X22 REPORT UPDATES – March 26 2019 & NEW ZEALAND – PM is a MAN !!

Report date: 03.26.2019

Avenetti and Mark Geragos caught in a bribing scandal. Jussie Smollett charges were dropped. Jeff Zucker says we are not investigators. JW can depose Ben Rhodes. Lindsey Graham sets everything up to investigate, BC tarmac meeting.Q drops more bread. [DS] is now vulnerable and exposed. Everything is about to go into overdrive.

Report date: 03.26.2019

May is having a very difficult time, the Parliament has now seized control of the BREXIT. The EU only has one deal they will consider. US home prices grow at their slowest pace since 2012. The housing market started to implode when the Fed started raising rates, now that the Fed is in a holding pattern the shock to housing has slowed but not stopped. Trump has a new victory with the Steel industry.

Report date: 03.25.2019

Avenetti is in trouble. Dershowitz says the MSM should apologize, this isn’t going to happen. Brennan is now in full panic mode, says he received bad intel. Adam Schiff goes into full panic mode, GOP, Conway says he should resign. Trump has been exonerated of Russian Collusion and Obstruction. Russia allegedly brings in S-300 missile systems, same plan as Syria? Q drops more bread, justice is coming, nobody walks away from this. [1], [2], [3]….

Report date: 03.25.2019

Theresa May is in trouble, the people voted for the BREXIT, they are not getting what they voted for. There doesn’t need to be another vote, the people have already spoken. Looks like we are getting closer to a no-deal scenario, May does not have the votes for the her plan. The dark clouds that have been over Trump have been removed. Trump can now fastfoward the plan. Everything accelerates.

Report date: 03.24.2019

Trump signed the EO to protect free speech on college campuses, the networks decided not to report on this. NZ is now trying to set free speech limits. They are putting people in jail for having certain information regarding the event. Russian troops arrive in Venezuela. Trump fully recognize Israel’s Sovereignty over the Golan Heights. Q drops more bread. Mueller releases his report and Barr puts out a summary, the report states that there is no collusion, and no obstruction.

All source links to the report can be found on the x22report.com site.


ALL RIGHT – light forces what do we know about Jacinda Ardern – other than HE is a TRANNY [LIKE MICHELLE OBAMA is a TRANNY] – DID HE forget to tape it down that day ? Is the NZ pm another CLONE – like TRUDEAU AS we are wondering what will happen to the land down under = REPTILE RULE !

Jacinda Ardern

boy, PEOPLE are just so BLIND – you can’t tell that that is a “SWINGING – PETER” good LORD =  NZ NEEDS HELP too! Man it’s a good thing WE are here to help out !

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