HEAD’S UP – Speaking of telecom giant “Huawei” = Mark Collins – Huawei’s Bigger Way in Canada [Nov 3, 2014] May 20 2019 & Tariffs and the U.S. blacklisting of telecom giant Huawei – BENJAMIN FULFORD

Mark Collins – Huawei’s Bigger Way in Canada

More major (insidious, inscrutable?) investment:

Chinese telecom giant to invest $210M in Ontario, creating 325 jobs

For Kathleen Wynne, who has been promoting Ontario in Shanghai, Nanjing, and Beijing since Sunday, Huawei’s investment is a huge boost at a time when the province is striving to attract high-technology jobs.

Andy Wong / AP

For Kathleen Wynne, who has been promoting Ontario in Shanghai, Nanjing, and Beijing since Sunday, Huawei’s investment is a huge boost at a time when the province is striving to attract high-technology jobs.

BEIJING—Premier Kathleen Wynne is concluding her trade mission to China with a bang after telecom giant Huawei announced it will invest $210 million to create 325 jobs in Ontario over the next five years.
The Chinese company currently has 550 employees in Canada — most in Markham and in the Ottawa suburb of Kanata — and wants to dramatically expand because its Ontario-based operations have been so successful.
Huawei Canada [website here] president Sean Yang said the province has been home to one of the massive firm’s 16 worldwide research and development centres since 2010.

Yang said the Ontario hub “has established itself as one of the global leaders in advanced communications technology, including 5G.”..

The Ontario government’s news release:

Premier’s China Trade Mission Helps Ontario Businesses Grow

Ontario Secures Almost $1 Billion in New Investments to Create More Than 1,800 Jobs

But keep in mind:

The company is seen as having ties to the Chinese government and has faced claims that its equipment could facilitate espionage, which it has repeatedly denied. It scaled back efforts to win business in the United States after a congressional committee said in 2012 that the company was a threat to national security and advised against installation of its gear in government computer systems.

Huawei has also encountered skepticism from the Canadian federal government, which reportedly blocked it from bidding on a contract for a government telecom and e-mail network in 2012 [see also: “Cyber Security: Canada to Crack Down on Huawei? Plus US Congress“]. Last year, before Ottawa eventually rejected a deal for Egyptian firm Accelero Capital Inc. to purchase MTS Inc.’s Allstream division on national security grounds, one of Accelero’s concessions was said to be that it not use Huawei equipment in the Allstream network.

However, Huawei has supplied equipment for BCE Inc. and Telus Corp.’s shared wireless network as well as for SaskTel and a number of smaller carriers and ICT companies and its handsets are sold by many Canadian wireless carriers…

Very relevant:

The Dragon’s Bytes, Canada Section

Huawei Targets Canada–Hoo-hah Needed?

Mark Collins, a prolific Ottawa blogger, is a Fellow at the Canadian Defence & Foreign Affairs Institute; he tweets @Mark3Ds



Battleships and war planes gather near Indonesia as U.S./China proxy war escalates

A full undeclared proxy war between China and the United States is now raging around the world and is only going to escalate.  Tariffs and the U.S. blacklisting of telecom giant Huawei was just an opening salvo in a war that could turn hot, multiple sources agree.  The Chinese have already told the Americans, “If you want to talk, the door is open;  if you want to fight, we will fight to the end.”


The biggest battlefield in this war is about to be Southeast Asia, according to White Dragon Society (WDS) sources in the region.  Chinese, American, and Australian warships as well as French fighter jets are now congregating around Indonesia in preparation for major battles when disputed presidential election results are announced on May 22nd, the sources say.

The incumbent President, Joko Widodo, is backed by China and is expected to win by 11%.  He will face mass demonstrations by students and Muslim activists complaining about vote fraud and supporting his anti-Chinese opponent Prabowo Subianto.

Prabowo is married to the daughter of long-term dictator Suharto and was also head of the Indonesian special forces.  Prabowo once warned Singapore founding father Lee Kuan Yew that “Chinese in Indonesia were at risk because in any trouble―riots―they would be hurt as a minority.”*  Already one pro-Chinese general has died from an engineered “monkey pox” virus brought in from Singapore, Asian secret society sources say.  The planned demonstrations “will be attacked with poison gas and bioweapons,” the sources say.

An engineered crash of the Indonesian rupiah and stock markets will further destabilize the Widodo regime, they say.  CIA sources in Southeast Asia agree, and say it might be a good time to temporarily evacuate funds from Indonesia.

The troubles brewing in Indonesia will coincide with a major anti-Chinese push in Laos and Thailand, the WDS source says.  The push in the region will also be against what are perceived to be “fraudulently elected Zionist lackeys,” according to CIA sources in the region.

It’s also a good guess that the “miracle” victory (defying exit polls) by Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison in a general election over his more pro-Chinese opponent Bill Shorten was “engineered” as part of this general anti-Chinese offensive.

The Chinese, for their part, are not planning to respond with half-measures.  Chinese military intelligence sources have previously told this writer that China has made contingency plans to occupy India, Korea, and Southeast Asia (minus Vietnam) within two months in the event of excess provocations by the Americans.

The airing of anti-American Korean war movies in China is a hint about what the Chinese plan.  For sure, something big is about to happen on the Korean Peninsula, confirm North Korean and Asian secret society sources.  A North Korean source who contacted this writer for the first time in many months says that North Korean strongman Kim Jong Un is …

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