An Update on Sheldan Nidle’s Recovery ~ 6-10-19 Posted By: Mr.Ed

An Update on Sheldan Nidle’s Recovery ~ 6-10-19

Posted By: Mr.Ed [Send E-Mail]
Date: Monday, 10-Jun-2019 23:39:43

An Update on Sheldan Nidle’s Recovery ~ 6-10-19

We did what we could with the resources we had to employ as many natural healing supplements, techniques, visualizations, Light infusions, Tachyon chamber sessions, gifted healers, etc to heal Sheldan before time ran out and the alternative is an operation. Sheldan’s prostate problem is complicated and in order to avoid further distress to his urinary tract, an operation is in order. As you can imagine, this is not what Sheldan wanted. However, I’m so proud of him. He stayed steadfast in his desire/belief that he could heal himself with the help of so many friends.

Today we talked with Jared Rand. He told us his brother had the same situation and operation as is in Sheldan’s future. He assured us that sometimes allopathic medicine is the answer. It was for his brother. Interesting, when we talked with Scott Werner he told us that sometimes “God sends a surgeon“. This sentiment was echoed by Dr. Joseph McNamara. So yes, sometimes God sends a surgeon.

We are requesting that you send Sheldan healing energies for the next couple days along with visualizing him sailing through the procedure with ease and grace and that his quick healing/recovery process astounds and baffles the doctors.

We are told this is a “routine” procedure. We anticipate a complete healing. We thank you for your loving service. We know the power of our Galactic community is boundless.

A quick story. About 18 months ago, Sheldan went into the hospital for back surgery. Unfortunately, being an “opiate virgin”, Sheldan was severely affected by the anesthesia. After a few days in the hospital, he was still incoherent due to the effects of the medicine. Jared Rand conducted a large scale healing for Sheldan on one of his daily meditation calls. We didn’t know that he was doing this healing for Sheldan. Suddenly Sheldan started telling me and Andrea (our dearest friend) that he could see hundreds of faces coming in and they are all praying for me. He continued to bask in the Love that was being showered upon him. His face took on an angelic quality. He was so happy. Andrea and I were thrilled for him. Minutes later we received a phone call from a friend telling us about Jared’s healing request for Sheldan ~ 600,000 people sending Sheldan loving healing energies. I will never forget that moment. It was life altering.

Sheldan is scheduled for surgery around 7am Pacific time Tuesday, June 11. We thank you in advance for responding to our healing request. Sheldan and I love you all. ZaZuMa! Heartfelt gratitude. Thank you.

Selamat Ja!

PS While you are wielding your healing Light, send some my way…Thanks. Love, Colleen

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