Atmar: Live and Be Happy – PART 1 & 2 – JUNE 10 2019

Atmar: Live and Be Happy

by EraOfLight

aquarius eraoflightdotcomI am ATMAR!

Awareness of pure consciousness, light of light and love of love. Today is now, the past is now and the future is now – and it is the perspective or frequency that creates the illusion of yesterday, today or tomorrow. You do not have to keep this busy, because you have chosen and entered this life.

You have chosen as fully conscious gods, masters of light, who go into the dimly-lit world to experience a journey, an adventure in which you discover new facets of being.

During these travels you create light and light. Whatever it is, there is no guilt at the end of this journey. What is there, is an amazement of the experience and understanding what the journey is and what makes you yourselves.

So responsibility is defined at this level, not by gliding into guilt – which causes you to hang your head and drain your life energy.
There is no fault!

Be aware, Master: You are innocentfrom the beginning of time to the end of time. You are creator and responsible – yes – guilty – no!

This is said here for you to live a life of happiness. How can you be happy when you feel guilty at every step? It is an impossibility.

Therefore: Do not let anyone tell you that you have blamed yourself. Understand the karma correctly. Any being that does injustice to another being has the inner need to correct it at a certain point of consciousness.

It wants to live up to this responsibility. This is an entirely natural need and mastery appropriate – and so you go life for life on the journey to the Old to heal and learn new things. However you make a living, in the end self-responsibility remains your own creator – and in the end there is no guilt.

This is how the grace of God is created, which allows every being every possibility and every conceivable thing to be experienced.

How could it be otherwise, as you rise as a creator on a light-poor planet and there provides low-light acts. Why should you be guilty if it is the plan of God and your will to know this?

God’s grace is to accompany you on this earthly adventure and to reproach you no matter what you do.

Stay pure action and grow through experience. The more experiences you gain, the closer you get to the point of boredom, which means that you no longer want to participate in certain things.

If the boredom occurs, because you already know this or that, then you are best ways to enlightenment.

The more boring you are in this world, the closer you come to heaven – the seven heavens into which each of you returns and comes in at the end of time.

Let us now dedicate ourselves to the consciousness work and the healings that accompany it. It is the best preparation for the subsequent anchoring of cosmic columns of light. Because only a clear and focused consciousness can make its contribution to this process. Why? Because someone who is not focused can not put enough energy into it.
How is lasting happiness achieved?

There are three points that matter, if you want to live and be happy – and this “happiness” should be lasting:

Point 1: clear thoughts

Point 2: own feelings

Point 3: free and authentic action

Did you realize this, then you are bathing in quiet happiness.

To point one – the clear thought: How can you achieve this state?

Through regular physical and mental cleansing, that is, pay attention to what you eat, pay attention to who you surround yourself with, and in what environment you are. Gather up a lot of things that burden you and cloud your mind – you always realize thatthen choose meditation and transformation with the Masters of Light.

Do not postpone, never say “tomorrow” or “the day after tomorrow”. Get to the root of the problem as quickly as possible – and you will always be with you and stay in your right mind.

To point two – to express one’s own feelings, instead of living unrecognized foreign occupations: How can you reach this state?

Through regular physical and mental cleansing, this too presupposes that you are aware of what you eat, with which people you surround yourself and in what environment you are.

Expressing clear thoughts or expressing one’s own feelings is possible as soon as YOU are yourself and YOU remain yourself. On this sluggish level, that means dipping into your essence – inside yourself. Where are you blocked and what is blocking you?

Are you not behind it, then ask for help and it is given to you. This is the way! Do not push anything!

This is the path that leads you directly to point three: For on this ground free and authentic action becomes possible!

It takes the fruitlessness of it and it is only given when clear thoughts prevail and when you nurture your own feelings and express them uninfluenced by anything that weakens you.

Everybody knows where he stands! If not, then go into it, because without profound self-determination, nothing that moves you forward can begin.

Master, you are whole, you are perfect, you are what you are – and here and now your life can begin in happiness. Are you ready?

And here and now the following 20 cities are ready to receive the cosmic pillars of light, which save people from harm and bring them back to themselves, as explained here. The people are freed from the debris, can think clearly again, cherish their own feelings and fearlessly occur. Because:

Fear is the death that precedes death.

I hand over the scepter of luck to LADY VENUS KUMARA, the logo of this creation. We are all-one with ALL-THAT-IS.

[Concluded in Part 2 Tomorrow]

» Source » Channel: Jahn J Kassl


Atmar and Lady Venus Kumara: Live and Be Happy Part 2

by EraOfLight

aquarius eraoflightdotcom

Greetings, beloved,

Blessings on the world, blessings on your heads and grace of this world! I am in the middle of you. Let’s go ahead and do the work that needs to be done so that everything turns out well and happiness and joy reign in your hearts – so that you can be resurrected and see which light surrounds you and which light you are.

Choose one or more cities from the following 20 cities of the world to which you now feel a clear inner connection:

• Aachen (Germany)

• Astana (Kazakhstan)

• Bangkok (Thailand)

• Belgrade (Serbia)

• Damascus (Syria)

• Essen (Germany)

• Kathmandu (Nepal)

• Kinshasa (Democratic Republic of the Congo)

• Lahore (Pakistan)

• Ljubljana (Slovenia)

• Leipzig (Germany)

• Montevideo (Uruguay)

• Mumbai (India)

• Nice (France)

• Seville (Spain)

• Shanghai (People’s Republic of China)

• Shenzhen (People’s Republic of China)

• Sydney (Australia)

• Turin (Italy)

• Ufa (Russia)
Where does it move you – there you sit down! We start now with our work.

(continue from Message to >>> 1.World-wide anchoring of 14 light columns in 14 cities)

Listen to your inner promptings and let your omniscient soul lead you to the city of your heart …

Visualize that you are now in your chosen city …

Pause …
Anchoring the light column (s)


Then have the following:
I, (name your name here),
By virtue of my divine consciousness, that this cosmic pillar of light is anchored in (here the name of the city).

I have this indestructible and omniscient pillar of light above the earth, on earth and under the earth filling all life with light and enlightening all darkness – for the good of all life on earth.

ALL-WHAT-IS becomes visible on earth.
Through me flows the light of God and I bring it to the people.

I thank the Creation, I thank the Creator.


(Available end)

Feel and visualize now how a pillar of light rising up into the heavens and penetrating the earth is lowered to this city …

Now feel and visualize how the light from this column of light flows out of the globe in a funnel shape and flows into the globe.

Enjoy this sparkling energy and let the white-golden light of love absorb you completely …


Anchoring is now under way in all 20 cities and is completed within the next 3 hours.

(Rest in silence as this happens, dwell in silence, if this has already happened as you follow this message in your time.)


Mode of action of the light columns

These pillars of light – to give you an insight into the efficacy and the blessings that they mean – fulfill the following essential tasks:

The pillars of light supply all people in a radius of 1440 kilometers with spiritual light from the original source of all being and also act as a “transformational amplifier” for all people of this earth, no matter where they are.

However, anyone who is in the vicinity of 1440 kilometers is directly affected. This allows these people new and bright thoughts and causes the rapid healing of wounds suffered in all parts of their being.

The pillars of light anchor – “earth” – the people. This releases fears and makes people open to the vibration of awakening.
These pillars of light work on both a spiritual and a physical level as their light specifically strengthens and makes your human body healthy.
These columns of light are placed at energetic points of contact of the earth, which are of great importance for the liberation of humanity. The dark rulers of this matrix had “turned” the energy in these places, which had a negative impact on humanity.

Now the luminous fundamental vibration is restored, that is, these places are flooded by light and previously unknown truths penetrate to the public.

Those who fear the Light are thereby deprived of power and power, and those who greet the Light are given power and power.

These pillars of light act as watchmen! Entities that do not want to surrender to their own transformation or who remain committed to darkness can not pass these pillars of light.

This concerns above all the Archonten (1), which travel from the subtle astral realms to the earth, in order to provide itself here with sufficient energy.

By installing these columns of light, further entry gates of the cold race and their entrances to this earth are thin.
These pillars of light are omniscient and, if necessary, work far beyond the 1440 kilometer radius, acting above the earth and below the earth. Its ray is unlimited upwards and unlimited downwards and is activated omnisciently at given hour for given events or humans.

(End of the excerpt from the message of the 1st worldwide anchorage)

Your loved one,

the days of light have come. The truth prevails everywhere and the darkness becomes enlightened.

Familiarize this process, which is unique in the history of humanity, and look forward to everything that is to come.

A happy life is the result for anyone who really wants it.

I stay with you, I do not move from your side.
I am in your midst and I am with you as soon as you call me.

Please and it is given to you – ALL given!

I love you infinitely.

(End of anchoring and message by LADY VENUS KUMARA, continuation of Part 2 of the Embassy of ATMAR)

The pillars of light start their work and the effects are serious. Visible and invisible, people are brought back to themselves. The inner compass provides orientation and wrong and correct is recognized.


At the end of this transmission from the realms of light, I invite you to change your life until you are surrounded by happiness.

Awareness work means nothing more than to look at what is, you do not need to do more for happiness.

Because if you no longer deceive yourself, you can not be deceived, and if you love yourself, you will not lack love, no matter how you encounter the environment.
Find out what you want to experience

Reach the state of absolute innocence.

“To become like a child” means to develop clear thoughts, to express one’s own feelings and to set unmistakable actions.

He who corrects his errors, whose addiction to drama is satisfied, and who feels boredom in this world, is close to the truth and his mastery.

For whom the thirst for experience is extinguished and for those who are no longer hungry for earthly adventures, in which inner peace returns and there is silence – this is the harbinger of happiness.

Master, find out what you want to experience, live this completely and unconditionally – and without feeling guilty. This is the best and fastest way to happiness and to unity with God.

I am a man of men and a master of masters. I am pure divine consciousness, light of light and love of love.

I am what you are.


Part 1

Atmar and Lady Venus Kumara: Live and Be Happy Part 2

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