I had to update this, as I was really tired when I first wrote it. I haven’t had a proper vacation in like 2o years and I need one more than most.

What exactly is a TWIN-FLAME ? And WHY is it IMPORTANT to me yet so rudely knocked by others. When I was created by the CREATOR[S] I was created with a divine COUNTERPART, the “other” half of my SOUL, they way I seem to understand it. MYSELF and MY TWIN-FLAME share the SAME SOUL which is WHY – I feel his emotions, his feelings in the DEPTHS of despair at times that he is NOT with me and I can FEEL and understand that longing when it is REFLECTED back to me when I am in despair. Although I FEEL as a WHOLE soul without him, I also feel this intense longing for him, which is WHY I have stayed single. I would just rather STAY SINGLE as I only want to be with him twin-flame like we were promised. To me why even bother wasting my time being with someone else when my heart and soul ONLY wants him. Though it has been lonely as hell waiting and waiting for him to finish off his 3Dimensional experiences and let go of his KARMIC partner ? So we can finally come back together which is the ultimate DIVINE goal. Apparently according to many, when the TWIN-FLAMES do finally come back together after their experiences away from each other the MYTH is that they will never be separated again and will be together throughout ETERNITY. Wonder if that will actually happen ?

I am sharing this and I usually like to keep my love life to myself but when others now know that I was QUEEN NEFERTITI, you might be looking for some explanations, even I am looking for them. Even though it was a past life I still need to know myself so I can put my mind at ease.

OTHERS seem to ENJOY talking about it, so why shouldn’t I stand-up and speak MY TRUTHS as much as I learned so far so I can share it too.

As beautiful and romantic as it sounds, TWIN-FLAMES, we were created as the LOVERS of the UNIVERSE and HEAVENS etc, and the theory is that even GOD can’t separate us because we were created by the “GODS.” I have always FELT that LOVE is the MOST PRECIOUS thing on the planet, yeah I know, I am sap but at least I am an honest one. I KNEW from the age of 16 even a little sooner, DEEP in my soul, that one of my GOALS in LIFE was to find “THE ONE.”My mother used to say to me that I was in LOVE with being in LOVE. As I have had such a determination to FIND HIM, no matter what but like all innocent souls, looked in all the wrong places etc. When you get older and have more experiences, it is like been there and done that – but where o where is my divine counterpart ? Are we supposed to KNOW and remember or are we just supposed to be SURPRISED by the UNIVERSE ? I FIND it rather unfair that others at least KNOW and I don’t. He is or he isn’t and I feel like this URGE to find him to continue on this MISSION. Even if I never find him at least I won’t be bitter about it because that is life, right. And I do forgive those those souls that never told when I wanted to find out. Good-luck everyone on your journeys, may we find the one we are meant to be with and may all us LONELY TWINS find healing.

I believe that I Did find him and then I lost him. “If you LOVE something LET IT GO and IF it comes back to you, it’s yours and IF it dosen’t it never was” Some quote I remembered from my late teen years. That had to become my philosophy after I met him and it didn’t work out as it seemed that either both of us didn’t appreciate each other and perhaps we both had to have more experiences so we appreciate in the future. If and when that happens, however I have never forgot him, dreamt about him and have zero desire to be with anyone else. That may sound weird or strange to other people, but no one ever lets ME DREAM like he did and I don’t think I will ever find anyone – like him. So for me it is pointless to even want anyone else. In his mind he may think different but I remained pure to him. Yes I am a PURE BEING, as in PURE DIVINE but let’s not confuse that being perfect as I am NOT saying that I am, it just that the PURE BEINGS need PROTECTION.

WE ALL NEED PROTECTION from these DARK FORCES of such evil. The EVIL ONES absolutely HATE LOVE AND therefore get off on CONFUSING US and coming in between these TWIN-FLAMES as they are called the “POWER COUPLES” Many say that WE WERE ALL PURE BEINGS before the DIVINE EXPERIMENT before these EVIL “SPACE PIRATES” and these planetary invaders came in and started to wipe us out. They DON’T want any TWIN-FLAMES getting together, we know it.

Now let’s talk about those RELATIONSHIPS that I have had that were with what I call “CONTROL FREAKS.” Who hasn’t experienced that by the time they are 50 ? I have always had a problem with those that want to “CONTROL ME,” I don’t do CONTROL FREAK and when someone comes across that way to me I will run or fight them off. LOVE is NOT about CONTROLLING one another as the CONTROLLER obviously has some insecurity issues to deal with. Why is it that men wanted to control me, that just makes me crazy, like get a hobby or something already find a need to control in a constructive way not demanding.

I have experienced those up and downs in relationships but with the one I thought was my TWIN-FLAME, we fought a lot. They say you fight the most with the one you LOVE, so there is some wisdom that might be helpful. Although I don’t see fighting within a couple as always negative. Sometimes people don’t understand each other so they fight. Fighting in a positive and constructive way can clear the airspace and friction between two people as it cleans the air. That is how I see fighting to CLEAR the AIR so you UNDERSTAND each other more. One might even call it a HEATED DISCUSSION but NOT the physical type of fighting, not into that. I would say the one that I THINK is my TWIN-FLAME, yes we scrapped a lot, cleared the air, kissed and made-up etc. But the biggest problem that I had with him was besides feeling like I was like # 20 on his list of importance was the fact that he always listened to everyone else’s opinions about our relationship, rather than his OWN HEART. TWIN-FLAMES balance each other when they are HAPPY. I am HAPPY without him, but I would be HAPPIER with him.

When he decided that he did NOT want to move in with me that is when everything went downhill. We had jealous people who got in between us and I sensed it and thought it may never get better. Some people got nothing better to do with their time but seem to be the gossip hounds in the neighborhood and I can’t stand listening or watching people sitting around and gossiping and it turns me off. If you cant find something good to say or see the GOOD in someone, then you might grow up to be one of those pessimistic people and that is an unhealthy way to be. I would rather do some crafts, invent something, paint a picture, anything than town gossip. I finally found someone that I thought loved me and that I could LOVE and it felt like everyone was jealous and just wanted to destroy it for me. Ego’s are horrible when it comes to LOVE.


This I would say is the hardest in one sense as I was mislead and tricked into thinking it was someone else ? Only a NEGATIVE being would do that to someone and it was done to me by those EVIL REPTILIANS, NOT THE benevolent ones. Why would the REPTILES [SEED OF CAIN] TRY to TRICK ME into believing that when I was NEFERTITI, my TWIN-FLAME was AKHENATEN was from the SEED of CAIN ? Obviously to TO CONFUSE ME FROM FINDING HIM and from TRYING to figure-it-out. WHY ? Because the TWIN-FLAMES are “POWER COUPLES” and they know that. Spiritual LESSONS and GROWTH is one thing but there is also EVIL at play to keep THE LOVERS apart. It is called a “LOVE-BITE” done by DEMONS or in my case the REPTILIANS on the dark side.

MAYBE HE is NOT MY TWIN-FLAME and I thought he was because I was NEFERTITI ? I just wish I KNEW the truth.

Or was I his TWIN-FLAME and was he a GOOD GUY? I need to KNOW because I am curious. Or could this whole TWIN-FLAME being down-played. I just wish I could figure it out exactly WHO he is/was and If he was my TWIN-FLAME. I want to KNOW so I can figure-out who my real twin is. If you were FEELING your twin you would want to know.

It is kind of like CUPID which is of THE LIGHT [remember the evil ones copy God with an evil version of everything GOD does, think POLARITY and DUALITY] except this is like an EVIL CUPID that brings the WRONG people together so you miss the one that GOD DESTINED YOU FOR, therefore keeping the two apart that are MEANT to be TOGETHER. What this does is BLIND the PERSON in love and makes them THINK that this “other” is right for them so you MISS the opportunity to come together as planned.

What usually happens is one “thinks” that THE GRASS is GREENER on the OTHER SIDE, so they are tempted to go there, only latter to find-out that it wasn’t GREENER and they were sideswiped and taken off course. Usually it will come across as extreme sexual attraction and that is what might have happened to my TWIN-FLAME ? Who knows, I guess time will tell with that one, he could have just given-up on me, yet I wait. And wait and wait and wait. Trying to figure-out who is my true actual TWIN-FLAME is.

HERE I AM connected by my SOUL to my TWIN-FLAME my other half and I have NO IDEA what happened to him or IF he is STILL ALIVE ? It just sucks NOT KNOWING “WHO” EXACTLY HE IS ? Or did the evil ones get to him. It could be someone that I haven’t even met yet and it could NOT even be from my EGYPTIAN PAST ? I wish I knew the truth.

Then I ask myself well WHY am I waiting for someone who doesn’t care about me or even know I exist anymore. What if he isn’t alive or is on the other side ? Does that mean that I have to go through the rest of my ascending life alone ? Not an easy thing to think about being alone forever is it. What if he decided that this whole TWIN-FLAME thing is bogus like some think? If it is BOGUS then why do I FEEL HIS ENERGY around me in me and through me ? I HOPE and I PRAY that maybe my TWIN will have MEMORIES of ME and can help me figure this all out.

What if he is NOT my TWIN-FLAME at all and I wasted all these years waiting for him, or what IF he NEVER COMES BACK ? Then what spend the rest of my IMMORTAL LIFE ALONE ? HOW does that WORK OUT ?

HOW was I tricked ?

Well for one thing the reptiles thought it was funny to clone OBAMA to make him look like PHAROAH AKHENATEN, when OBAMA – I FIGURED OUT IS A REPTILIAN, 4 years ago when I said “What the fuck is going-on America” WHEN I posted and shared info that OBAMA is A REPTILIAN CLONE. That is when the MILITARY brought in TRUMP to compete with him. The reptiles cloned Obama as 3 different races and made the comment that they thought it was funny ? REALLY = F U !!!

Image result for obama akhenaten

MY so-called egyptian LOVE STORY with AKENHENATEN is different that what I first researched. It seems that I was starting to ascend and as PHAROAH apparently is was common place to have MORE than one wife as disgusting as that is. So I was one of his WIVES, I guess NOT sure by choice or by force ? I started my ascension process and was wiped-out – murdered by THE REPTILIANS, SEED of CAIN SATAN etc.

APPARENTLY NOW after MORE RESEARCH, IT SEEMS that WE WERE BOTH “NEFERTITI and AKENHENATEN these PURE LIKE BEINGS and we were WIPED-OUT by the evil ones. THEN these dark REPTILIAN BEINGS – MAY HAVE CLONED US and PRETENDED TO BE US after ? Seems like with the TRUTH being upside down and TWISTED about our WORLD HISTORY. IN SATAN’S WORLD = EVIL is GOOD and GOOD is EVIL, that is how these dark PARASITIC BEINGS operate. They promote EVIL PEOPLE on TV and TELL the WORLD that they are GOOD when REALLY they are PURE EVIL and would take you out is they can.

 I am a DIVINE BEING, obviously NOT the SEED of CAIN. AS a matter of fact the SEED of CAIN [REPTILIANS] are the ones that KILLED ME in every lifetime. How do I know this ? I will share it. So for awhile I was looking for AKHENATEN and I finally found him and that helped me figure-out that he was the seed of CAIN on facebook, did I know ?

NO IDEA but I had to know more so I understand who my twin-flame is and who he isn’t. I found this out first and freaked-out and discussed it with God and it was like everyone was so QUICK to try to make me look bad. I don’t feel bad it was a past life and we THE CREATOR RACES were done wrong by the evil ones.

The FACEBOOK page that says AKHENATEN is the SEED OF CAIN is missing. I was going to post it but now I can’t find it and yes it was shocking. He posted it and he said that “HE was the seed of CAIN.” I NOTICED this about a month ago and it really LIKE SHOCKED ME.

AS YOU WILL FIND-OUT his “other wife” was a REPTILIAN. And I was NEFERTITI and started my ASCENSION PROCESS and they killed me ! My question is WHO is my TWIN-FLAME. IF NOT HIM. THIS WAS ONE OF MY PAST LIVES and the only one I have the last 5 minutes of REMEMBERING. TIME will TELL, I NEED to MEDITATE on this more?

A.U.R.A. RA Guardians 1,000’s of Entities Removed From Earth & People


Published on Mar 20, 2019

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NOW I have a TWIN-FLAME out there somewhere and we SHARE the same SOUL and I can’t STOP thinking about me EX, my ex either is my twin or NOT. That is all I have to say as it was very CONFUSING for me and I am pissed that I was I mislead and the NEFERTITI & AKHENATEN LOVE STORY was it really beautiful and then trashed by the REPTILES ?

DOES MY TWIN-FLAME LOVE STORY have a happy ending ? I have NO IDEA as he may NOT even be alive or he could be on the other side of 5D KIND of sad to be so mislead when I could have been with him. Say what you may but I am connected to him spiritually and always will be and if you want to knock it that is your call, I can’t as I was created with him and he has the other half of my heart. Maybe I’ll meet him in HEAVEN one day when I am on the other side of my ASCENSION ? Or maybe he is waiting on a MOTHER SHIP for me. TIME WILL TELL.

AT times I think it was my ex-boyfriend because he was the one that I was closest to in my 3D life. I am NOT trying to hurt anyone or upset anyone, that is NOT my intention. I can’t explain it, it’s like somehow I FEEL like he needs me too. It has been an extremely hard mission for me as sometimes, I just don’t know who I can trust and who I can’t.

NOTE: After I started my ASCENSION PROCESS in this LIFETIME that is when these BLACK OPS HELICOPTERS started to harass me. It got so bad that around 9 pm at night they would fly over me to intimidate me. I used to joke around with my ex that they were looking for him until I figured-out that these evil ones were after me because I started my ASCENSION PROCESS. I ended-up stressed fully moving in a hurry as a single mother with my two children as I bought a home up north without even looking at it, just to get away from these HELICOPTERS. 

It was a frightening experienced to be harrassed by these evil ones. Some say it is the “DEPARTMENT of ENERGY” that monitors anyone that starts their ASCENSION PROCESSES. So maybe check that one out. I think these evil ones TIME-TRAVEL to figure-out WHO will come against them in the future, which could explain why I have been financially targeted to barely get by and have shitty jobs the last 30 years. They MAKE SURE that US and the TRUTH-TELLERS are strapped financially so we have extreme problems trying to fight back I know they have been messing with my finances again blocking money.






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