Some updates – June 20/21 2019

Should be an INTERESTING weekend. Happy SOULSTICE humanity.

Patriot Intel Report 06 21 19


I remember hearing @ 3 years ago that that “DALI” was DIRTY !!!

Report date: 06.20.2019

The MSM has called out Biden, they want him to explain Ukraine. It is being reported that the FBI used fake docs to go after Manafort. Meadows calls out to Horowitz to investigate. The Dems are holding reparations hearings, we were warned that they were going to use this tactic. Keith Rainier was found guilty. The [DS] took the bait, they shot down a US drone. Trump sends a message to them, patriots turn.

Report date: 06.20.2019

Trump is now pushing the economic narrative, he is even calling out certain individuals in the MSM to pay attention to the economy. US China are going to begin trade talks very soon, both sides have agreed and the talks will begin prior to Trump and Xi meeting at the G20. The Fed has begun creating the narrative of why they will be cutting rates this summer, the plan moves forward. The [CB]s days are numbered, people around the world are connected the dots.

All source links to the report can be found on the site.

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