Setup Complete, Watch Gold, Watch The [CB], Watch What Happens Next – Episode 1821a

Deep State going down! @JennyHatch #Q


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Published on Mar 10, 2019

QAnon? A Primer by Citizen Journalist Jenny Hatch

Operation Bring Down The [CB], Rebuild America Begins – Episode 1822a


Report date: 03.22.2019

The BREXIT is now delayed, we are moving closer to a a no deal BREXIT. NJ Governor signed the rain tax. Existing home sales surge, but did they. Trump pushes the agenda, the economy is roaring. Trump and the patriots are setting up the [CB] and getting ready to move us to the gold standard. Trump brings on Stephen Moore onto the Fed Board. Trump contradicts the Fed, and says its time to rebuild the infrastructure of the US

Setup Complete, Watch Gold, Watch The [CB], Watch What Happens Next – Episode 1821a


Published on Mar 21, 2019

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Report date: 03.21.2019

May tries to get an extension form the EU, the EU wants a meaningful vote on the proposed plan first, the people do want the plan. May might be forced to resign.The Fed decided not to raise rates and keep them steady, this will now allow the pieces of the plan to come together, the manipulation is getting harder, Basel III is coming in to effect, gold prices will stay low and then slowly rise as we approach the end of the year and really start to move in 2020. The market will continually push higher and Trump will make the economy look fantastic statically.

Time To Free Julian Assange, But What Are They Up To?


Published on Mar 22, 2019

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