Game Theory, Expose It All, The World Is Watching, Enjoy The Show – Episode 1889b – JUNE 11 2019 – Hannity: Nadler has jumped the shark with John Dean

Now you know why some of the LIGHTWORKER’S don’t use cellphones.

Game Theory, Expose It All, The World Is Watching, Enjoy The Show – Episode 1889b


Published on Jun 10, 2019

Report date: 06.10.2019

The show is continuing and the patriots are allowing it, whey to expose all of these people, to show how they are still pursuing a witch hunt. Mueller was tracking people via cell site towers. Carter Page was an FBI and CIA informant, they weren’t really going after Page but using him to cover up their crimes of spying. New information shows that Comey already exonerated [HRC] before any evidence. Deal has been made with Mexico now the MSM is trying to say that it didn’t happen the way Trump said it happened. Pew research shows that the American believe that fake news is a bigger threat than climate change. The show continues, game theory being used to expose them all, timing is everything, the world is watching.

All source links to the report can be found on the site.

Report date: 06.10.2019

Trump is using the Fed to rework trade deals, leverage trade with tariffs, the Fed is helping him with all of this. Ask yourself a question why does the [CB] hate tariffs? Andrew Jackson explains why the [CB] is not for the people and why it is a mistake outsourcing the creation of money.

Hannity: Nadler has jumped the shark with John Dean


Darn still can’t find my favorite DONATO cartoon from the seventies, which was a NIXON packing-up his stuff in a box and someone with an out stretched hand holding tapes saying something like, Hey NIXON you forgot your tapes. I was like 13 years old, holy – what a MEMORY.

It is funny though that is the ONLY DONATO cartoon that I remember as a small child as I think I saw it in the NEWSPAPER my parents read, maybe it wasn’t DONATO ? but I swore that it was, oh well. Here is some older NIXON parody cartoons to enjoy, JOHN DEAN is WANTED !

Watergate Scandal - HomeClosing Exhibition: Herblock’s Presidents | National ...

Lot Detail - Nixon 2 ¼” Cartoon Cell “Dick’s Listening ...

Nixon Proud - Mike Keefe Political Cartoon, 12/21/2005

The Best and Historic Magazine Cover Designs

See the source image

Editorial Cartoons from the Seventies

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