MH17 and the Lying Dutchman – 6/20/2019

MH17 and the Lying Dutchman

Faithful OpDis readers,

Today the Dutch government supported and adopted the JIT declaration to prosecute 4 suspected suspects of the MH17 disaster.

I would like to represent these suspects in order to get the truth out.

I have asked Russia to represent the case, and would like to ask a US lawyer to help support it.

This will very quickly expose the lies with political interests.

Because when the JIT talks about the MH17, where did it crash, certainly not at the place where the MH370 crashed according to the testimony 20 minutes after the disaster.

Dear representative of Russia.

I am so fed up with the lies, I want to represent, on behalf of the falsely accused, people from the MH17 who appear to be representing the MH370.

How do we deal with this?

I am so tired of demonising Russia that I can no longer bear it.

Benjamin Fulford downloaded the video I downloaded in 2016, which made it clear to me that this was about the MH370.

This raises so many questions that show trial against the falsely accused people can never last.

Read implementation my findings why I think this.

If I act as a representative with possibly an Attorney at Law I will open Pandora’s box.

Everyone ignores the facts.

From: Rinus Verhagen
Sent: 19 June 2019 19:29
Subject: Declaration of intent by the Public Prosecutor’s Office in case MH17
Severity: High

Dear sir, ma’am.

I would like to offer to represent the defence on behalf of one of the alleged perpetrators.

Rutte is lying as usual.

Facts are not mentioned at all, where the MH17 would have been deposited, at least not where the MH370 was found.

Van Harte thanks for the opportunity to share the truth about the MH17 – MH370 with you.

We eagerly await the lie report from the JIT.

and video directly 20 minutes after the disaster, the report of which can be found in the link below, addressed to the PM of Malaysia exposes everything painfully.

It follows that the Netherlands cannot start a lawsuit because of the lack of a legitimate law from 13 May 1940.

From May 18, 1940, the Netherlands is under German administration, the then introduced administration hierarchy continued Wilhelmina after May 5, 1945, even though she was no longer a queen according to the then valid constitution article 21.

Bellincat is paid by the Bilderberg government from The Hague.

It seems that the LUL story full of lies will not be told.

Do you think that Rutte and his fellow criminals are going to get away with this?

The Passenger list of the victims corresponds with the people of the MH370.

So how is it possible that Dutch passports are found among the Asian dead, with winter clothes for a summer flight?

In 20 minutes be in state of decomposition and no longer have blood in their bodies, and were soaked in preservative fluid.

Can Rutte explain where the people from flight MH17 have gone?

The whole funeral circus seems to be a great deception, can they explain this you think?

As the current money system is on the verge of collapse, due to the decline of the Deutsche Bank, which trades in birth certificates, the current debt money system will be replaced.

That makes it possible to eliminate the guilty parties.

Because all central banks will be eliminated as the FED and ECB.

The whole stock market will collapse, expropriating the bastards.

The Funds that will be released from the new money system will save the economy and make poverty disappear.

Dear Mahathir bin Mohamad Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Now, on 19 June, the Dutch government will make a statement about the intended false accusations to further demonise Russia.

This will only reinforce the doubt that exists, as the political and business interests of the Fake Royal Family are paramount.

I kindly ask you to officially charge the Netherlands, and to file a claim with seizure:

The Bank No. of the Dutch tax authorities: NL86 INGB 0002 4455 88

The Bank No CJIB Central Judicial Collection Office: NL84 INGB 0705 0051 78

The CAK Central Administration Office: NL82 ABNA 0535 7312 48

The Gold Stocks of the Netherlands.

To freeze all of Shell’s assets.

All assets of Akzo Nobel.

The Rabo Bank assets.

The SNS Bank assets.

ING bank balances.

The ABN Amro Bank.

Allow banks with a restriction of €200 per day for the population.

Nationale Nederlanden insurance assets. NL72 INGB 0000 1577 07

Nuon energy company IBAN NL42 INGB 0000 8279 35

Essent Energy company: NL32 ABNA 0242 2447 77

KPN telecom: NL26 INGB 0000 0497 01

VGZ care insurance: NL91 INGB 0003 0000 47.

Vatican Bank and countries that participated in the Genocide.

The budget that the Netherlands would receive and the accomplices countries from the world funds for GESARA.

All bank balances of the politicians and fake royal family.

You can submit this claim and request to the AIIB, so that the QFS blocks these accounts, in order to make GESARA possible for the population of the Netherlands.

And to overthrow the criminal Bilderberg regime.

If you are going to take these actions for the crime and sneaky declaration of war against Malaysia and Malaysia Airlines.

Just as long as the data of the black boxes are known and the Democracy in the Netherlands is restored.

We have enough currency holders who can keep the population out of poverty and provide municipalities with a budget until the legal proceedings have been completed.

If lies can start wars, the truth can bring peace.

Look special to the letter to Maxima.

By cutting off the sources of income of the Dutch fake government, they can no longer function and their position becomes untenable.

Kind Regards,

Rinus Verhagen

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