IMPORTANT UPDATES Plus: Central Banks Are Dominating The World. By Gregory Mannarino – March 13 2019

IMPORTANT UPDATES Plus: Central Banks Are Dominating The World.

By Gregory Mannarino


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Published on Mar 13, 2019

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Published on Mar 13, 2019

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KAREN HUDES talks about THE GLOBAL CURRENCY RESET – it is imminent

Network of Global Corporate Control 3 12 19


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Published on Mar 12, 2019

Today a coalition which includes the world’s military powers is talking about the inevitable end to the corruption in the world’s money. A critical mass of people accepts the proof that this corruption exists. The elites are counting on the divide and conquer strategy that has served them so well that they were able to maintain this corruption since the previous ice age. The Black Nobility do not seem to understand what happens when I post this information on the internet. The communication is also flowing in the US military, which is refusing to go along with a unilateral surrender via the crash of unconstitutional Federal Reserve

Notes. Mainstream media and the 80% of the “captive” alternative media are simply discredited and sidelined. The Global Currency Reset is how we transition peacefully to our new reality, using the world’s gold that José Rizal deposited with the World Bank. Donald Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen, put my letter in front of Donald Trump during the primaries. The elections were bogus. It is an established fact that the US Federal Government was dissolved by the Emergency Banking Act on March 9, 1933. Indeed all of the governments are illegitimate, having been replaced by corporations. We know that the universities are plagued with the same corruption as our other institutions. We are not going to argue about metaphysical concepts until after the corruption in the world’s money is removed. During this video I spoke about the corruption in the District of Columbia. The District of Columbia was created to be a booby trap for the whole United States. The mayor of the District of Columbia is supposed to be the military commander for the people of the District of Columbia, because the United States was really under martial law. The coalition for the rule of law on the Board of Governors of the World Bank has ended the martial law in the United States. The US is now in interregnum, which is to say, that Mayor Muriel Bowser is not in charge of the District of Columbia under a military rule in the United States. The “Bankers Manifesto of 1892” shows how the Network of Global Corporate Control thought we were too stupid to catch them at their game. The fact is that our reality is very different than many people suppose. Some of us are aware of the corruption responsible for the way we have been duped. Eventually all of us are going to understand. The reason we know that this is true is because we are all interconnected, and enough of us know what the reality is. Teleprompter:…







Report date: 03.12.2019

More layoffs are coming for the MSM. Feds arrest dozens in a college bribery scam, many of those involved are tv and movie stars. Rep Doug Collins releases Lisa Pages transcript. Schiff is panicking. JW is suing for communication between RR and Comey. US embassy staff are leaving Venezuela. Q drops more bread, the countdown continues, be ready and prepared.

All source links to the report can be found on the site.

Report date: 03.12.2019

The UK and the EU have reached an impasse in negotiations. May is preparing for another vote and it is happening very soon. The US National Security Council has now warned Italy not to join the Belt and Road initiative started by China. The Federal Reserve Chairman has appeared on 60 minutes, the question is why now. This is part of the plan, the setup is complete

Report date: 03.11.2019

A Judge ordered Epstein information to be unsealed. JW files an ethic complaint against Schiff. Dark Money was used to push Dossier, it was funded by the DS. Illegals are now being quarantined because of disease. Marco Rubio tweets out a flub. Peace talks ongoing with NK. Q drops more posts. This is not a game. Snowden trapped in Russia, March Madness is here. Truth is activated, be prepared for what happens next.





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