“Cannibal Club!” by MenoReno – 6.29.19

Now you know other reasons for arresting the perverted ELITES [cabal]


“Cannibal Club?” by MenoReno – 6.29.19

Entry Submitted by MenoReno at 6:31 AM EDT on June 29, 2019

“You can eat anyone you want at the Cannibal Club Restaurant.” (Sung to the music of Alice’s Restaurant)

I must say, I never heard this story before I saw it posted here by, well, you know who. Anyway, I checked it out, and found what I expected to.

The claim is that Kate Perry, Merryl Streep, and Chelsea Clinton have all eaten human flesh at the Cannibal Club restaurant in LA. This is the claim made at the cannibalclub.org website,which apparently has been around since 2009. An interesting point is, that back then, Chelsea Clinton was a well known vegan at the time, having convinced her father to stop eating meat after he left office.

Anyway, the website has stock footage of of the three. Even the photo of the chef was a stock photo taken from an auto insurance website. For more on this shocking report, check this out and make up your own mind as to whether it is credible or not.




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