U.S.A. – Chip Roy: Democrats Don’t Give a Damn About Migrant Children, Except as Political Props = SAME as TRUDEAU – it’s just for voting purposes & CANADA and USA UPDATES – JULY 19 2019

Just a quick weekly wrap-up of info recording this for HEAVEN etc.

And I added some older information for the NEWBIES out there !

CAN we get a CONFIRMATION that the evil “UN ARMY” is NOW under the BENEVOLENT CONTROL of HEAVEN’S EARTH ALLIANCE that was mentioned to us all – LAST WEEK, PLEASE and THANK-YOU !




SAME as the LIBERALS in CANADA – they don’t even gave a damn about the REAL CANADIAN CITIZENS who BUILT this COUNTRY UP either ! It’s ALL about USING and ABUSING the VOTER systems to sway votes !

GIVING immigrants between 30 to 40,000 a year well WELFARE only pays 700 dollars a month to REAL CANADIAN CITIZENS and we have over 300,000 homeless CANADIANS as it is that are practically starving, but just OPEN those doors to CANADA TRUDEAU and invite MORE ISIS CRIMINALS her to push SHARIA LAWS and other STUPID “FALSE FLAGS” shootings for GUN GRABS off the CANADIANS, because TRUDEAU is afraid the PATRIOTS will come after him since our CANADIAN MILITARY ain’t doing – SHIT to STOP – TRUDEAU because TRUDEAU LIES to our MILITARY and puts TERRORISTS in charge and MILLIONS of awake and aware CANADIANS KNOW you are PURE EVIL

What they DO care about is to STAY in CONTROL of others and that BIG FAT PAYCHECK and ways to STEAL MONEY from others using their POSITIONS of POWER and INFLUENCE to MANIPULATE HUMANITY for MONEY. FOLLOW the MONEY – just about SAYS it all Humanity !

PELOSI needs a round room & new ORANGE JUMPSUIT – ORANGE is the NEW BLACK. That means that “BEINGS” who “LACK LOVE” and HEART have a BLACK  or HARDENED HEART or are SOUL-LESS and have ZERO COMPASSION for others, it’s ALL a SHOW. When I said that “ORANGE is the NEW BLACK” it meant a few different things but it is also from a FASHION point-of-view = meaning orange “GITMO” suits  for the LYING and SOUL-LESS DARK HEARTS who are PURE EVIL !


The PROBLEM is they have KILLED MORE CHRISTIANS than Muslims TRUDEAU invites ISIS TERRORISTS to CANADA and REPTILIANS these NON-HUMANS into CANADA to push SHARIA LAWS because he wants to come after THE CHRISTIANS to KILL them all off in CANADA. TRUDEAU uses IMMIGRATION to sneak in EVIL ONES he LIKES !

Chip Roy: Democrats Don’t Give a Damn About Migrant Children, Except as Political Props


Breitbart News

Published on Jul 18, 2019

On Thursday, Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) told Acting DHS Secretary Kevin McAleenan, during a hearing on the Border Crisis with McAleenan, that the reason why Democrats are not bringing “solutions” for a vote to solve the humanitarian and security crisis at the border is because Democratsdon’t give a damn about national security or the migrants coming here, and they prefer to use children as political props.”

Report date: 07.18.2019

The resolution to impeach Trump has been voted down. [DS] players are panicking. Ross and Barr are held in contempt by the house, which means absolutely nothing, this is a political stunt. Trump went ahead and said it, boom. Timing is everything, the patriots are waiting for the right moment to make their move, they are waiting for the [DS] to play their hand. [BC] and [HRC] have been monitoring [JE]. Q drops more bread, more proofs, sheep no more.

Report date: 07.18.2019

Boris Johnson has the no-deal deadline on Oct 31, Parliament is out of session at this time, the EU countered Johnson by have those in Parliament create an amendment to block this. Foreign purchases of homes have imploded. Mnuchin says he and Pelosi have worked out a budget for the next two years. To be economically free Trump and the patriots need to shutdown the [CB] and remove the power of the reserve currency

National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd says there was another Mexican military incursion into the U.S.




Ain’t going to BE ANY MONEY left in CANADA the LONGER TRUDEAU stays in POWER the more CANADA is the “CASH-COW” money pot of THEFT for the REPTILIAN CHILD-SACRIFICING DEMONIC CABAL !

QUEEN E signed everything over to MR. TRUMP and right after I put out an INTERNATIONAL ARREST WARRANT on HER as it is needed!

They STEAL our MONEY and OUR LANDS already. They STOLE my MONEY and MY HOME ILLEGALLY and the DRACONIAN REPTILE QUEEN ELIZARDBETHNO LONGER runs anything – SHE LOST EVERYTHING as per HER CRIMES and INTERNATIONAL ARREST WARRANT put out by MYSELF and she has be TRIED at the I.C.C.S. TRIBUNAL. SHE already signed everything over to MR. TRUMP !

CANADA will become a SOVEREIGN COUNTRY without evil RULE !

FOR – new people coming to this site, this information is proven TRUE !


Published on May 10, 2016

President Putin Claims Queen Elizabeth Is A Reptilian and Shape-Shifted Infront of Him Article http://yournewswire.com/president-put…

Police launch a murder investigation after a woman’s body was found on Queen Elizabeth II’s estate in Sandringham.


The royals are responsible for whatever happened to that woman. They probably murdered & ate her.

She’s a cannibal

She’s a damn cannibal. There was a young girl that was filmed by news crews a while back where she yells out the queen and other royal members ate people and controlled a lot! That young girl was taken away and was supposedly in a mental institute, but no official record of where she was could be found! These people are fucking sick!

Wow. A satanic ritual gone awry? They got SLOPPY with this one.

it was for sure the royals there satanic and evil.

I wouldn’t doubt if the queen had her hand in this.


But TRUDEAU who is a CUBAN [FOREIGN] hidden – offspring of FIDEL CASTRO. He isn’t EVEN HUMAN either and the LONGER CANADA waits and sits on their ASS the MORE this PEDO-GATE MORON STEALS and GIVES away HUMANITY’S TAX-PAYER DOLLARS to known criminal TERRORIST organizations CANADA will NOT last until the NEXT ELECTION, and we KNOW that ! Of COURSE TRUDEAU won’t admit to OUR MILITARY that HE is a CRIMINALNOR will he ADMIT that he weakend our own MILITARY either using Chinese equip & spy ware.

Reptilian Canadian Prime Minister

Kenneth Akin

Published on Jun 3, 2018

The reptilian are in power and we where Genetically engineered to be their slaves.


IF they want to SEIZE private LAND go for TRUDEAU’S ISLAND and LAND first since he should have been ARRESTED – LAST YEAR for God sakes ! Offer up your own 100 year TRUST and LAND there TURDEAU !

They CLONED TRUDEAU in 2015 and one of his CLONES was already ARRESTED that TRIED to attack TRUMP in the AIRFORCE one jet [something like that] Like CLONE number 4 of JUSTIN TRUDEAU

Well thank GOD for “NORAD” and the recent “TRIAD AGREEMENT !”

Published on Jul 18, 2019

Agenda 21/30 wants to seize private land in order to save the world. Just last week it was announced that private and public lands need to be made wilderness areas to save the planet. https://cpaws.org/wp-content/uploads/… ,

Justin Trudeau: Promoting Pedophilia + Trudeau Foundation using Pedophile Symbol

De Bean

Published on Apr 19, 2018

Canadian top UN adviser and pedophile, Peter John Dalglish, was recently arrested in Nepal, under the oversight of CIA Director Mike Pompeo. Dalglish is alleged to have posted a snuff video involving Hillary Clinton, her top aide, Huma Abadin, and a young girl. Dalglish allegedly posted the video in a desperate effort to blackmail the deep state into preventing his capture by CIA officials loyal to President Trump. He is one of several high-level officials (that we know of) who are pedophile associates of Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau.

There’s pizza, sex and all sorts of fun things…



Tom Quiggin! The Truth is That Your Government is Lying to You! – From the expert on terrorism!

Artur Pawlowski TV

Premiered Jul 8, 2019


Though I would LIKE a CONFIRMATION that that EVIL UN ARMY has come under CONTROL of the EARTH ALLIANCE that was mentioned last week. WE ALL KNOW how EVIL the UN and the EU is/was – right !





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