AMERICANS and CANADIANS are STARVING = NOT just 3rd WORLD COUNTRIES – updates –  you need to hear what is a happening on Earth !

Report date: 08.11.2019

The movie The Hunt was canceled after Trump tweets out about it. FEC complaint has been filed against Joaquin Castro. Judge allows libel suit against NPR related to Seth Rich to proceed. Trump and the patriots will use the FCC and FTC to fight the censorship on social media. Protest continue in France. JE has committed suicide, the autopsy report will be released soon but their are many anomalies in the story, where were the guards, why did the cameras fail, what material did JE use to hang himself, did he have help. This does not stop the case against him, this was started to get all the players involved, nothing can stop this, nothing.

The [CB] Is Being Prepped To Be Nationalized – Episode 1940a

Report date: 08.11.2019

Credit Card interest rates hit an all time high while the Fed fund rate is cut. US consumers are stuck in the [CB] debt trap, the only way out is to end it. The Fed and the banks are now preparing the narrative why stimulus need to be reintroduced, if we go back in time we can see that this doesn’t make any sense, it shows the patriots are completely in control now.

Clues Have Been Given, Up Is Down, Left Is Right, Trust The Mission – Episode 1939b



Published on Aug 9, 2019

Report date: 08.09.2019

Rep. Castro doxxed Trump supporters but it backfired. The [DS] players are panicking, Nadler is trying to push impeachment, Strzok and McCabe start lawsuits. Epstein files are now unsealed, the first couple of pages are out, more to come. JW finally got the 302’s from Ohr, and they are damaging. Coats is leaving and Gordon resigns, the [DS] looses control. Trump and the patriots planned this from the beginning, clues have been given, up is down, left is right, trust the mission. London had a blackout, [DS] preparing for the drop. Trump goes after Hollywood.  Get ready for the boomer rang, its all coming back at them.

All source links to the report can be found on the site.

Drake Bailey Update August 10, 2019 Without Music



Published on Aug 11, 2019

By Cosmic Voice Hosted By Drake Bailey Cosmic Voice Facebook… Cosmic Voice email is:; Drake’s website: Ask Drake, Posts your questions here


DRAKE and GAIL discuss THE RV and other PROBLEMS

FREE RANGE: Wild Ideas with Drake Bailey and your Host Gail of Gaia. Recorded 08/08/2019


FREE RANGE Gail of Gaia

Published on Aug 10, 2019

This video has been under censorship review and editing. I was unable to upload and release it as soon as expected. Yet, many were rather rude and insensitive to the issues I face. This is entirely volunteer work. It was recorded on 08/08/2019. I wanted to do another sound modulation edit but people are very impatient. If you have complaints about the sound it is because I did not want to wait any longer for further editing before releasing it. I will still have this edited further and sound modulated but will release again at a later date. If the sound bothers you then wait. Thank you for your patience. I attempt to have a good quality production but I am new to producing it myself. I am not in a studio or on a radio with experts doing the work. In addition certain programs, equipment and software for modulation are all new to me and some are very expensive. I do not have them. I am already maxed on extra expenses. Recently I have been introduced to some technical experts who may be able to assist with the sound issues, video quality and act as computer tutors without charging me. I am very grateful for their help whenever they are available. Donations are greatly needed as few know how difficult it might be to do this under the conditions in which I operate. I will not charge for anything nor will I monetize this information because some people cannot afford it if I did. This information is not dependent on your income level. Everyone has a right to know. And, I don’t know about you but I do not like ads in a video that I watch anyway. I know there are listeners who have the ability to donate and I hope they will hear my call. Humans helping humans is the only way we can have disclosure and move this planet forward and upward. The cabal is not going to tell you anything truthful. Our truth here may graduate to a higher truth as more is known and revealed. I attempt to keep my shows uplifting and providing the information and or experience that will help people move onward and upwards. No one will save us for we must individually and collectively save ourselves. Many problems we face are from an apathy that developed over time by not paying attention and being programmed by false narratives. Keep an open mind because things are not as they appear. We have been lied to on every front. Thank you for listening. May Source be with you! Please submit your questions to: Not all questions can be answered in one show so if your question was not answered yet it may be up the next week. We currently have many unanswered questions but the length of the show also interferes with the production in a number of ways. Thank you for your innerstanding. Gail of Gaia

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