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I Could use some donations if you wish me to continue divine service !

Thank-you to all beautiful souls who find it in their heart to donate !

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[Note pic above is not me but almost looks like me, it’s called a meme]

GREETINGS LOVE BEINGS. Divine FINANCING soon on it’s way for your HUMANITARIAN PROJECTS ! KEEP the faith – it will get better !




HUMANITY is being lied to and brainwashed on a daily basis, wake-up !

Why Sinclair’s ‘false news‘ script sounds so familiar

FLYNN -We Have an Army of Digital Soldiers

Published on Oct 29, 2018


I WAS CHOSEN by the ALL THAT IS to “SAVE THE CHILDREN” and to bring ABSOLUTE divine JUSTICE to an unjust world. THOSE that have come against ME with negative intentions, DEATH ATTEMPTS and evil STRAGEDIES to REMOVE ME or STOP ME impeding any PROGRESS that I need, I will have ARRESTED and for good reasons – if needed to !

I am here working with “THE LIGHT TEAMS” and other individuals KNOWN and unknown. We are the “YOUR FAMILY of LIGHT” here on SACRED missions. WE each do our part of the whole so it comes to completion as this old cycle winds down, our NEW ONE STARTS.

THE MILITARY on EARTH is working with OUR GALACTIC FAMILIES and have and will contribute immensely for WORLD FREEDOM. THEY are also to be RESPECTED as THEY ARE in divine service acting on HEAVEN’S AUTHORITY – to help BRING ABOUT this JUSTICE as well.


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I passed divine permission over to certain EARTH MILITARIES and it is up to our EARTH MILITARIES – now as it is in their hands to do as required to bring about FREEDOM to ring in THE AQUARIAN AGES and then the “The GOLDEN AGES” etc. I am an DIVINE being of THE LIGHT who is also a BENEVOLENTHIGH PRIESTESS” of THE LIGHT.

I AM A GALACTIC EMISSARY of LIGHT – here on mission. That needs to be RESPECTED as I have the DIVINE POWER and THE DIVINE AUTHORITY to remove people if needed WHO get in the way of my teams mission of bringing FREEDOM to all souls on this PLANET. PEOPLE have to RESPECT ME and ALL PEOPLE have to RESPECT the 144,000 here as well on mission.

WE are your HEAVEN FAMILIES as well.

It is best to STAND DOWN and LET 144,000 of HEAVEN’S the real CHOSEN ONES do what WE came here for or you might EXPERIENCE EXTREME OPPOSITION from ALL the billions of GALACTIC BEINGS here as well.

REMINDER: To those that DON’T know, I am NOT HERE to JUDGE HUMANKIND – just those SATANIC PLANETARY INVADERS who invaded our PLANET and disturbed the divine EXPERIMENT eons ago

Humanity – you will JUDGE yourself with your GUIDES when you have your LIFE review. You will sit down with them when your time comes.

May HEAVEN – trail-blaze a protected path for you ALL and bless each footstep you walk on this planet to bring ultimate FREEDOM and JUSTICE for all beings on Earth.







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