JIM STONE states that EPSTEIN’S GULF STREAM plane was in use after he was jailed and that one of its STOPOVERS was ANTARCTICA!!! – 15-Aug-2019

JIM STONE states that EPSTEIN’S GULF STREAM plane was in use after he was jailed and that one of its STOPOVERS was ANTARCTICA!!!

Posted By: NaturalWisdom
Date: Thursday, 15-Aug-2019 11:56:27

A report that will definitely interest the hollow earth / secret Nazi base believers.

Jim Stone, Freelance Journalist

Here’s an interesting tidbit:

Epstein’s Gulf Stream is still flying. That by itself is not all that remarkable because the elite trade off their planes frequently for use by other elites. Epstein’s plane kept flying frequently since he’s been in jail, managed by his flight company JEGE LLC, which is still operating. The real curiosity with this however is where the plane went recently. The flight may look impossible to some, but I’ll explain why it is not –

I would have ignored this topic if it was not for this particular flight –

Before getting into the “elite arctic base” which now has been confirmed by this flight, and where it is with precision, I’ll give a breif (sic history of Epstein’s planes –

He started out with a 727 that became known as the Lolita Express. It is larger than the Gulf Stream that made this particular flight to Antarctica, but it did not have even half the range of the Gulf Stream, and Epstein sold the 727 a few months ago, before going to jail the second time. He held onto the Gulf Stream, which is a smaller plane (still not small, but smaller than a 727) and the reason why he kept the gulf stream was because it could still at least sleep 22 peaopl (I mean SLEEP, beyond first class) plus it’s range was enormous, capable of going from the U.S. to Antarctica south of Africa in one shot, with no stopovers. Not many planes can do that, and this flight was at the fringe of what even that long range Gulf Stream could do.

This flight track has ended my skepticism of an elite antarctic base. If Epstein’s jet went there, we now have proof that base exists and is an elite base, as described. Donald Trump’s jet could not have made such a trip without stopping over somewhere, this is a remarkable flight that not only proves there’s something down there, whatever is down there is fully fueled and able to accomodate a major international jet. I am surprised.

Now that this has been stated, I’ll state the rumor that is clearly not rumor: The elite DEFINITELY have a MAJOR base in Antarctica, below the southern tip of Africa. It has a fully supported international airport able to accomplish LARGE JETS, IN THE DEAD OF WINTER. What would that require? Snow plows. Support people. EVERYTHING.

I need to clarify something here – when that plane made that flight on July 23, Penguins were sitting on eggs, and it flew into a black hole south of the antarctic circle, smack dab in the middle of the antarctic winter. We are told that antarctica is abandonded (sic) during this time, but the fact this plane went there during that time blows that away like a house of cards in a hurricane.

ONE FLIGHT by Epstein’s jet has confirmed that there is DEFINITELY an antarctic base run by the elite that is fully manned and staffed 24/7/365. That’s supposed to be impossible. The base has to be ENORMOUS and not just a stupid shack they have to dig out in the spring while burying lost dogs that got left behind the year before.

How much is down there? My guess is that if this jet could land and take off in the dead of winter, that there are likely accomodations (sic) for at least 5,000 people and possibly more, and you can bet those accomodations won’t be quaint. By default, there HAS TO be a nuclear reactor down there as well, powering it all because you can’t really ship coal down there, nor could you even run a fossil fuel based facility under such extreme harsh conditions if it had to operate standalone with no grid to hook up to. A power outage would equal death in an antarctic winter, they probably have several nuclear reactors down there. By default, if Epstein’s plane went down there when it did, there’s no other reality possible.

My speculation: There’s a base down there which probably does not have the minimum 5000 people, it probably has accomodations for at least 20,000, possibly 100,000 and they’ll go down there if they ever decide to pull the plug on mankind and either nuke or plague us to oblivion.




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