Now there’s – google analytic key words that the CABAL won’t be looking for !

Red Pill News – Trap Set, Deep State Took The Bait



Published on Aug 8, 2019

Protect your life savings with a Gold IRA! Click Here! Jim Watkins speaks out and tells the truth! DNC lawsuit dismissed because it was fake! Newly uncovered texts PROVE Strzok meeting in London and Trump supports clean up Baltimore when Elijah Cummings can’t. New RedPill78 Merch Store:


The climate in the United States due to the main stream media and very dangerous Democrats rhetoric, is getting very dangerous. They all point the finger at POTUS45 but it is them who are the ones spreading the dangerous talk. Is HSBC sending loans over to China to prop up their money? It’s looking like China is a big house of cards that is about to come tumbling down, more information about Ilhan Omar and their attempt to discredit the person who is blowing the whistle on them, also it appears that she is now dating her or strategist as he had left his wife, and she had left her husband, or one of her husband’s?

X22 Report — Episode 1938: Economic Control, Deep State Fell Right into the Trap

Image courtesy of @X22Report on Twitter.

The Economic Control Is Unbelievable, Bet You Didn’t See This Happening – Episode 1938a

Dark To Light, Prepared, Strong, Ready, [DS] Fell Right Into The Trap – Episode 1938b

By X22Report
Published on Aug 8, 2019

The economy is now completely controlled by the patriots. Trump has begun by showing there is now a disconnect between the everyday person and the [CB]. The people of the US in the end will understand what the [CB] is truly about and what their agenda really is. The world is following the path of the patriots, the economic push for control is moving forward.

The [DS] is in a deep panic, the patriots have trapped them into this path. Trump supporters went to Baltimore to help clean up the garbage, the MSM spun the story. The [DS] tactics are coming back to bite them. Congress deadlocked on gun control legislation, according to plan. Troops ready to be removed from Syria. Iran wants to make a deal, but the [DS] continues to push them other way. Dark to light, the plan is working, systems hardened, the [DS] is exposing themselves, everything has been planned from the beginning.

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