American & Canadian & English updates – July 16 2019

ICE Protesters COME CLEAN About Their Hate for America | Ep 405

Jon Miller

Published on Jul 15, 2019

Recently, the current leftist trend is to hate America for not allowing it to become a doormat for illegal immigrants. Antifa mourns the loss of its member who attempted to firebomb ICE facility in Tacoma. Meanwhile, protesters at another ICE facility replaced the American flag with a Mexican flag. At least they’re now being honest that it’s not just about letting in people who love America. Later, Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, and Ayanna Pressley are at fault for encouraging illegal immigrants to cross the U.S. border, as if our borders are irrelevant. But they’d rather focus on Trump’s Twitter account than working to fix our border crisis.

Patriot Intel Report 07 16 19


Published on Jul 16, 2019

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Premiered Jul 15, 2019

Watch this EXCLUSIVE special full episode of America with Eric Bolling! British commentator Katie Hopkins interviewed citizen journalist & activist Tommy Robinson right before he got sentenced to prison. Tommy warns America: The same “dark forces” at play in American politics are mirrored in Britain, so hold onto your freedoms while you can, because the Democrats will continue to chip away at them.

Globalists Plan Shutdown, Trump-Fed Using Antiquated Policies, Boom – Episode 1917a

Report date: 07.15.2019

China is ready to deal with the US on the trade deals, Trump is in position to get what he wants, most likely this will drag on until next year, part of the plan. In the meantime business are moving out of China and some are coming back to the US. The other [CB] are coming the the Feds rescue by saying they are doing a great job, this narrative will fail when the system collapses and its blamed on the Fed. Trump says the Fed’s policies are antiquated.

The Great Awakening Has Started, [SA], [Epstein] Access Closed, Boom – Episode 1917b

Report date: 07.15.2019

The MSM and politicians have attacked Trump in regards to his tweets. Nancy Pelosi is creating a resolution to stop Trump. Trump and his administration create new asylum laws, the flow of migrants will come to a trickle. Iran says ready to talk, US is not. Q drops more bread, Epstein access closed, make the connections, Federal charges against Smollett are coming, The Great Awakening.

SPOOKY FlRES & QUAKES On Little St. James lsland


EXCLUSIVE: Epstein victim’s mother talks about first time learning of her daughter’s abuse

59,029 view

Miami Herald

Published on Jul 12, 2019

Michelle Licata was the first victim of Jeffrey Epstein interviewed by Miami Herald journalist Julie K. Brown in her family’s restaurant near Nashville on Dec. 11, 2017. Licata’s mother spoke as well about first learning of her daughter’s abuse. Video by Emily Michot/Miami Herald Read more:… More from The Miami Herald: Subscribe: Twitter: Facebook: Website: Digital news subscription:

‘’Q’’ is BACK! Epstein Indictment signals The End for The Swamp! Panic in DC !

Billy Joyce

Published on Jul 11, 2019

CANADA’S RED PILL – July 10th 2019 – It looks like #QAnon has returned publicly and intends on keeping it that way, at least for the time being. The arrest of Jeffrey #Epstein on #Child #Trafficking charges will probably bring down a lot of powerful people, both #Celebrity and #Politician alike. From #Bill and #Hillary #Clinton , to #Prince #Andrew , and many more, we may see some pretty #BigFish hauled from the #DeepState pond. #TimeStamps below IF YOU’D LIKE TO SUPPORT MY WORK !

China bans Canadian food, steals secrets — why won’t Trudeau fight back? | Ezra Levant

Rebel Media

Published on Jul 16, 2019 On last night’s episode of The Ezra Levant Show, we went over Canada’s deteriorating relationship with China as the Asian country bans imports of our foods. ►***NEW*** BUY Rebel Media gear – ►SUPPORT our independent journalism – ►LISTEN to our FREE podcast – ►MEMBERSHIP – Become a Premium Content subscriber –

Why Chrystia Freeland “should be careful with the phrase ‘white supremacy’” | Sheila Gunn Reid


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(Thanks, j. 🙂

Reader j. writes and sends us:


In this 3rd interview with Mr. C. Cottrell he explains further how this “Gold Treaty” came about over the years. It originally started out as a list of 20 claimants through INTERPOL who has been investigating all these fraudulent crimes/claims perpetrated by top politicians and criminals of the various cabal such as the Clinton’s and Bush clan for many years.

Among the claimants were Native land claims, Black Farmer claims, Fines and Penalty claims, CKMK & CKMX gov. run scam claims, Cottrell’s Securities business claims etc.

Because these 20 odd claims were so vast in scope and criminal fraud and couldn’t be paid out under the current criminal banking system, they were placed under a Basel 3 reparations list which became what is now coined as the Gold Treaty”.

These payments cannot be implemented until the criminal cabal and politicians start getting arrested to ensure they cannot re-establish themselves by stealing those gold backed dollars of repayment to the claimants.

And that also needs to coincide with President Trump stepping down (resigning), as the CEO of the bankrupt US Corporation and implementing the US Republic.

Here is the audio interview with Mr. Cottrell explaining all of this and more.

Coffee with MarkZ


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