Quan Yin: Giving Help to Everyone – May 11 2019


Quan Yin: Giving Help to Everyone

by EraOfLight

quan yin eraoflightdotcom

“Dear Hearts,

The Life Force is activating into and through all beings at this time, in a manor that is particularly accelerative and transformational for everyone. We are being accelerated continuously into new possibilities that transform the Earth. Everyone is accelerating continuously, in every experience. We enlighten each other in every experience.

Now, every portal is widening to accommodate this power. Each and every experience is an accelerative connection to Source. There is no portal that is not accelerating on this Earth. Every experience is accelerating; every experience is transforming into new creative possibilities. We support each other in these powers, and no one is outside of this. No one is going to be in hardship in these powers.

Locate the part of you that knows how to power up the Earth, and give enlightened support to this planet. Say yes to that. Notice your shifts. Notice your power structures. Notice the planetary experience you are creating if you decide to create magnificence. Notice that your powers are not establishing hardship if you decide to enlighten every person on this planet. Notice the grief that releases in these power structures. Notice your planet is needing your experience of support. And give help continuously, in all experiences. You know the portals, you know the power, you are creators. Celebrate this transformation. Amma.

Yes, celebration is in order at this time. New powers are experiencing themselves in everyone’s bodies; no one outside of this. You are creating your own magnificent support, in every experience. Transformation is accelerating in every experience. CELEBRATE EVERYONE!! Power up each other continuously!! Amma!”

» Source » Channel: Laura Lee Lizak

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