MH370 and MH17 — Everything will be Revealed – 6/16/2019

MH370 and MH17 — Everything will be Revealed

By Rinus Verhagen

Dear Mahathir bin Mohamad Prime Minister of Malaysia,

On the occasion of the MH370 that was shot down in Ukraine, this plane can never be the MH17, the Netherlands has now announced that they will bring the perpetrators to justice.

PM Mark Rutte is ultimately responsible for the JIT study, which we Dutch know to have been a cover-up study so as not to reveal the truth.

Everything will be revealed. Here the hard facts.

The Netherlands has no legal laws, so it is not clear to me which laws they apply for the sake of this feint.

The research is of a level that the butcher inspects his own meat.

I cannot shake off the impression that the perpetrators of this act of war against Malaysia have done the research themselves and have kept the facts to themselves and have falsified them.

According to the description of the video recording, the dead would only be people with an Asian appearance, not people who came from Europe from Amsterdam.

The Bodies have no blood, which is special for a flight from Amsterdam, and also in a state of decomposition, the bodies must have been in a preservative for a long time.

Evidence has been deliberately tampered with, in order to erase traces that reveal the true facts.

I have seen the passenger lists of both flights, the list of the MH370 passengers corresponds to the find at the crash site.

The finding of 6 Children’s bodies matches the passenger list of the MH370.

The finding of Dutch passports among the victims of the MH370 is proof that an international crime was committed here to blame Russia for this Genocide.

The Black Boxes should never have been given to the Netherlands or England, because the latter would have proved that it concerned the MH370.

Dear Mahathir bin Mohamad Prime Minister of Malaysia, I would like to ask you to file an indictment against Mark Rutte and the other investigating countries for an act of war, genocide, forgery, and crime against humanity, which they commit in the name of the Dutch royal family.

The Netherlands no longer exists from 13 May 1940, and came under German rule on 18 May 1940. This form of government continued the former queen, who was no longer a queen according to the constitution in force at the time, on 5 May 1945 until today.

The former Netherlands still has a Hitler Cabinet that was introduced on 18 May 1940 by the German occupiers.

All treaties that have been entered into internationally in the name of the Netherlands are therefore not legally valid as of 5 May 1945. See:

So the EU is not legally valid, neither is the UN that was founded later, or the Lisbon Treaty for EU legislation, on behalf of the multinationals.

What is also striking is that the Dutch Fake royal family is connected to the Vatican through the population records of all Dutch people, but also the rest of the world’s population.

It turns out that by identity fraud with our birth certificate is being dealt with, this certificate is an insurance policy that is taken out on everyone, where the Vatican is the beneficiary.

The insurance expires when a death certificate of the person has been issued, then the Vatican receives about 10 Million for each deceased. Migration forecast of 2001 prepared by the CIA.

This means that the flight MH370 together with the flight MH17 raised over 5.5 Billion, of which I cannot say what other insurances have been paid out for the hardware of Malaysia airplanes or life insurances of the staff.

I cannot shake off the idea that a Satanic profit-driven crime has been committed by unscrupulous psychopaths.

The Deep State criminals lose their power by introducing the Gold Standard for the new money system.

The irony of the downfall of the old debt system is that it came about with its own worthless bonds, because if the rumors are true, then China has bought the shares of Deutsche Bank with the worthless government bonds of US Inc, and can now crash the Bank at any time, meaning that the Derivatives Bomb will put the hot central banking system out of action.

Dear Mahathir bin Mohamad, you now have the chance to bring out the fuse of the truth bomb about the MH370 and MH17, because the motive is the oil and gas rights that Dutch Shell has received in the Ukraine, by Genocide collecting the birth certificate money, by your action the trigger could be that this certificate has no value anymore, because this is also about Fiat money, that originated out of nothing.

Dear Mahathir bin Mohamad, with your wisdom, you have the honour of freeing the world’s people from a centuries-old agenda that has abused, suppressed and murdered the world’s people for the wealth of the Bankers and the Vatican.

In my opinion, the Vatican is not a contact with GOD, but with Satan, run by paedophiles and gays, child murdering Jesuits, with whom the Dutch government and fake King’s House is closely intertwined in the Eco (Chemtrails) and Genocide and the Drugs Trade and Trafficking in Human Beings against the world population, which has to be tried by a Military tribunal.

As this is an international crime, this trial could take place at Guantánamo Bay (GITMO).

We have without knowing or understanding maintained it by paying taxes.

Our paid taxes

The Vatican decides which wars will be fought to promote their agenda.

Each country was obliged to borrow money from the City of London, for which income tax was set.

The population was obliged to pay the loans with interest for these criminal war loans. (This tax obligation is not mentioned anywhere in the codes to my knowledge).

The corporate Washington DC, as well as the Nazi EU in Brussels, as well as the IRS (US inc. as offshore) tax authorities, are located outside their own country and are therefore illegal.

The Pope of Rome gained power over the monarchy with the signing of the treaty of 1213 between King John and Pope Innocentius III, which made England forever a vassal state of the Holy Roman Empire.

That is why all our tax revenues are channelled through the City of London to the Vatican, 67% of which goes to the Crown of England, 23% to the commission of 300. The shareholders of the Rothschild controlled the federal reserve bank and all other central banks.

The shareholders of the Rothschild controlled federal reserve bank and all other central banks, while 10% of the tax revenue goes to the tax inspectors and governments themselves so that they keep their mouths shut about these illegal transactions.

Since 1913, none of the income taxes collected by the tax authorities has gone to the government.

Governments are fully financed through black income sources, such as from drugs, people, organs and child trafficking and the off=budget accounding on the extensive annual financial report (CAFR).

The entire world population is therefore being held hostage by the Vatican Mafia in Rome, who are certainly not representatives of GOD, but SATAN.

I hope to have brought light where there was still darkness, because with this information the conspiracy against the world population comes to an end.

We were deliberately played off against each other by means of Religion, to kill each other, on which basis the Satanists collect their insurance money via the Vatican.

9/11, 3/11 and MH17/ MH370 have been inside jobs, for which Muslims have been blamed, now the attacks in the Gulf on oil tankers, B, to get the price of oil higher, B, to provoke a war similar to the incident of the Gulf of Tonkin which never took place, is topical.

We can stop this immediately by not following the people who just happened, but by prosecuting them for their crimes.

The 12 Portals Conspiracy.

How President Kennedy, together with President Sukarno, after 55 years still defeat the Deep State NWO, which countries and government leaders and heirs are involved in the liberation of humanity.

The desire for freedom and justice is now happening before our eyes, Globalism is in decline.

I come to the conviction that JFK jr closes the circle, a circle with a connection resembles a Q. through which JFK jr has taken all the time to write the PLAN with allies.

Starting from the solution, to the cause strategy, if you know the outcome and that your goal is, you work towards the goal, and calculate all possible obstructions.

The legitimate president of the UN, who is not recognized by the now unelected corrupt UN, has allies from the Philippines, the righteous anti-corruption president Rodrigo Duterte who chased Obama and his corrupt Deep State out of the country.

The CIA, as a secret organisation, toppling regimes to install a puppet government compliant to the central bankers and Wall Street had also provided for it on the GOLD and raw materials of the Philippines, with the population as an added bonus the damage would have been driven further into poverty.

One of Rodrigo Duterte’s predecessors was Ferdinand Marco, who turns out to have a son and has worked on the PLAN as heir behind the scenes.

There is evidence that ASM= Anthony Santiago Martin is TVM, ASM is the pseudonym of TVM, Tiburico Villamor Marcos, the son of Ferdinand Marcos.

The heir of President Sukarno, it appears the current King Sino (Indonesia) and legitimate President of the UN, received the TRANFER from Authority of King TVM (Philippines) over the bank accounts.

Neil Keenan A businessman with an Indiana Jones reputation has deprived the CABAL Deep State of the opportunity to steal the gold of all of Asia, becoming an ally in the alliance.

Because apart from the many deaths caused by 9/11, whatever the GOLDROUF of the century, because the borrowed Asian gold had to be sent back on 9/12 – 2001.

Neil Keenan was elected AMANAH by the Elders of Indonesia!

Neil was (as a surprise to him) elected to lead Indonesia by supervising the Amanah accounts and all other accounts and estates related to the Amanah in Indonesia.


As part of the Historical Legal Background, the truth that has been around since the last 2 decades and 30 years ago reveals itself.

An important and important event documented in a certification called the 12 Portals, announced the transfer of authority over the “Certification-ASBLP 0333902-2010”, in accordance with the Final Audit 2012 of 884 Global Banks Infinity Accounts, from H.M. Anthony Santiago Martin (ASM) to King Sino = Kholipatul Immam Mahdi Ratu Adil, King of Kings, Royal K.681 H.M. MR.A1.SINO.AS.S “2” .IR. ST. M1 (Royal K.681 M1), on 14 June 2010.

This was delivered within 14 days by diplomatic courier, as requested and to enable Royal K.681 M1 to deliver its intent and responsibility for the 7.6 billion people of the world accordingly.

The 12 Portals contains 12 world leaders’ signatures as follow:
H.E. Sec. Gen. Ban Ki-Moon, The United Nations
H.E. Pres. Robert Zoellick, The World Bank Group
H.E. Pres. Hisashi Owada, The International Court of Justice
H.E. Pres. Sang-Hyun Song, The International Criminal Court
H.E. Man. Dir. Dominique S. Kahn, The International Monetary Funds
H.E. Sec. Gen. Peter Dittus, The Bank for International Settlements
H.E. Vice Pres. Lars Thunell, The International Finance Corporation
H.E. Pres. Paul Vlaanderen, The Financial Action Task Force
H.M. Queen Elizabeth II, The British Royal Family
H.H. Pope Benedict XVI, The Vatican
H.E. Chairman Ben Bernanke, The US Federal Reserve Board
H.E. Sec. Timothy Geithner, The US Department of Treasury

Royal K.681 M1 has agreed and accepted the enormous task in fulfilling the 12 Portals request; All must be responsible, in accordance with the truth of Historical Legal Background that is unravelling naturally in God’s Will.

What did the expiry of the Federal Reserve Bank license on December 22, 2012 mean, through Swissindo the initiative was taken to finance GESARA for the whole world, to bring about world peace in this way and to replace the FIAT debt money system with GOLD covered value, to lift humanity out of poverty all over the world and to revive economy.

These 12 Portals, CABAL members have signed the agreement, but never had the plan to comply as far as I can judge it.

As this was an impediment to the promised agreement, the BRICS countries, as counterpart of the IMF, established the AIIB, and over the years almost all countries have agreed to this.

The IMF had excluded several countries from international banking and money transactions, which has ensured that the BRICS, AIIB do support trade with all countries.

That the current money system was coming to an end was clear, so a new system to replace the old IMF with SWIFT payments had to be put in place.

The FED owners have tried everything to hijack this system, and thus retain power, so we see the accelerated attempt by the CABAL to destabilize several continents by uprisings and migration wave.

This to postpone the introduction of GESARA and to hope that a Third World War will camouflage their NWO and the collapse of the CABAL money system, so as to remain in power, and kill 7 billion people.

However, now that the alliance is working with Trump and the American generals and patriots, the CABAL are being systematically dismantled and brought to justice for crimes against humanity.

The Alliance of various allies around the world have been preparing these plans for a very long time, with no chance of failure.

Eliminating the SWIFT payment system to the CIPS handling payment protocol has created the possibility to ban CABAL access, eliminate central banks and commercial banquet.

The 12 portal members had agreed to this without realizing that they were completely expelled from their power, probably due to a lack of intelligence.

The Fascist EU, UN, are therefore dead, by the exclusion of GOLD covered money system, the new system is always there for the world population and not for the murderous CABAL Satanists, of which many Western government leaders are members.

I am hopeful that the funds can no longer be postponed for long by the CCNR / RV, given that the funding of the US has ended on 14 February, that the African Union has its meeting today from 10 to 11 February 2019, and that Brexit will be called with no deal by the British Parliament before 14 February.

GESARA, Making funds available is not about being able to make money, but about being able to achieve our goal.

We humanity are the real capital because we can create.

We Are The 99% and will take down the 1%

Kind Regards,

Rinus Verhagen


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