Twin Flame Ascension Symptoms!!! (Advanced)- that you dont know about!!! – June 22 2019

Twin Flame Ascension Symptoms!!! (Advanced)- that you dont know about!!!


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Published on Jun 21, 2019

You, and your Twin Flame will both experience advanced Ascension Symptoms. Much of this has to do with ABUSE. HOW does it affect your relationships!?? How can it affect your Sex Life and Love Life?? Sexual Abuse is particularly at fault here, but abuse which has been in the past, recent past yet cannot be carried in your BODY to the Future. You should focus on integrating your Higher parts of your SUBTLE bodies, only available since 2018. Join my online webinar to help you with Ascension Symptoms and especially past abusive situations: This is a TWO part , so join now and for part two ($40) If you cannot join Live, you can still register and I will send you the information, recordings. Discussion, Q & A, specific info on What To Do Use of supplements to help Lucid Meditation to Activate your High Heart Channels to bring love in to help you Join ! 🔥Twin Flame Advanced Ascension Symptoms Webinar Pt 1 – Saturday Evening $40… 🔥Twin Flame Advanced Ascension Symptoms Webinar Pt 1 – Sunday Morning $40… pose some questions to: 💫The Human Body in Transition $65… 🔥Causal Body Opening & Alignment Link… 🔥Twin Flame Spirit Chat Link… 20% off code EETL4J4N67 Try my eBook: Twin Flame Body series: Twin Flame Ascension, Sleep and Love –… Do you want to learn how to do this work? Make a difference, put your Love to “work” to help others? Introductory price of Twin Flame Body Practitioner Course, Module One part one: https://twin-flame-body-practitioner…. You also have the additional ability to earn and learn through becoming an Affiliate! find out how! HOW DO YOU KNOW? are you: ANgry and ticked off? Rib Cage is Constricted You Feel like you cannot catch a deep breath You really don’t have more energy for this You are tired of the running chasing game Head Buzzing, pressure, tension Hips tension People pushing your buttons Purchase Ascension products on my Shopify store, Hi! visit my website: My store: email me: Follow me on Instagram:… Follow me on Facebook… I love you all and you dont have to suffer! Have a WONDERFUL day! Warm Regards, Patricia McNeilly Blue Ray Rod and Staff Union
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