Jim Stone Summarizes The Venezuela Fiasco… Russia Called The Deep State’s Bluff… Black Hats Fail Bigtime… – MARCH 27 2019

Jim Stone Summarizes The Venezuela Fiasco… Russia Called The Deep State’s Bluff… Black Hats Fail Bigtime…

Posted By: Watchman
Date: Wednesday, 27-Mar-2019 09:46:51

I have removed the Venezuela coverage and replaced it with this summary. To see the original coverage, change the 3 in the page name to a 4.
Everything in a paragraph that has been (for the most part) proven:

Russia delivered S-300 missile systems to Venezuela, along with 190 technical experts to get the system online. They did it QUICK, it went online today. In response to the missiles arriving, yesterday the U.S. hit Guri with a virus attack that knocked out 45 percent of Venezuela’s power. They got it back too quickly because they knew that ruse after the last time, so a follow up bombing was done on the Guri power station in conjunction with a probable second virus attack that knocked out 85 percent of power nationwide. A huge fire happened afterwards that wiped out a lot of the control circuits at Guri. One transformer was destroyed. The electricians at Guri worked OVERTIME replacing destroyed control wiring, bypassed the blown up transformer (possible because it was only at most a couple hundred megawatts) and as an obvious form of mockery, they must have bypassed a lot of safety protocols because they successfully switched the entire country back on in one whack. They went from lights out to full power in what appears to have been only a minute or less. That’s a risky thing to do, but I guess if everything is cold from not being used you can get away with literal electrical murder. It was one hell of a stunt to pull.

That’s the Venezuela side of the story, AND NOW:

It appears Venezuela is engaging in guerilla warfare in the U.S. because someone pulled the oil plugs out of the transformers in a large Ft Lauderdale substation and blew the whole thing up, with a spectacular subsequent fire that can only happen if the oil lights on fire HUGELY, which will only happen if someone pulls the plugs. The lightning story is B.S. – This treachery was first pulled by Guaido to blow up numerous substations in Venezuela, and since he’s backed by the U.S. obviously revenge was had. We’ll have to wait and see how much a “lack of maintenance” wreaks havoc on America’s grid over the next little while . . . . . . two can play this game, it would only take a team of 15 people a few weeks to wipe out America’s grid if they worked real hard. The U.S. should not have pulled the asymmetrical warfare crap because two can easily play this game, even if one of the two is little more than a highly committed small town social club.

Message to black ops: YOU WERE F*******************ING IDIOTS for showing them how it’s done. This may be common news in (sub saharan) Africa where people drain the oil to steal it, but civilized nations need to be shown that shit. GOOD JOB.

BOOM: The power outage was probably done because Maduro bought S-300’s from Russia,
These arrived on the 3 planes the U.S. just complained about, (including an AN-124 and an AN-125) along with 190 tech experts to put the system online. This will help curtail future U.S. attacks and it appears Maduro is now going full on to bust and flush Guaido. The power outage continues . . . . .

Venezuela just put it’s S-300’s online in the middle of this power outage
I don’t care what the U.S. and shadow state dreams up, Maduro is not a usurper, at least not in the same league as Guiado being a usurper. It is impossible for Guiado to be a legit “president” when 80 percent of Venezuelans did not even know who he was until the U.S. tried to put him in. That’s not “80 percent voted against him, ” it is 80 percent never even thought of voting for him because they never heard of him.

“There will be no continuation of electricity in Venezuela until Maduro is removed”. My comment: How could he be so sure of this after Maduro got the lights back on the last time? Obvious answer: He knows the U.S. is doing it, and now has enough strategic assets in place to ensure the power never comes back on. However, I believe I know what Venezuela needs to do to get it back on, so I gave a detailed synopsis of what needs to be done on this page. After I posted it, the site got glitchy. So someone is probably pissed. It is rumored that all the people that arrived from Russia recently are Russia’s top cyber security experts. So it is the U.S. against Russia now, in a cyber war on Venezuelan turf.

There is no doubt Guaido is behind this outage, and he’s claiming he is the solution to it! YEP. DUH. Not a good reason for Venezuelans to accept him.
Update: Did Venezuela get it’s lights back on so quickly because a message was sent, along with a blown up substation in Ft Lauderdale? That’s not too far fetched, and even if true, it won’t hit the history books.



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