The 5th Dimension ~ The Creation of ALL PossibilitiesBy  Alexandar Kosmos & Brenda Garcia – March 16 2019

The 5th Dimension ~ The Creation of ALL Possibilities

By  Alexandar Kosmos & Brenda Garcia

How far have we come?  How much further do we need to go before humanity realizes that a New Reality is manifesting within Mother Earth’s evolving Fifth Dimensional world?
When we look “back” with our Third or Fourth Dimensional eyes, we see much of the past standing right in front of us. But is reality standing in front of us, or is it standing behind us?  Did something get lost along the way and NOT happen?   
In order to answer these questions, we must open up to and look at the Creation of ALL Possibilities that we still need for our particular manifestation. 
We could wish and work hard for and hope for more money – thereby strengthening humanity’s need to continue the Third or Fourth Dimensional experience.  We could ask our Spirit Guides – or even God/Goddess – to help us manifest our needs for the Fifth Dimension, but that’s not how Reality works.  WE create our needs!
In our recent Third and Fourth Dimensional experiences, humanity was compelled to accept and believe that the only way to enhance and improve our social standing was through our purchasing power – that money is the measure of one’s ‘worth’ and that, without money, one is worthless.   Humanity was taught that resources are limited.  Competition for those resources was fierce and took time and hard work to manifest.
In the past we only used a very small portion of our Heart and Soul’s Creative Power.  We created educational and occupational opportunities to correspond with what we felt we needed in order to fulfill our endeavors and have a happy life.  Now, within Mother Earth’s evolving Fifth Dimensional world, our needs are completely different. 
Creating our Fifth Dimensional world isn’t about increasing each individual’s purchasing power.
Not by increasing each individual’s purchasing power, but through the efforts of their own Hearts and Souls – through the Creative Power instilled within our Hearts and Souls – we Know that Creation is Infinite and we open to All Possibilities.  Spirit Knows more than we.
Creating our Fifth Dimensional world is about increasing and expanding Our Heart and Soul’s Creative Power to intend and to Become and Be our True Selves the Light, Love and Harmony of the Fifth Dimensional Universe with Mother Earth/Gaia.
From March 13 through June 3, 2019 there will be an opportunity for each individual Soul to succeed as the Light, Love and Harmony of the Fifth Dimension and to participate in the Re-Organization of Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimensional world. 
The Creation of ALL Possibilities for our evolving Fifth Dimensional world is instilled within the recesses of our Hearts and Souls – individually, as well as collectively.  Individually we each have access to the full content of our entire Soul’s Divine Plan for participating within Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension.  Collectively, we have our collective service and contribution to humanity’s evolution with Mother Earth into and beyond the Fifth Dimension. 
Dear Ones, the timing is within us.  
From September 7, 2019 through February 2020, our Society of Light begins to emerge – not through outside circumstances, but through all who have awakened internally to The Creation of ALL Possibilities!
The majority of hesitation and uncertainty in humanity’s transitional phase with Mother Earth’s evolving Fifth Dimension is responding to the question: What’s next after NOW?  We each have to reassess where we are, where we are going and what will we do.
The uncertainty and hesitation we may now feel is our call to awaken – to Open Up to – The Creation of ALL Possibilities within us! Now more than we may realize, our Time, Space and Motion within the Universe’s Fifth Dimension is here to open us to ALL Possibilities!
Peace and blessings and Infinite Possibilities.  Namaste. 
Photograph:  Golden Sunset – Burleigh Head Beach, Australia by Sean Scott
Received and written, edited and shared, in co-creation – Alexandar Kosmos & Brenda Garcia.


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