE ! SUBSCRIBE TO SURVIVE (CLICK NOTIFICATION BELL)








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Published on Mar 4, 2019

Talking at Yah, publication #854. WELCOME TO TERRA-Z-ALPHA-9! Thanks Jamie Firestone! It’s amazing to know that quite possibly, we’re all on an Earth where New Zealand’s at the 10 o’clock position of Australia? I know from an eyewitness (Jose Martinez) that there’s a facsimile version of myself, that’s sharing my Soul that is! Thank You for Watching! Sincerely, Dale DuFay, Terra’s of the Milky Way! Much Love to All! DISCLAIMER; EVEN THOUGHT THE OPINIONS & CONCLUSIONS HUMBLY MADE ON THIS CHANNEL ARE TRUE TO MY SOUL, THEY’LL NEVER BE ABLE TO BE PROVEN. THEREFORE AS FAR AS YOU’RE CONCERNED, IT’S PURE CONJECTURE ON MY PART & SHOULD NOT BE CONCIDERED THE TRUTH BY ANYONE! YOU MUST MAKE YOUR OWN CONCLUSIONS WITH YOUR OWN DISCERNMENT WITHIN YOUR OWN SOUL! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE, LIKE & SHARE. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

Jesus: The Afterlife Interview by Medium: Jesus’s Voice Caught on Tape


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Published on Mar 30, 2013

http:\\ Jesus interviewed from heaven and the afterlife by world renowned medium Jamie Butler ( with the help of my deceased son, Erik Medhus. Jamie asks Jesus about his life, God, Jesus’ mission on Earth as well as what is heaven, where is heaven and what heaven is like. At 26:30, when I ask Jesus if he has reincarnated, you can here him say, “Yes.” Also, at 33:07, when Quentin Crisp comments on what a good looking man Jesus is, you can hear what I think is Mr. Crisp saying, “Can you get him to come to breakfast?” It sounds like Quentin’s voice when you listen to YouTubes of his interviews. THIS MAY BE THE FIRST TIME ANYONE HAS HEARD JESUS’S VOICE IN OVER 2000 YEARS! Visit Erik’s Facebook page at http:\\ as well as his blog: Jamie’s site is

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