X22 REPORTS – AUGUST 01 2019

Report date: 07.31.2019

Judge dismisses motion to stop the special prosecutor in the Smollett case. Cummings has not seen the border and would not attend the HUD facility in Baltimore. Feinstein lashes out at Radcliffe, panic sets in. JW uncovers information that the FBI raided his place and collected the memo’s and two were missing. Q drops more bread, warning for 24hrs, information is about to be dumped and the [DS] might try to clog the news cycle to change the narrative.

Report date: 07.31.2019
The BLS has just reported that the economy is doing better than ever, unemployment all time lows, stock market up, GDP numbers looking good, wages are rising, Trump has control over the economic narrative. Trump reminds us all that if he didn’t win the election we would not have such a great economy. White House China talks going well, China says they will important more agricultural products. The Fed did exactly what we thought they would do, they cut rates. The MSM and the [CB] are trying to get ahead of why we don’t need the Fed, classic projection.

All source links to the report can be found on the x22report.com site.

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