On China, Trump is correct. Will the public be able to stand up under the pressure? – Elefteria — Saturday, 24-Aug-2019 & AMAZING POLLY = STAND-UP and FIGHT for CANADA ! – August 24 2019

THAT is WHY we had to come back to get you ALL – to STAND-UP !

WE came here so YOU would ALL SEE and EXPERIENCE the LOVE and SEE VALUE in yourselves and HOW BEAUTIFUL you ALL ARE and CAN BE HOW LOVING and HELPFUL YOU are even when there are natural or unfortunate TRAGEDIES HIT. You are an AMAZING RACE HUMANITY and “YOU CAN FEEL” and have such RICH and EXCITING EMOTIONS and quite frankly, it causes some JEALOUSY – because of the HIDDEN POWER you “ALL CARRY INSIDE YOU” and it is astounding at how much hate and evil will be around you, and YOU KEEP going and YOU ARE FIGHTING BACK.I have witnessed it myself and watched how HUMANS all-ways HELP each other from your pure divine hearts. Such WONDER to beholden and an AMAZING sight to witness such LOVE you have for each other, all barriers pass away. And you come together in PEACE. LET it NOT take more TRAGEDIES again and hold that thought and LEARN from it. YOU are THE LOVE RACE and you are strong !


Plus we had to come here for other reason’s as well like ASCENSION with your physical bodies and expansion of the Galaxies and Universe[s] etc.  But LIFE comes first, it MUST ALL-WAYS come first as that is YOUR POWER !

Your BANKSTERS and other SHADY characters that ABUSE their POWER may not give a damn but WE DO and that is why I bitch them out – someone has to TELL them, that their INSANE MURDERING GREEDY GAMES have to STOP. TO CEASE and DESIST. Because IF YOU DON’T they will JUST KEEP on STEALING and KILLING until they are STOPPED. Sad as that IS – YOUR HUMAN RACE[S] must STAND-UP and actually ARREST these EVIL ones. Hopefully it happens ASAP – now at the end of summer will be awesome.

I have witnessed and participated in extreme laughter at the worst of times to get through it, and I will POST it ! You can call it LAW of ATTRACTION for the EVIL ONES who like to LAUGH at US or you can call me a RIGHT FIESTY BEOTCH because – I REFUSE and do not accept ANY RULERSHIP, THEFT or DOMINATION over me =  anymore = NEVER EVER AGAIN period end of story – ousta la vista – NEVER EVER EVER – adios – el scumbagiosisamundo !!!

I have to laugh, I use laughter to make it easier to digest the pain they caused NOT just HUMANITY but other kind and innocent and loving beings as well.

ONLY a weak scared SOUL attacks another with FORCE and HATE. BElieve me it takes much more strength and class to just “LET IT BE“. Your heart says will they ever LEARN = NOT to use FORCE. Your STRENGTH is in the LOVE. THE LOVE is the BOND, the BOND is the SPIRIT, and the SPIRIT is all that is.

I AM SO PROUD of YOU that you are STICKING-UP for your BROTHERS and SISTERS in SPIRIT, even when you say damn I wish I could slap him just once LORD  – upside the head – would I be forgiven Lord ? And your mind says, hell NO – just once let – just ONCE Lord – let me KICK him in the ****** Lord ! BUT you don’t. Told ya, it takes more strength to REFRAIN, and more strength to push those thoughts away. Let the ARMY deal with them and realize that they are seriouslymessed in the head” = beyond mentally unbalanced to have and INTENSE desire to do nothing but LIE, STEAL, RAPE and KILL. It is beyond sadistic behavior. I am sure with the help of the Galactic and Universals will figure-out what to do with them. What a waste of LIFE to spend one’s LIFE taking other’s life, quite sad really. It is what it is and we can only Learn from their mistakes, right? And can you really FEEL GOOD about decking someone so bad that is mentally disturbed and right out to Lunch – like these guys are. That is KINDA – like hurting someone in a wheelchair, YOU just DON’T do it and if YOU do attack or hurt someone in a wheelchair then you are just as messed-up as that is – so WRONG. Unless they are trying to KILL you and you have to hurt them to stop them, that is understandable. But NOT attack them PHYSICALLY. THEY all = LAUGHED at US – when they are the SICK ones – whatever – But I can also LAUGH back, at least it raises my own ENERGY HIGHER than SHAME or SORROW. It is NOT your fault or my fault or God’s FAULT – “WHY” they are the way they are. THEY  just turned-out that way.

It’s one of those things you know – their ARROGANCE and EGOIC DENIAL of HEAVEN’S wishes and DESIRES to help this planet. Nothing will STOP GOD or HEAVEN. It has been ordained beyond the mists of time by the SAGES and PROPHETS of old the  “NEW DIVINE KINGDOM” is coming in prophecies.

Yet – many BLAME GOD for a lot of THINGS – what you put out – into motion in the UNIVERSE –  it can come flying right back at you like a boomerang. I let HEAVEN dole out the PUNISHMENT and I am the speaker for it. But they can all have a “COME back to GOD MOMENTGOD is all-ways there and s/he is ready and willing to be acknowledged and LOVING and FORGIVING but you may have to go away for awhile and get some serious help. We have millions of beings that will help and are very able to indeed. It is sad that so many CABAL members would rather DIE than apologize to GOD/HEAVEN – but SO many are – that far gone and beyond help. That is the saddest thing ever. It’s like having to put your – DOG down cause it suddenly went all PSYCHO and attacks everyone. I find it hard to believe the they don’t know what they do verse. But then I look at how seriously disturbed they are to continue to murder. Logic says but they HIDE what they do, so they must have some kind of IDEA that what they are doing is wrong ? LOGIC agrees, but – NOT right in the head kind of – speaks for itself.

DO you LET A RABID DOG KEEP KILLING – or put it out of it’s MISERY ?

TOUGH QUESTION, we will have to have answers for tough questions if we are to continue as “GODS/GODDESSES in TRAINING” like we are = correct.

The Hardest question I got was – would I shoot a HORSE if it’s LEG was broken. It did not say beyond repair or if you would have to remove it’s leg. It was an IQ accessment question, I was 16 years old – what would you do ? Hard call. 

But this is JUST the BODY and NOT the SOUL. THE SOUL is what needs help or will end-up up in the GRAND CENTRAL SUN, but willingly, who knows ?

How HEAVEN has been waiting for you to wake-up and stand-up in your own GLORY on discovery of SELF and all your layers on this Journey back home.

I know today I talked about the GENDER BENDER plan of the CABAL and I rarely speak on it. I have nothing against GAY people at all, I just don’t like deceit. If you are a man then why the heck are you dressing like a woman ? If your are a transexual tranny – it doesn’t bother me – just don’t be bothered telling me about the details as that is too much information – no visuals – ok! Although I do wonder – why do all the tranny’s have nicer dresses than I do?

KEEP MEDITATING and LOVING each other and it will be OK – ok. You are all doing wonderfully and I want you to ALL IGNORE – any and all negative comments. Yes I spoke out today – but I told you many times – the LIGHT is very protective for the BENEVOLENT ONES as WE stick together as that is the SECRET of the STRENGTH = UNITY ! There are NO evil GOOD GUYS as you will all-ways – lean to one more than the other. DUALITY = POLARITY = 3D

YOU may think that I am harsh especially when it comes to the OBAMA’S and TRUDEAU, but like we discussed – they have the REPTILIAN brain worm , not much you can do for them. It turns them – even more PSYCHOPATHIC than before. I have “called them out” many, many times and they JUST ignore it whatever. I keep giving them opportunities for him and his fixed election party to resign. And he keeps going like the energizer bunny in clone format.

I know sometimes I act all tough and stuff and I can be somewhat corny but I mean well but – I’m NOT going to be a NEW WORLD ORDER doormat either.

MANY are HERO’S because they REFRAIN from VIOLENCE and only use it when they have to, a LAST resort. Some Hero’s have to kill to stop violence !

KILLING – I will LEAVE that for those who are trained. To me -it’s more FUN to kick them in ….. …the PAPER where it hurts – THE NEWSPAPER le PEN is MIGHTIER than THE SWORDS we carry sometimes it can cut both ways too. 

where were we – oh yes …

On China, Trump is correct. Will the public be able to stand up under the pressure? – Elefteria — Saturday, 24-Aug-2019

Isn’t this the “RV CLUE” that we were TOLD to LOOK FOR with trade war with – CHINA pillowtalk we heard about – LOL !

If it is then – go and SPOIL yourselves, your families, your brother’s and sister’s but don’t get too sh**faced ok. Watch the alcohol ! Take a quick VACA whatever – this could be IT ! GOD BLESS ALL if it is the RV and if it isn’t then something’s GOT to give right ? I just hate it when people LIE to me. That is the way the LOVE race is. WE are so very trusting that we expect everyone to be trustworthy like us. And when they are not we can be shocked and diss-illusioned. I trusted many souls and the ones I trusted the MOST – hurt me the most. That is why I can understand that we can’t fathom evil thoughts little own, actually carrying them out. It is a rare occurrence – we do harm back. Self-defense. If I do NOT STAND-UP for MYSELF then who will ? Then there is that nagging question – what would CHRIST do ? I choose my fights very carefully, but IF you are going to debase me and make me FEEL bad for standing-up for the RIGHTS of OTHERS and for MY OWN RIGHTS, how will I LEARN to be STRONG and be FEARLESS ? If I don’t do what I came here for ?

No wonder they called us SHEEP as we are so GENTLE and DOCILE and they think docile is weak. They don’t understand it and would rather BRAG about their KILLS. To them a WARRIOR – “MURDERS” etc. If you could FIGHT a WAR a giant massive WAR – without MURDER would you do it ? You just did, it all starts with YOU. The EGOIC WAR inside and this is – where most FAIL.  That is the FIRST and LAST WAR – the stuck-up EGO WARS of being better.

No one is PERFECT but we do all try very hard to do the right things and to do NO harm because that is WHERE our ASCENSION is heading and I am excited for all GOOD things to COME to PASS as promised for all, so very long ago. I bitched the CABAL out lately because they KEEP DENYING GOD and that is really NOT a good thing, if you want to INHERIT GOD’S KINGDOM.

I tell you the CABAL FAILS it every time, but if they go into THE LIGHT and repent they could have a chance in the future sometime or whatever to go to heaven. I pray that ALL GOOD THINGS and the HIGHEST GOOD for all of us comes to us, that we continue relearning and growing together and that you are all so blessed that you never have to worry about money again, and can spend more time on your Ascension, needs and other wonderful PROJECTS for others.


I have tried everything to try to convince them to go back into the LIGHT. EVEN LOVING our ENEMIES as – the CHRIST DOES and the MASTERS.

They will get what is coming to them, sooner or later.

My entire life I have – been MISJUDGED and MISTREATED, blamed and accused of things that – I would never even – fathom doing and it has made it very hard for me to TRUST people. As the ones I trusted the MOST seem to betray me the most, robbed me and/or used me. People have absolutely NO idea how hard they have made MY life, just because they only think of theirs.

They never understood the VALUE of myself or what I could do for the world.


I had to learn to find the TRUE value of myself – by what I bring to the table.

I have learned to STAND-UP for myself and I absolutely REFUSE to take any more other’s crappy behaviour from other’s than I don’t or never deserved.

I pray and give thanks to either the RV or NESARA/GESARA, come what may.

MONEY and FUNDING was put under by SAINT GERMAIN and some other souls I guess and I do NOT know much about it – other than what YOU do. If we are graced by GOD to get the RV – then that is really great and if we don’t and get something else instead – that would be great too. Either way I am OK with it – can we just get it moving quickly please and THANK-YOU !

Namaste !

In truth and joy and gratitude for what’s to come



I just wrote this and came across this !


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