“Invest in Gold” by The Happily Ever After Agency – 8.16.19 8/16/2019

“Invest in Gold” by The Happily Ever After Agency – 8.16.19

Entry Submitted by The Happily Ever After Agency at 12:53 AM EDT on August 16, 2019

Hey Gang of Light ….

I Do Love So Very Much , The Posts Telling Us To Invest In GOLD and Silver ….

I’m Not Sure About You , But My Investments and Tied Up In Food , Bills and Watching The Odd Movie With My Boys ….

Some of Us are Eating Scrambled Eggs Out of a Shoe with a Comb , Eeeeeeek ….

I Don’t Know Much These Days , Being An ….

“ Ordinary Tool in an Extraordinary Situation “ ..

But This I Do Know , We Are In The Front Row Seat for This Beautiful Show and Our Blessings In All Forms WILL Be Worth The Wait ….

Our Memories and Talents We Have Worked So Very Hard For Over Many , Many Lifetimes, Will Come Flooding Back …

A Symphony of a Thousand Pages , Coming Alive In One Afternoon In One Moment of ….


Our Own Memories Brought Back Into Our Knowing …..

Honestly These Days Keep The Money I’m Over It ……

Give Me A Brighter Loving World , Where Every One I Meet Has A Smile and A Loving Word To Say ….

The One We Have All Been Imaging Since Ever …

Love You All …

Your Brother ….

E-J ….

Ps : In many ways this has not been too long

And in many others it has been far from done

Now the song has been sung and it is time to sing along

Watching and waiting for the shift has begun

0010110 0010110 0010110


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