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Aluna Ash- 9D

Published on Aug 10, 2019

#theEvent #CosmicRays #SolarLogos Thank you guys for your support! I’ll be going Live on Patreon at 4pm EST Paypal: Full Moon Portal- opens between August 11th/12th. Full Moon is on August 15th A new wave is coming in to the planetary field now. Astroids bring similar energy to the Solar waves coming through the Sun stargate. And an astroid is stirring up the astral currents right now. The more we are activating the Monad consciousness & becoming the fully integrated multi dimensional galactic human/galactic avatar- the more the solar & planetary grid link/weave together. We collapse collective timelines into one field through our individual work. This also activates the 13th Gate through the 12D Chakra system. I was also getting insight on a 33 chakra system past the 13th gate… but not sure how to explain that yet. All I know is this giant Merkaba, Tree of Life, with Rotating Spheres around me is the etheric overlay connection to the Monad & Solar Logos. We all have this. This is a stargate system & connects to the grid & gateways. I started connecting with the Solar Logos more consciously after the Overlay activation. But as soon as I made it my full intention to serve others, guidance/support opened up. So even if you are unsure of the next step, living from the heart, with pure intent to serve others.. will anchor your highest timelime/potential. Our connection to our galactic family/ancestors & other dimensional selves beyond this plane are assistimg so much right now. More support comes in when the etheric thread connected from the heart & higher heart to the Monad & Solar Logos is activated. Working from the Heart develops this connection. When this field is fully active, it doesn’t matter what’s going on around you.. you are protected. Synchronicities will pick up, even more. Beyond number. What you think about- can show up through others rapidly right now… it doesnt mean that is manifesting, it means you need to be aware of your focus & what thoughtforms you are feeding. The base frequency of the planetary field is increasing. ☺ Please share your experiences & downloads/wisdom for others if you feel guided. ***Where I got cut off or the audio skipped at around 3minutes, i was speaking about things manifesting rapidly & synchs of where your attention is through others. So we can use this as a tool to stay in conscious alignment each moment. Synchronicities will be going way beyond number patterns but are ALL linked to number & geometry. All people, places, things, experiences are connected to number/geometry. You may start seeing the subliminal codes from your higher self showing up through projection. This can by number patterns on clocks, plates, battery, etc.. or through visuals of patterns/light/geomtry telepathically. They also come in through clairaudient downloads. **My first activation took place at 8 years old, then a series in my early 20s. But it wasnt until my 33rd birthday in April that I have been able to access planetary stargates connected to the planetary logos & the Solar Logos Grid Points through the full Monad integration. This can happen at different times, im just sharing my own experiences. Some have had this experience earlier in life, some later. It doesn’t mean this is the case for everyone, just information I recieved on why I had the Tree Of Life/Etheric Monad Overlay activate when it did & why I’ve been going through so many changes/shifts w my body & perception. Everything lines up a specific points in geometry & mathematics for each of us to experience what is chosen at a Soul level in this incarnation based off the path. A major grid point connecting the Solar Grid in Manhattan NY, is activated since weeks ago. I was sent to Manhattan the other week for clearing & grid work w some focal points, like Epstien’s manson, Disney store, Wells Fargo, Lady Liberty, some water & Bridge, etc.. all in Manhattan NY… #Theshift #NewEarth #twinsouls #monad #merkabah #CosmicLogos #SolarLogos #PlanetaryGrid #GalacticBrain

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