The Divine Mother: It is All a Journey of Love

Print Friendly, PDF & Email×120.jpg 108w” sizes=”(max-width: 213px) 100vw, 213px” />I was surprised and delighted when the Divine Mother came through Linda Dillon on April 30, 2019 for the first half of my reading.

Her initial comments were on the importance of love and I post those here in their entirety.

The Divine Mother in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, April 30, 2019.

Sweet one, while you gaze about, thinking about this or that, wondering about this or that, thinking about what to write  about this or that… Go to your heart. Go to the love because this is the beginning, the middle, the end, the infinite eternal.

It has many names as do I. But it is all journey of love. It is the way of the humans and of this universe that I have created, that you have a tendency (correctly) to think in terms of beginning, middle, and end.

But you know, sweet one, that it is in and out of time, that it is infinite and eternal and that the illusion of this looking about is just that.

Now I am not saying I sent you, and all, to this planet, to this conception of journey to not feel that you are progressing because you are. But, beloved child, son of my heart; it is only about love, about the many expressions, about the many forms.

And truly of anchoring and being nothing but the love, in intellect, in wisdom, in sharing, in adventure, in relationship. It can only be when you continue to bring all adventures, all arguments, all explorations back to the love.

Then you are having the answers and, sweet child, you are sharing the answers that truly are the key to the return, to the re-amalgamation with All.

Never enter into doubt for all that will do – and of course it is a choice – is to make you drift further from me. Yes, it is an act of free will, a gift and a quality that I have instilled within each of you, not only the humans but far beyond.

Doubt is a choice to create further distance, further separation. And in that sense of separation it is inevitable, quite literally, that what occurs is that constructs of illusion creep in. You have chosen long, long ago with Me, with Annastara [my twin flame], with ME KI AL to be a communicator and an agent of change.

But you have chosen this because you’ve said to me, “Mother, what if they forget? I will remind them, I will communicate with them through words, through my passion, through my heart, through my knowing. I will communicate the love to them.”

This is your task and it is a task of change as this planet in this great chaos in flux, chooses, yes, by this wonderful instrument of free will, as they choose and as you choose, to simply be the love. It can have an infinite, literally infinite, number of expressions.

But, sweet child, the expressions are only of One so I repeat what I have said so many times. If it is not of love, if it does not build the love, if it does not expose the love, if it does not communicate the love, then turn away.

Choose the path to me, beloved one. I am here, I am there, and I am everywhere and with you every which way. So turn to me.

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