Steve Beckow w/ AA Michael: Sharp Learning Curve with Sudden Wealth – 7/16/2019

Steve Beckow w/ AA Michael: Sharp Learning Curve with Sudden Wealth

Archangel Michael: Sharp Learning Curve with Sudden Wealth

July 16, 2019
By Steve Beckow

After the Reval, when funds arrive, I’ll be starting off with a Canadian UBI – in Canada, to get our feet wet. “Getting some wins under our belts,” Michael called it, before going to other parts of the world.

In discussing it, Michael predicted that we’d find ourselves on a sharp learning curve as a world in the face of what would amount to, in many places, the onset of sudden wealth.

Archangel Michael: [In doing a UBI for Canada] you are blessing people and you are giving what we would call emergency relief – but that does not mean that there isn’t a learning curve for many and it does not matter whether it is Canada or Somalia. There is a learning curve.

Now many are more than adequate financial managers but many are not. Now we are not suggesting that you would even wish or dream of controlling such a gift, but think of it in this way.

For the ones who consider themselves to be – and they may well be – brilliant financial managers, they may take that money and simply invest it in their stock portfolio. Now that is neither good nor bad but it doesn’t make it active money, if you know what we mean. So there is that issue. But you cannot control that.

But then there is the other end of the spectrum and everything in between, where someone just takes the money and wastes it. So they do not have a cushion or a roof over their head and they go out and buy a Mercedes-Benz. Now you can’t control that either.

This is not about control. This is a spectrum which we are talking about here. People are learning about a new system, a new balance and so you have to meet them where they are living.

So there is a huge educational process or aspect.

And we are not suggesting this [educational aspect] is your project because it is not. It is another being’s job to teach people the stewardship, the management of resources.

There is an assumption that human beings know how to manage and that is simply not true.

Let me know where the courses are offered. For sure I’ll need them.

Source: Golden Age of Gaia

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